شريف جابر – خرافة الاعجاز العلمي في القران واكاذيب زغلول النجار

( Allah is not ashamed to set forth any parable– (that of) a gnat or anything above that ) Quran 2:26 Let’s see these creatures to grow our faith Look at this red insect And here’s a few more of them, on the back of the gnat Praise God ! And here it is on it’s back Praise God ! “gnat .. or anything above that” Praise God ! But the masters of lying .. oh, i mean the masters of Quranic sciences say something else They say that god wrote this verse after he wrote the verse .. ” THE PARABLE of those who take beings other than God for their protectors is that of the spider which makes for itself a house ” Quran 29:41 The Jews, agnostics and atheists, said ” Why would the mighty god put such example of which he mentions spiders ?! ” God’s suppose to be smarter than this That’s why god said .. No !! WTF dude !! Stop it So that’s why god said (Allah is not ashamed to set forth any parable (that of) a gnat .. or any thing above that) So basically the explanation of the verse is to explain an earlier verse Like “It’s okay if i mentioned spiders or gnats, i’m god, motherfuckers” So it’s not a miracle ! Scientists said yes, there’re some insects that live above gnats just like what the quran said The insects which this insect .. i mean, this man, said is called mites Yes, it lives above the gnats. but it also lives above every other insect ! So if the quran was written by Mohammed and it’s not a message from Allah How did he saw these insects or knew it’s there ?! As everyone would do. the mites can be seen with the naked eye If you hold any gnat and focused on it’s back you’d be able to see the mites on it’s back Mites can be seen on your bed, on your clothes or anything Where’s the miracle here ? i wanna find that miracle ! You’re telling me that when god wanted to prove he exists, he forgot all about the plants, stars and galaxies.. And said that there’s some insect that lives on the gnat’s back ?!! c’mon, you should be convinced that i exist by now ! I’m sorry, but i’m a man who follows his mind .. And of course we can’t forget the hadith that says we should drink camel’s milk and urine And i must say that there’re a lot of medicine factories in Switzerland .. I don’t really wanna mention say their names tho They produced the best medicines for ( heart diseases, Infertility, liver disease ) from camel’s urine what’s wrong ? WHY you’re doing this ?!! The world health organisation .. You know, those who know about medicine .. They said it clearly, “so that they’d be able to stop someone like you from saying such nonsense” .. They said “Don’t drink camel’s urine .. !, it contains fatal diseases YOU STUPID CRAZY PEOPLE” ! “Yea, they literally said that :D” It causes a disease called “MERS” A disease that may lead to death “MERS” can’t be cured yet What causes it, is a deadly virus that was first identified in 2012 .. where ?!! exactly, In Saudi Arabia ! The main source of the art of drinking camel’s urine .. The best place .. The best place to find people who follow their religions blindly in it Those people are what’s wrong with the world .. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people ? Why’d u drink urine ?! i mean, how could u forget all other foods and go straight to urine ?! A PhD professor in Cairo university once came to me He’s a doctor “Liver diseases” He said “one day a patient who has liver cancer came to me .. I told him why don’t you drink camel’s milk ? he said i was too shy to tell him about camel’s urine but he understood what i meant He said:I swear to Allah this patient came to me a month later like a different person and he was fully recovered” Oh, you animal ! You’re calling me name, you know .. YOU ANIMAL ! Why would u make this up ?! Let’s see what WHO say about this They say that the disease has a worse effect on people with week immune system Like those who have cancer, lung diseases and diabetes Again “those who have cancer, lung diseases and diabetes !” The disease will have a much worse effect on those people if they drink camel’s urine Like, if u’re healthy and drink camel’s urine you’ll get MERS But those with cancer will have a much worse scenario It can lead to their death I mean if you’re telling someone with cancer to go drink urine, it’s basically like telling him to go kill himself ! If we wanted to talk about pigs meat, well, that will take so much time .. But briefly i say .. The way Pigs eat is just like humans Because scientists divide earth creatures into 3 groups.. Those who eat meat, those who eat plants and those who eat plants and meat And they put humans in the third group “those who eat plants and meat” Because humans eat plants and meat Right And the only animals that are being eaten by humans and eat plants and meat .. are Pigs so you’re telling me that pigs and humans are the only creatures that eat plants and meat ? And that’s why god forbidden us to eat it ? Okay, but what about chicken ? ostriches, seagulls .. Geese, flamingos .. Swan, Catfish, Crabs .. All of them are Omnivores All of them eat plants and meat ! Why you said it’s only the Pigs ?!! Did someone hired you to say this nonsense ? It’s a scientific fact that pigs lard isn’t useful to humans in anyway You just said, i mean .. am .. WHY DID YOU SAY THAT ?! What if i told u that lard is one of the best fats out there I swear, man. lard is the second richest food with vitamin D I mean, you should literally eat lard over any other animal fat ! It’s science, you know. it’s not about what u love or hate Lard is better than cow’s fat, it’s healthier Why are lying and saying it’s not useful ? Okay, then why the most famous chefs use it to make the most luxurious foods ? Why don’t they get sick ?! But someone may come to me and say, don’t pigs get infected with Trichinella ? No, no, let me explain .. People can become infected by eating raw, undercooked or processed meat So if u eat raw pigs meat, you may get infected with Trichinella Okay, how do we know if pigs are infected or not ? We know that by knowing that the potential sources of infection are the consumption of dead infected animals So if u raised the pigs in a clean and healthy environment. nothing can infect it It’s very rare to see a pig that eats some other dead animal’s body And who even eats raw meat ? why would u do that ? Don’t it eat raw, boil it or put it on the grill And u won’t get infected by trichinella even if the meat is infected The same way with chicken u eat every day If u eat it raw you’ll get infected with salmonella So in the same way u’ll get salmonella from chicken, u’ll get infected with trichinella from pigs if you eat it raw If you don’t eat pigs meat, don’t. no one forced u to. but don’t lie when it comes to science Don’t change science to go with a belief you have Stephen Hawking once said “The greatest enemy of knowledge isn’t ignorance, it’s the illusion of knowledge” Go on, idiot One day, the prophet Mohammed .. Came to him a stubborn agnostic from “Quraish tribe” And said to him ” yo, Muhammad .. if you’re really a prophet .. Yea, if ! Show us a miracle to believe you” He told them, what do u want ? They said “split this goddamn moon ..” So Allah inspired him to put his holly finger towards the moon, so the moon split in half .. They were far away from each other for hours .. You really are an animal .. see, you’re calling me name .. No, seriously, you are ! From where did u read this shit ? it’s not true ! You’re talking about the split of the moon ! do you have any idea of what this actually means ?! What do u think the moon is ? some potato ? a ball .. a ball that’s made of socks ? It’s the moon ! .. if it split .. it’s over, the end ! I mean, when it gets close or far a little bit. Tides
happen, tsunamis, storms and earthquakes and you wanna split it in half ?! into two parts ?! And when the moon split. one part was above the mountain of “Abu qubais” .. And the other part was abover the monutain of “Qaiqaan” You think i’m stupid ?! you think i’m ignorant ?! you think i’m a cat with a dog’s brain or something ?! Look, i’m gonna give u the final answer from NASA itself So there’s this guy who asked NASA an innocent question He said “i read in a site ..” and of course it was a Muslim site, no one is making shit up better than them anyway .. “that the moon split in half and there’re some evidences for that. some belt to tie the two parts or something ..” And other nonsense that u can find easily on the “Guards of the sunnah” websites ! So, is it true ?! And some scientist called “Brad” replied .. He said “My recommendation is not to believe everything you read on the internet ..” “Peer-reviewed papers are the only scientifically valid sources of information out there” Other than that you’d be dumb enough to believe it ! Look, he said that right here .. No current scientific evidence reports that the Moon was split into two (or more) parts and then reassembled at any point in the past To get back to science ( as a religion ) .. to get back to science when u need to prove you’re right .. Is an evidence itself that science is greater than you ! Cuz you’re hiding behind science ! When “X” is hiding behind “Y”. that tells us that “Y” is greater and stronger than “X” So when religion takes science as a shield .. .. It’s simply means that religion’s weaker than science There’s nothing called scientific miracles .. The word it self is wrong Miracle and science Miracle is something science can’t explain And science .. well, it’s science .. two opposite things .. u can’t put them together ! It’s like saying .. the talking silence .. or .. the static running Or .. “Tamer amin” and “el-ebrashy” are good and respectable people ! It can’t be .. totally different things .. !


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