साइटिका का इलाज – Best Homeopathic Medicine for Sciatica (Pills,Drops) in Hindi

Hello everyone. I am Dr Ritu Jain. I am a homeopathic consultant and today i am going to to talk about SCIATICA again. Because for back pain i have already updated the video and SCIATICA is related to back pain. SCIATICA pain is this ppian starts from your back and spreads to your legs.I t can happen on any side of your body sometimes left or sometimes right. Any side that compresses more, it happens on that side. On that side of the body, SCIATICA nerve would be affected. Then SCIATICA nerve emerges out from your lumbar region i.e from your lower back region and enters into your legs which start from your buttox and ends above your knee. So normally working of this nerve is that your normal sensations for your skin,and your muscles to co-ordinate them there is a nerve which emerges out from your back but for some reason there is compression in the region or pressure is applied, or it is injured then you suffer from pain in that particular region. And the pain is seen all along the nerve the entire part of the nerve pains. We can differentiate it Normal back pain or normal leg pain or if it is varicose vein then it can be differentiated that this pain starts from your back and ends above your knee. And normal leg pain happens in the leg. And waist pain is seen only in the waist. Or if it is leg pain then both the legs are affected. But generally, maximum cases are of one side, that the compression is on any one side. 10-20% cases are there where it is seen on both the sides are affected but generally these always seen on any one of the sides. So today I am going to tell you it’s symptoms, causes risk factors and also I am going to you it’s treatment. So first of all let us talk about it’s cause. Cause for this is on your sciatica nerve there is lot of compression or if there is any injury on that nerver or it is an injured sciatica nerve because of accident and you suffer from pain then if it is a spondylitis problem or a tumour is forming ,which can be benign or malignant tumour. Sometimes malignancy is also seen in that part and because of that you suffer from pain . You take normal sciatica treatment but it does not work because it is malignant tumour. Malignant tumour must be removed in the initial stage or they spread in the entire spine. So this sciatica pain should be diagnosed, to know it’s cause and reasons. Sometimes your spine due to infection, sciatica nerve gets infected and that also results in pain. Now let us talk about risk factors. Generally it can happen to old age people then people whose routine is very disturbed, or if they are sitting or standing for a very long time which applies a lot of pressure on your back because of that also it is found in those people. Apart from that, if your profession is such that it has work which applies a lot of pressure on your back it also seen in that.In symptoms there is lot of pain,also called as shooting pain or sharp pain is seen. which happens in the back as well as in all the positions. It is not particular that if you sit then it will pain or if you stand or sleep . It is always there even when you are sleeping, because your is compressing so while you sleep also pain happens.It isalways present. But in few people symptoms vary from person-person In some people, pain is not more if your cause is mild pain is less.But generally severe condition takes place and pain is more. there is soreness ,tingling. numbness is seen because if the nerve supply is not proper then there is tingling sensation and numbness is seen. So all these things are seen. It can happen on left or right side as i already told you. And I also told you how ti differentiate the pain that it ends above the knee and other pain that happens because of some other origin present in your leg, it is different and SCIATICA is a different problem. Now let us talk about it’s treatment. If it is according to chronic or acute if it is in acute condition if you have any injury in acute condition compression or back pain because of travelling or then you normally take pain killers do exercise , or take hot and cold even that heals your pain. But if the condition is chronic it’s causes are chronic and your pain is not healing then you must do exercise but also consult a physiotherapist. Physiotherapist will tell you the proper exercise for to overcome the compression problem then apart from that you must exercise daily. It depends on your cause.If tumours are formed then MRI and CT scan has to be done to identify the cause. according to that your treatment is done.but the medicines and exercise according to your cause will remain regular and for temporary relief hot fragmentation that are hot and cold can also give you relief. But exercise is very necessary because there is no medicine to treat a nerve that permanently cures the compression. For that exercise is very important. Along with exercise, your diet is very important. If there is no proper diet, or calcium deficiency protein deficiency or vitamin B12 deficiency if you have any such deficiency then any medicine will not work properly,because your immune system should be strong enough. So vitamin B12 ,calcium vitamin-D, protein deficiency should not be there. For that it is very important for you take a proper diet. You should change your profession if you are sitting for a very long time or if you are standing for a very long time then you should change such things in your life. You should change your life-style. Now let us talk about homeopathic treatment.In homeopathic treatment I have told you that it depends on symptoms and the causes.If the cause is tumour then according to tumour medicine is given and if it is compression then there are medicines for that also and your diet disturbance,vitamin B12 calcium etc,for all these also there is homeopathic treatment.Like CALCAREA FLOUR medicine is for compression it works for tumour and for calcium also. because it has calcarea in it.Then apart from this for pain there is MAG PHOS and CLEOCIN medicine will work. I have told you that homeopathic works on symptom .So symptom if the painis is on your left side then their is a medicine and if there is pain in the right side then there is a different medicine for that also. If there is injury, pain then there are different medicines. like ARNICA, HYPERICUM medicine is the best medicine for nerves. KALI PHOS MEDICINE FOR NERVES TONIC. So these are all the medicines But it must be taken for a long time and along with that exercise and physiotherapy is very important. And before taking homeopathic medicine consult your doctor or you can also talk to me also ANd also consult me through gmail and skype. Thank you.


  1. plz Dr. give me some advice…muze left side me pain hota he as like current…nd I m pregnant so muze kuch samz nhi aa rha is saitica pain se kaise chutkara paye…

  2. hello dr mam .my wife also suffering from sciatica ..she felt pain after 3 days of delivery…. now has been completed 3 years of delivery .one time we treated her at a hospital but they removed pain only for few month . but now she feel pain regularly… she has to take pain killer whenever she feel pain..

  3. Hi dr. I have you see article did x-ray MRI everything and physical therapy I don't get better better than I am but I did nothing come out nothing come out in the X-ray and I should do please can you recommend me please something

  4. Where you living ma'am I'm leaving here in Concord California if you close by me I can come over your clinic

  5. Mam mujhe pichle 3 saal se back pain ki problem hai. Meri right leg mein pain rehti hai. Pain uper se niche tak jata hai.

  6. Hello mam I m 40 year old ,mere right side seat se lekr nee ke pass tak pain hota hai,3moth ho gaya hai dr ne saitica bataya hai,ham hot treatment le rahe hai isse araam hai but raat me pain badh jaata hai ,ham homeopathic treatment karna chahte hai app please mujhe reply kijiye,please mam reply jaroor kijiye ,x-ray me koi injury nahi hai please mam reply me

  7. Good evening mam
    I'm Dipak Saha from West Bengal , mam my mom has a sciatica already so I want medicine and oil pls information.

  8. I have spent months studying relieving sciatica pain naturally and discovered an awesome resource at Barneys Back Aid (look it up on google)

  9. Hlo mam I am a sports men athletics triple jump international medalist.. mere ko 6 month se L5-S1 — grade I spondylolsthesis kafi hospital me dikhaya par kuch aaram nhi aaya plz help mi mam …your contact send mi plz

  10. madam aaapka email id denge ya whstapp, mujhe slip disc hain aaapko reports bhejunga…..taki aap medicnes de….

  11. Mam mujhe kamar ke left side me Dard karta hai kamar par dawata hu to kamar se nitamb tak ek ajib SA feeling lagta hai aur sunn ho gaya hai mujhe pata nahi kya hai slip disk ya sciatica

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  14. Hello….
    Mam mere papa ko Sciatica ka problem hai unki age 42 hai unka left leg pura dard kr raha hai…
    Plz any suggestions or medicines

  15. mam muje sciatica hai.s1 and s2 me problem hai.muje doctor ne operation ke liye bola hai.me 1 Sal se paresan hu.plz koi suggestion dijiye.plz reply


  17. meri age 32 hai.s1 and s2 disc me problem hai.kamar se lekar pure right leg me pain hota hai.aur narve bhi DBI hai.doctor ne operation ke liye bola hai.plz aap video she muje suggested kre

  18. Dr Ritu Jain, following are some extremely poisonous plant , then how can we used these medicine in homeopathy ?
    Cantharis Q
    Nux Vomica
    Conium Mac Q : extremely poisonous plant , Consumption of even a small part of this plant results in paralysis of all the motor functions in our body and that includes the cardiac as well as the respiratory systems and causes death soon after.

  19. मेडम जी मेरे लेफ्ट पेर में साइटिका हे ये कितने दिनो में ठीक होगा

  20. मॅडम जी माझे ना सायटिका दर्द से मे बहुत बहुत परेशान huuu मेरी age 21 year है ओर मैने, MIR भी निकाल आहे normal आया आहे, मेरा दर्द कब काम होगा वर कैसे बतओ जी

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  22. Ma’am I have pain in my butt and ankle from 3 months what should I do? And I am a rifleshooter and I approximately stand for 3-4 hours a day what should I do to cure this?

  23. Mam, mein 33yrs ka hoon mujhe subah 2aur6 ke beech back se right leg mein pain hote hain aur bilkul let nhi paata baitthe tho koi prblm nhi hota kya ye sciatica hain?

  24. madam g namaskar mere papa g ko pehle ye hi conditions thi lekin hamne unko jolygrant dikhya to unhone test karne k baad sarcoma batakr unki radiotherapy ki aur ab unhne chemotherapy chal rahi ha lekin ab night k smaya ka Jo pain ha vo control ni ho pa RHA ha pls pls mam help kijye te mera contact no ha 8077895744

  25. namastey medam meri age 31 hai mujhe 4 sal Se kamar me santar me dard rahta hai mene Nagpur me MRI bhi karwai riport normal aai fijiotharpy bhi 1 month karwai lekin aram nahi hai peales halp mi

  26. Hello ma'am,mere wife ko dlevry se do tin din pehle se ye problem shuru hui thi ab after dlevry ek month se upr hogea he lekin ye problem bni hui he kya ye koi major problem he ya exersice krne se thik hojaega bcz shyd baby feeding ki wja se kya tablets lena thik hoga plz btae bht mehrbani hogi ji

  27. मेडम जी मेरे दाहिने पैर में scietica है
    बहुत दवा किया सही नहीं होता है
    ये समस्या हमें 4 साल से है
    मेरी उम्र 22 साल है
    मैडम जी सही हो जाएगा

  28. Madam my problem pain in right calf and goes to heal Dr. say that due. To compression s1& L 5 I am doing exercises regularly numbnes also in right foot please tell me some effective remedy thanks

  29. man muchhe 2-3 year se right side leg me pain hota he doctor Sciatica bta rhe he, kya ap muchhe koi achha decision bta skti he please. MRI me to kuchh nhi nikla mam


  31. Mam , mjy right side pr spine mai boht pain hy, upper back and neck mai boht hy, lower back mai b thi wo physiotherapy sy theek ho gai, 5 saal pehly M.R.I krai thi us time doc ny btaya k mild disc problems hy, ab right side pr upper mai boht pain hy, feel hota hy jesy kuch hy, plz bty kya kroon

  32. Mam meri right leg me pain rehta hai yeh pain knee ke niche bhi hota hai or har time pain nahi hota par chalte time and standing time pain hota hai main kon se medicine lo

  33. maim mera age 20 year hai mujhe 3 sal se left side me dard hai lekin 5 month se dard jada ho gaya hum MRI bhi karbay lekin kuch pata nahi chal paya pilz help me mob 7352147743

  34. Maim namste iam rakesh from anni kullu maim my right leg have a harm pain the mir report say my lumber spine L2 L3 L4 are gaip but maim my right leg have tugling and sunpan aa jata ha pls help me what i do

  35. Doctor Maine steroid injection lagvaya hai read ki haddi per madicin bhi ley rahi hu. Kya main homiyopaithi madicin ley sakti hu Siaitica pain ke ley. Ya aap bta de Koin Koin c best Madicin hai saitica ka ley

  36. doctor tried contacting you, your ph. is switch off, i hv back problem, herniated disc at L4, L5, i am taking NL-7 drops, just wanted to check is it ok, i hv left side sensation

  37. Hello mam
    Meri age 28 hai mujhe 8 year se sciatica hai.phle sirf left leg me tha ab dono me hai
    Kabhi left me to kabhi right me dard hoti hai.back pain bhi bahut hoti hai.
    Jab tak medicine khata hu tab tak thik rhta hai.uthne chlne baitne me bahut taklif hoti h ab.plzz help me mam.

  38. Hon'ble mdm, kya aap mere M.R.I. Report dekh kr tretement kr sakte ho…? Meri umra 38 saal hai, aur mujhe 5 salose spine ki problem hai, Dr. ne urgent operation bola hai.. Kya main apki treatment se bilkul thik ho sakta hoon…? Please Reply…

  39. Hello mam ..meri age 27 h or meri slip disk h or left side sitica h or mama lyucoriya bhi is sare reson ki vjh se back pain itna bdh gya h ki 5 mint nhi baidh skti or dono legs mai bhut pain rhta h plz mam koi medicine btaye fast result ke liye


  41. Meri right leg pe sciatica pain he kya me R71 homeopathic medicine ki use kar sakti hu mam……..me 24 yrs ki hu

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