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anxiety attacks at night how to have an anxiety free sleep hi I'm Rob and I'm quite familiar with the daily mental anguish that random sporadic bouts of anxiety can cause you throughout your day and in today's video we're gonna go over some things that I know will help you if you're having trouble with anxiety at night for most of us with anxiety disorders sleeping is one of the greatest struggles we are faced with I've spent countless nights tossing and turning staring at the ceiling looking up the clock etc with a million thoughts rushing through my head regardless of how tired I was that day I would still find it so difficult to close my eyes and get rid of all those crazy thoughts my anxiety is just eating me alive I would think my anxiety seems to be always at its peak just before I go to bed it's kind of like I'm too scared to close my eyes and fall asleep because I'm afraid of waking up not being able to fall back asleep again once I awake sometimes I dread of the thought of waking up yet to another dark day and this fear is what constantly feeds my anxiety filled mind I'm just so exhausted of having to go through this for days and sometimes even weeks it's just a constant cycle and I want it to end my number one thought is I needed to end right now I need to start learning how to stop feeding my worries and start managing my anxiety so now if you don't mind I would like to share my journey with you anyways I know you'll enjoy it here are all the things that I do to have an anxiety free sleep at night the first one is listen to an inspirational podcast my worries fear and thousands of my thoughts are always at their worst just when I'm about to go to bed I figured one of the best ways to shift all those negative thoughts is to listen to something positive something that somehow will give me hope that maybe tomorrow is not going to be such a bad day so I started listening to inspirational podcasts and somehow doing this helps alleviate the stress and fear that I'm feeling it just calms me down so if you feel all of your worry and thoughts start to pop up try to listen to something that will make you feel good something that will motivate you in most cases people will tell you to listen to music that does help but in this case it doesn't always need to be music per se heck if you love to read get your favorite book or maybe try reading a couple of inspirational stories before going to bed as long as it helps shift all the negative thoughts into something more positive then it's definitely worth doing this has been a part of my nighttime routine for a while now and this definitely made sleeping a lot easier for me whether it's a book podcast or music now on a side note here I'd like to add lit a little bit I truly love listening to podcasts I'm not going to name them but there are a ton of them on YouTube and I nightly I will listen to them and it just helps me it does really help you relax and it makes falling asleep a whole lot easier ok the next one is clearing your mind this is a tough one for me the one thing is I was always letting my anxiety take control of my thoughts it already has a strong grip on me and I thought that a simple breathing exercise that I picked out of a book would never work well for me but of course I was wrong doing this not only helped me clear my mind and focus on the present but it also helps me detach myself from all of my worries and my fears so now every time I go to bed and when I feel like my anxiety starts to creep in I closed my eyes and I start breathing slowly I do this for about five minutes and it truly makes me feel much better this is how I do it so give it a this is what I do it's very simple I breathe in and hold it for five seconds then I exhale and repeat three to five times what this basically does is it slows your heart rate down slows your pulse rate down and it does really calm you down but the trick is you must hold it for five seconds and then exhale and repeat give it a shot number three writing down my worries when all of my worries and fears start rushing through my mind I grab my journal or notebook and I write down each one of them doing this makes me feel that I've acknowledged my worries in a more concrete way instead of just thinking about it this helps me separate myself from all my thoughts giving me a sense of clarity and peace of mind it helps me deal with my anxiety plain and simple if your worries are keeping you up at night try writing them down before going to bed doing this has surprisingly helped me in ways I never thought it would number four limit your exposure to negativity this is a very very big one for me with social media having the power to make us feel bad about ourselves and with the new sites constantly talking about crime corruption and negative stories what I figured out is exposing myself to that amount of negativity before going to bed is only feeding my fear and anxiety so instead of spending your time browsing through social media or watching the news or anything that triggers your fear and worries shift all your energy and focus your attention on something more positive what I mean and saying that is focus on something that will make you feel good about yourself this one is a huge one for me as well number five unplug I actually caught digital detoxing it works very well for me I know it's very hard for a lot of people but we'll get into what this is about I'm sure you can kind of figure it out this goes hand-in-hand with what I was talking about before in this day and age we're always corner phones laptops and other electronic devices constantly checking our emails scrolling through our social media feeds hoping that those things will lull us to sleep but in my experience with this it doesn't work well for me those things just 10x my anxiety it just feeds it until it consumes me so I switch my routine in an hour before going to bed I put my phone down and I do something else now what I do you can also do things like this as well read or play with your pet if you have one and yes play with your kids too basically anything that will make you feel more centered and calm and I can't emphasize this enough how doing this small change made a huge impact in helping me manage my anxiety and this really what I go back to is unplugging yourself from social media platforms I know it's hard to do but it does really make a difference stop watching all that negative crap that is on TV the negative news the politics I know it's hard to do but give it a shot and stop doing it doing something that you love or something that makes you happy will help you get rid of that fear and it will help you face another day in reality it will make you look forward to the next day when you have that positive energy flow it basically gives you a feeling that tomorrow is going to be different but a good difference if you had any of these experiences and you were living the same nights as I was know that you're not alone I understand how exhausting it is to spend your nights constantly ruled by anxiety and worried thoughts remember that you are strong and you can fight this please note that we all have different coping mechanisms so some of these tips may not work for you but don't give up and keep trying different methods you'll find one eventually that will work for you it's real simple identify your triggers what triggers your anxiety learn how to stop those triggers and keep moving forward always keep moving forward okay I hope you enjoyed this video if you had any tips of your own that might have helped your own anxiety issues while at night please share them in a comment section below I would love to hear them and I'm sure a lot of other people would also love to hear them now I want you also to know that there are better strategies that can potentially eliminate your anxiety almost instantly okay now this is what I did for you today I put together a five-step anxiety secret guide ebook and this ebook you're gonna get information on how you can live your life without overwhelm stress and worry you're also going to get five secret self-help hacks that's gonna help you manage your anxiety and get your life back all you need to do is simply go to WWE and secret guide calm once again just like you see on your screen go up to your browser window and type in WWE anxiety secret gog.com or click the link in the description below and there also be a link in the pin comment down below as well it'll take you right to the same place where you can pick up this free ebook I'm Rob Miller the anxiety agent I hope you enjoyed today's video please don't forget to subscribe to like and share thanks everyone take care and God bless see you next time

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