⚠ A Touch of Sugar: Does Pre-Diabetes Matter? ⚠


  1. Dr. Berry, never in my life has anyone taught me so much about myself and why I have struggled just about all 58 years of my life with weight and chronic illnesses. Always being looked down on by others. A few years back I had a surgeon who after just waking up from gallbladder removal looked at me with deep discust and said, "Just put the fork down and stop eating. You almost died because your so fat but I saved your life." now that is simply cruel. Not to mention during surgery he sliced a major blood vessel or artery by not retracting the blade and almost killed me so he had to save my life ( I read the report). Enough of that, you however are an amazing human being. You are saving not just my life but many lives simply by telling the truth about how our body works. Since I found you a few weeks ago I can't stop watching these very informative videos. Hats of to you for encouraging me to fight for my health. It's been 6 weeks since I began keto. I'm not losing much but I am definitely seeing a huge difference in my body. A couple years ago I was 371(my biggest ever) and struggled greatly to get down to 337 a few weeks ago but I'm no longer struggling. This way of life is a joy even though I have had some miserable days ( probably detoxing) I am just starting to lose weight now 325. Sorry this is so long but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and every single video you post teaches me life can be so much better for me! Even have a few friends watching you also. I promise I will share because you are saving lives. By the way CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wife on your little one he/she has some great parents! Again words can not express how grateful I am for you. Thanks!

  2. Question: I was eating strict carnivore after awhile my sugar after eating never went about 100 mostly it was between 70 and 90 now I have some days I’ll make a keto treat and I notice my sugar goes to 109 one day it was 120 which was the highest it’s been. Why is this?

  3. Thank you Dr. Berry – another thing you might preach is that you don't "get" diabetes, you "develop" it – that might have more meaning to people who need to be convinced that their diet and lifestyle are causing the diabetes

  4. I don't need to get tested for pre-diabetes. Whether I need to or not, I'm just staying away from all processed foods, refined sugars and carbs, grains, and limiting my fruits to 1/2 cup berries occasionally. Last year I felt like I was 80 yrs old and knew instinctively that I was heading down the insulin resistance and fatty liver path. So I started researching, discovered intermittent fasting and started strict Keto. In 4 months I feel 80% better, losing weight and full of vim and vigor, lol I'm 65 and haven't seen a doctor in 12 years.

  5. I think the whole diagnosis of t2 diabetes needs an overhaul. The point of diagnosis is currently the moment the disease becomes decompensated – your body is no longer able to counteract the disease. If it was heart failure, nobody would dare to call compensated heart failure " a touch of a heart problem" or "pre-failure" just because you do not have oedema of your legs or lungs. You have heart disease or you don't. Full stop.
    Thanks to Joseph Kraft we know that insulin resistance is present for decades before it decompensates and the body can no longer produce enough insulin to keep the blood sugar in normal range. In my view, the diagnosis should be made based in insulin levels and insulin resistance, not on a symptom that we used to define the condition way back when insulin had not yet been discovered. It is time the definition and diagnosis of diabetes catches up with science.

  6. Dr. Berry….I have been full Keto for about 5 months now. I want to do the A1C test but I'm afraid the glucose drink they give for the test will make me sick. My question is will it?

  7. I have question!

    If loving sugar is bad for human, why are we evolved to love sugar?

    In Darwinian view, we must hate sugar for our better health and surviving.

    I agree that sugar is bad, but Darwin doesn’t explain this question 🙁

  8. Dr. Berry

    My wife has kind of an interesting scenario and we were hoping you could maybe touch on it. She suffers from Vestibular Migraines. She was recommended to do Keto but she is probably considered underweight. So we would like to know how to use Keto to gain weight or even maintain weight.

    Thanks you!

  9. Will taking a sleeping pill disrupt my fasting? I understand some vitamins will. Just not sure about sleeping pills

  10. If your doctor refuses to order a test, tell them that you will wait in their office while they add a note to your records that you requested the test and they refused it.

    And if that doesn't change their mind, honestly, find a new doctor.


  12. Hummm, are dictors allowed to flat out refuse to check a blood test that his/her patient wants to have done/checked?

  13. Hello Dr. Berry! I started keto four days ago. I felt a difference after the first full day of keto. Now on day 5, I still feel this sensation in my skin. Not sure what it is (maybe it's the inflammation leaving my body). Thank you for all your videos! I'm watching your videos by playlists and hope that if you've already addressed the following questions, that i don't bother you asking them here.
    I have two questions: How does one go about finding a doctor that is "pro" keto? (I live in San Antonio, Texas)
    And can someone who has been on a ketogenic diet, who has reached their goal weight or size and/or improved their health goals, eat carbs occasionally?
    I wonder if it would affect the body differently. Thanks, Diana

  14. sorry i feel pain and burning in my legs when i wake up in morning neither than when i was keto ??? what that mean

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