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Hello everyone, I am Dr.Ritu jain I am an homeopathic consultant today am going to share about sinus is a pain which is also called sinusitis or sinus infection meaning of sinus is inflammation of the sinuses what are sinuses sinuses are the small cavities called nasal passages present on the face the nasal passages are those from where we breathe there the cavities are formed frontal sinuses,maxillary sinus are the small cavities of sinuses if in these cavities infection is formed due to any reasons then we call it as sinusitis first i will discuss about symptoms causes then about the classification and last about the homeopathic treatment.what are the symptoms of sinus? when ever we get sinus,why do we get it? it is due to long term cold and cough if we have more cold and cough then we have symptoms like facial tenderness slight pain is seen in the sinus cavities on the face where you feel heaviness in the eye pain in the ears or infection is also seen if it increases then pain is seen the teeth and jaw sides and tenderness is felt mainly facial we even call it as frontal headache sinus where headache is caused because of sinus generally sinus headaches are seen near eye brows on front side called as frontal sinus then if we get infections or pain is seen along with that if cold,cough is there sneezing is usually present,cloudy discharges are seen because of that very bad discharge is seen during discharge sometimes we get smell then if pressure is felt symptoms like nose blockage is present someone asked me a question on what should we do if the nose is blocked ? it is caused because of sinus due to heavy discharge it makes the nose stiff and fat generally nose block is seen during cold and cough ,if you sinus infection more then nose block is seen all the time because of that it is difficult to breathe suffocation is also seen these all things are present along with that itching is caused in eyes water eyes these symptoms are also seen generally two types infectious and non infectious. in infectious it is due to bacterial or fungal infection is also due to viral the symptoms are like cloudiness,puffiness puss type discharges are seen,yellowish discharges are seen then we get fevers due to increase in the discharges we get fever and pain gets more and so it is infectious in non infectious,sinus is caused because of allergies symptoms in allergies include sneezing ,discharges are not that thick and yellowish tenderness will be but not much than the that in the bacterial so in the bacterial sinus complications are seen in complications if sinus increases then the joints present internally ears get infected Otitis occurs.problems occur in the teeth and mouth and sometimes it reaches to brain in brain then orbital cellulitis occurs in eyes,in orbital region swelling occurs these are the complications that occur generally then coming to cause causes,i have already told you they are infectious type and allergic type due to infectious bacterial. sometimes due to chemical or particular irritants also infection is caused.if u r working in a place where chemicals containing allergens sometimes we get the growth like nasal growth leads to formation of polyps tumor growth occurs because of any growth the nose gets blocked and infection starts and inflammation occurs increases discharges because of growth i will explain about polyps later about nasal polyps what nasal polyps are? then coming to the cause people who have cough and cold more sometimes in daily routine disturbances we get all these things like we are having cold things exposed to more cool air if you are not preventing yourself much from cold because of this infection occurs it is generally acute condition then dehydration,dehydration is also a cause if you drink water less because of that infection in body occurs then in classifcation acute condition comes, sub acute and chronic, in acute condition as i said if you are not preventing from cold eating cold things and staying dehydrated then this is acute condition generally it only stays for 30 days then it is called acute condition if its above 15-30 days it is sub acute if it is longer than 30days and more than 60 days then it is chronic condition in chronic condition, checking the cause is very important,due to which cause we got infection then besides that treatment is took accordingly to infectious and non infectious as i said already infectious is due to bacterial and viral generally in chronic condition and infectious too i have discussed already the symptoms of infectious chronic means it stays for longer in this stage complications are very severe the complications are already discussed saying it reaches to brain,ear pain cellulitis occurs,otitis occurs so doing proper diagnosis is very important and proper treatment is very important to take proper diagnosis,should consult you should take x ray in diagnosis mainly allergy test is taken ct scan is also taken in severe cases for sinus lets see the treatment know firstly,i will discuss about the before the treatment i will tell you to prevent sinus what to prevent ourselfs from sinus to prevent, we should stay away from cold if we have allergy tendencies and we get cold quickly we should stay away from it most importantly we should not take it for granted because once we get sinus it becomes very difficult taking prevention and staying away from cold is important eating cold things causes throat and viral infection which increases sinus in homeopathic treatment it depends symptomatically on what symptoms we have if we have fever and cellulitis and along with that if you have pain and tenderness if you have frontal headache and sinus headache if all these are present then the medicines are given even to treat fever for fever HEPATORIUM is given if you have headache,sinus headache then medicines are different for that if you have nasal blockage for that AMMONIUM KAR medicine is given for allergy ARSENIC is given and ALLIUM SEPA medicine is given for thick discharges and chronic condition for that ALLIUM SEPA is best along with that if cough and more sneezing is there then SABADILLA medicine is given if you have allergy and mostly the problem occurs in summer and not in winters and if allergies occurs for that NATRUM MUR is given unlike these there are many other medicines but before taking medicine please consult you can consult me also on my gmail id and please remember to subscribe and don’t forget to like and if you have any problem you can even comment and i will definitely tell you the solution Thank you


  1. Namaste Mam, mujhe barso se sinusitis Ka problem hai, pichhle saal septoplasty & functional endoscopic sinus surgery ho chuka hai . Par mujhe abhi tak rojana nasal douch with saline water lena parta hai . Iske saath mujhe asthma ka problem bhi hai . Budamate 400 inhaler le rahi hu. Please mujhe iska homeopathic treatment bataie.

  2. डॉक्टर रितु जी नमस्कार बहुत खूबसूरत लग रही हो

  3. hello maam please guide me please mujhe dry sinuse hai jisse pure sal mujhe sir ke agle position main bharipan rahta hai garmi main bhahut jayada ho jata hai mujhe subha uthne main bhahut presani hoti hai Jon si medicine lu guide me

  4. Hello mam
    Meri mummy ko sinutisis hua hai jiska pata hume ct scan se chala hai
    Or ise 3 months se jyada ho gaye hai
    To hume kis tarah ka treatment lena hoga

  5. Mam mujhe har waqt jakum khashi ki samasya rahati aur sharir m khujlahat bhi hoti h. Aur subah m pani jaisa naak se cough nikalata h. sugandhit jagaho par bhi naak se cough aane lagata h, chhike toh bahut jyada aati h. Please mam upachar bataye….

  6. Dr muje eyes ke upar dard rhata he mene oprshan bi Kara raka he muje kabj bi rha he please doctor muje batao muje konsi goli leni chaiye

  7. mam मै ठडी चीज लेता हु तो मेरी नाक बन्द हो जाती नाक से पानी गिरने लगता है बुखार हो जाता शरीर मे दर्द रहता है ऐसा मुझे हमेसा होता रहता है

  8. बचपन से blocked nose है नाक की हड्डी टेढ़ी हुई है mam पुरे face पे हल्का हल्का pain होता है और सुबह उठने पर गर्दन तक और कान तक दर्द रहता है भारी पन रहता है पुरे दिन आँखों मै बी जलन होने लगती है साँस एक ही नाक से आता है smell नही आती है और taste बी नही आता किसी बी चीज का छींके नही आती है बिलकुल बस नाक बंद रहती है बस plzzz help Age 19 boy

  9. Mam mera nak bandh rehta hai eyes sai pani aata hai aur itching hota nak sai pani aata hai, yeh takriban 5 sal sai hota hai , aur yeh garmi Mai hota hai, plz achha sa medicine batao

  10. Hello mam I am 16 years old and I have a sinus problem for last more than one year bhut homeopathic allopathic and Ayurveda medicines khali but 1 percent bhi fark nhi PDA please help me to solve this problem

  11. Dr Ritu g mere migraine ki problem h left side me ser m Dard hota hai chaker rehta hai or chaker ke time kuch bhi Kam nahi ker Sakta dimag ka jor SA lagta hai man shant nhi rehta please tel me treatment

  12. Left side nose close Ho jati hai morning me uthte hi chink aati hain to nose se pani nikalta hai left nose+left ankh ke round me pain +left side adhe sir me dard rahata hai cold Se alerji hota hai please mughe medicine batanye

  13. I m 20 yrs old suffering from sinusitis from 2yrs.
    Symptoms – sneezing if dust enters, cold nose block , headache front nd back of head.

  14. Nak ke upar charbi ka bad jana ye q hota hai aur ye meri nak ke tok par hi hai. Is wajah se face cut achcha nahi lagta so please help me.

  15. mera right side pe akho se le kor brain tok pain ho raha hai, continuous 3din so nahi paie ho, cool ke bojoh se ho raha hai, kya koru mem?

  16. Hllo Ma'am
    Muje long time se sinus h ye mosam change se hota hi

    Muje maxillary or frontal sinus h
    Please effective medicine batae

  17. Madam ji mujhe 6years se sinusitis hogaya hai jis ki wajah se mein boht nihayat pareshan hun please mam kya mein yeh dawai order karsakta hun please mam baye na mujhe bhot intizar rahega aapke answer ka thank you mam

  18. Hello mam… meri problem hai ki mujko saal mai ek baat cold hota hai… Or mera sir bhot bhari ho jata hai… Jaisa lagta hai cough jam gya hai hai…… Or chest mai bhi cough jam jata hai…. Thick cough…… Kya hai sinus kay symptoms hai

  19. Mam Mera nose pure din blocked rhta h kbhi left side se to right side se eyes m bhi iching r pain rhta h chike bhi rhti h subha r shaam jdda blocked nose ki wajah se mjhe sone m bhut problem hoti h mam plz help me

  20. mene ct scan krwaya mujhe sinus h homeopathy medicine lerhi hu kb tk thik hogi or Mera one face face v assymetrical ho gya h 5/6mahine see tho Kya ye v sinus ke krn hi one side sawolling ki problem aayi h

  21. Hamara sir free nahi rahta hai aur face sab jakda rahta hai pain bhi hoti hai vometing and sleepnes problem hai 3-4 month se ham kya kare uchit slah de

  22. Hi mam mere husband ko last 4 year se sinus issues hai always khasi aati rhti h saas Lene m pro Hoti h nose block ho jata h and coughf BHi rhta h mam plz help me kya kre ke nose blockeg khul jye bahut jyada preshn hai plz proper medicine BTA de Jo jldi results de plz

  23. Maam I have sinusitis from last 7 years but I don't have much problem with it. Mujhe kuch khas Dard ya aur baaki symptoms to ni hai but mera sense of smell chala gyi hai kuch mahine se. Ye kaise thik hoga.

  24. Mam mujhe gala hamesha kharab rehta hai..jaise gale main kuff jaisa kuch girta hai anny time…morning main gala jaam hojata hai roz.. Or kharasha reta hai koi solution bataye mam g…..lyfe iz becoming so embaracing….and frustration iz out there

  25. Is there any side effect for sinus gold drops from Adven. I am getting good results, how long can I continue with this medication with out side effects. .

  26. Mam mother ko problem hai,,. Age – 48,, weight 80
    1.Sometime Tears in eyes
    2.Head pain,, nerve pain
    3.Sometime Problem in breathing or stops breathing. For 4 years
    Plz suggest medicine.

  27. Mam, mujhe last 3 yrs s sinus ki dikat h gale m swelling feel hona,nose or gale k bich m caugh jma rhna,nose band rhna,gums m swelling n smell rhna or mujhe tonsils ki bi dikat h plz man suggest me last 3 yrs s m treatment le RHA hu but kahi bi aram nhi aa RHA h last 1 yr s m homopethy treatment bi le RHA hu us s bi aram nhi aa RHA ?

  28. Mam mujhe sham ko letate time saans lene m bahut problem hoti h, cough bhi nahi aati, koi achhi medicine batay plz. Mm

  29. I am suffering from sinusitis from last 6 years my age is 30 some times I suffer pain in left ear and back of left eye and pain in front of forehead and eyes also what should I do

  30. मुझे साइनस है ओर इम्फेकसन हो गया है तीन पिनस तक है

  31. hello mam, recently i started the sinusitis problem ( huge headache above the eye brows ) not able to work with the pain. first before 15days it was started by fever, cough and trough pain voice change. but now only huge headache above the eye brows
    plz give me some suggestion to cure it fast

  32. Mam hamko 3 sal ho gaya hi hamko smells kuch bhi nahi aata hi ao jab dawa khatye hi to 2-4 din sah rahta hi aor bad me fir waise ho jata hi kya karu batao

  33. Kya head main peat main face main cough spread hota hain chest main gharmay upay batien plz reply me jai jinendra synus main Shankar aayi hain muzhay khanay Kay bahut Shankar aayi hain medicin bataien vat Kay liye bhi upay batien

  34. Mam mere bete ki Umar das sal h use nak me right side gosht barh gaya h jiski wajah se hamesha sardi lagi rahti h r rat me sans lena mushkil ho jata h .koi homoeopathic medicine batayen plz

  35. मुझे सर्दी में जुखाम हुआ और फिर ठीक नहीं हुआ और अब खांसते हुए सांस फूलती है और नाक हमेशा बंद रहती है और नाक में दर्द रहता है और थोड़ा दौड़ लगा दू तो सांस फूलने लगती है

  36. मैंने आपका चैनल अपनी कंपनी में सबको सब्सक्राइब करबा दूंगा आप बहुत अच्छे से समझाती हो

  37. नाक प्रोपर नहीं खुलती है हमेसा गीली रहती है इसके लिये क्या करें

  38. मेरा काम फील्ड का है और गुड़गांव में रहता हूं यहाँ पर

  39. Hello madam i am 30 years old since last 3 month my nose are blocked alternatively and headache in my eyebrows liner which medicine should i used plz tell me…

  40. Mam mujhe bhut zyada problem hai mai otrivin na dalu zinda nhi reh skta mere throat me bhi lgta hai ki kff jma hua hai mujhe ye problem 5 years se hai ab problem jyada badh gyi hai please mujhe koi medicine bta dijiye apki mahan dya hogi .. my no. 8090331823 please mam help me

  41. Mam ,where are your clinic ? I have a question my mother and brother are suffering from this but they also feel cooling in their body like from water , can it is also effect of it. One more question , what types of doctor see it ,please reply we are really in trouble. Thanks for your videos ,you helps us lot.

  42. Mam I have sinus problem, specially in summer. I am having runny nose, sneezing, some time cough, but no headache no pain so mam can u plzz recommend me medicine,🙏🙏

  43. Madam ji nose ka daya side Ander me msa ho gya aur hmesa band rahata hai daya side eye ke uper dard rehta hai iske liye main Kali Bai 30 aur silicea 30 use kar raha hoon lekin jyada fayda anubhav nahin ho raha hai Koi medicine bataiye ya contact number dijiye

  44. Doctor I'm so suffing sainustues eyes pain problem ho jata hai and headache last nine years se please suggest me please

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