★ Play Doh Doctor Drill N Fill – Dentist Play Set Review!

Welcome to my channel! So what do we have today? Play-doh! It’s the Doctor Drill ‘N Fill. Okay, you want to open it? What’s that? I don’t know. I’m not a dentist. You’re not a dentist? I know what this is. Play-doh. Play-doh. Oooh what’s this? Now let’s give our patient some fillings. It looks like he has another cavity right here. Oh okay. Right here? Right there. Good job. Now let’s fill it up. Now which one? Does he have anymore? Any more cavities? I think you’re making his teeth worse. His teeth are falling out. I don’t know if you’re a real dentist. Yes I am. You are? Why do his teeth keep falling out? Why is his tooth in a different location? You didn’t even put his tooth in the right spot. His teeth are getting all sorts of funky. I don’t know if he’s going to make it. Now we’re going to brush his teeth. Okay, so what do we have today? Oooh it’s a surprise! Let’s take them out! Oooh what do we have inside?


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