【Nightcore】→ Anxiety || Lyrics


  1. It's so hard having anxiety, and i have to overcome mine because im still in shcool and we are beginning to present a lot more often, and that is what im having anxiety for…because every time im stranding in front of my classmates and i have present i always begin to cry 😞and i can't control it! 😞 Sorry if my english is bad but im not that good at it..

  2. I have a social anxiety and for me it's really hard to get a friends like one time I was scared to talk with my parents I know it's not big deal you would say but it is… Like imagine being scared to go to your grandparents or to someone birthday… My anxiety is really high like I was once "talk" like therapist talked with himself so yea…

  3. I'm suffering from anxiety and and I don't know how to tell any one but it gets easier I promise just belive 💟💞

  4. There was a point where I had my hand out for someone to save me.
    However none did.
    And Im soory for the ones who want to.Because now my hand is nowhere to be found

  5. It’s hard to control anxiety. No seriously, it’s hard. Last week I went to school and I had a ‘Show your true self’ day and we had to share in our class. I was the first one to share. I was shaking when I was getting up to the front of the class.. I kinda cried and my heart was shaking, I couldn’t take it. I fell down and started shaking like a earthquake happened, I was crying too. Sadly I still have anxiety… (I’m 15)

  6. she hates it but it's the closest she has to a friend.
    i don't like anxiety, but i don't feel like myself without it, because whats the nervous crazy kid who doesn't talk, without the thing that makes her the nervous crazy kid who doesn't talk.

  7. Heh, what a coincidence. I recently had a panic attack at school today, and I found this. Quite relatable. I wish this could leave…

  8. I sometimes just can't be bothered to wake up so im called lazy

    I sometimes self harm "my cat got scared"

    I sometimes forget to care about others so im "mean"

    I sometimes cry so im "weak"

    I sometimes get bad grades so im "careless and dumb"

    I ALWAYS care what people think of me so im "sensitive and soft"

    I don't see the point in
    Waking up
    Being myself
    Being smart



    A N X I E T Y

  9. "What's normal again?"

    Is not normal….am i the only one who feels like this song is them?

  10. Ok, now that I think about it, I have faked smiles a lot and most of the time I don’t even realize it. It just comes naturally whenever I’m in a bad spot.

  11. I know pretending is maybe the best.
    For you and the rest.
    But in times like these, you shouldn't let it be.
    Tell anyone that you believe, tell them every single piece of your heart that's broken.
    Keep it to yourself, is what you're thinking.
    Open up, is what the outside wants.
    I know you're thinking, suicide is how it should be.
    Suicide is not for better, only for cries and sadness.
    All those bottles, shattered for no reason.
    Hold onto it, don't let it go.
    Once you find it, you'll stop it all.
    You're smiling, hiding pain.
    "I'm fine", is not what I want to hear.
    Humans shouldn't wither, like every flower do.
    Shedding tears at night, drying by sunrise.
    We don't know, unless you tell us now.
    Late?, no never.
    If you die, more tears will fly.
    Heaven, is not ready for you.
    Not just yet, but in 50 years.

    Making YOU smile is what I'm here for. No matter what you're going through, I can help you<3
    I'm a complete stranger, but once you know me. I'll make sure your eyes will be filled with tears of joy. But now go and tell one you trust, about your inner problems. Or it'll hurt. Stay strong everyone!
    You're beautiful, amazing, intelligent and just the best.
    I hope you get to hear this right before you sleep, every night.
    Hope is out there, and it'll never leave~
    Try, don't give up.
    Stay positive, keep the negative away.
    You are the angel, that I love<3
    Hope I made someone happy, no matter how little it did.
    I'm just glad I gave you time to breath, think and smile.
    Keep going, beautiful!!

  12. Oh god I didn’t think that my anxiety was bad until I wondered how it felt to have a panic attack, I surched it up and realized I have one at least 2 -7 times a week….. I think I need help 😓

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