刁蛮俏御医 06丨The Imperial Physician 06 (multi-language subtitle| 主演:张娜拉,TAE,高昊,何赛飞,李菁菁,郭珍霓)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub
www.facebook.com/BabelSub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 6 Are you out of your mind? You know who she is? You can’t put her up Anyway, she must leave immediately after dinner But mom, I can’t just let her go now? And she’s a girl where can she go when it’s almost dark now? I don’t care. You brought her home and you must make her leave And, the Emperor is choosing a concubine You’d better not come home Just stay in the academy You’re afraid that I’d be chosen? You’re registered as a girl I almost forgot Then what if the soldiers come to check? Well, I’ll put on some makeup and take your place If the Emperor chooses me I might even become the Empress! Mother, stop joking. It’s serious All right. I know. I’ll sort it out – Stop
– What’s wrong? Brother Stop. We’re guests here! But she did follow us like an octopus. Am I wrong? Tian brought me home It’s none of your business. Enough. I’ve tolerated it since you’re a girl Zhesan, enough But she punched me first I punched you, and I’ll kick you – Enough
– Stop Stop fighting! Stop it Aunt, see she broke the bowls.
I have nothing to do with it. Beat her. There, no matter who you are outside here this is my house, all of you shall listen to me You’ve messed up my house Aunt, I’m sorry I’ll clean it up Mother We’ll do the cleaning up Why don’t you go have a drink with Uncle Tao? Come, come. Let’s go. What’s wrong with you? I brought you here to eat, not to wreck the house He started it by calling me Octopus Girl! I said she’s like an Octopus, sucking on to you and refusing to let go Look, she’s wrapped herself up like a gift Have you seen an octopus as a gift? Tian, I has taken revenge for you How is it? Heroic? Brother, see he hit his older brother? Speaking fairly, you really deserve to be hit. Don’t laugh You broke these. Clean it up! You Great. She’s gone We can eat in peace now Go keep an eye on her Why should I? I’m not an octopus keeper San, it’s getting dark and it’s dangerous Go take a look Play a guessing game. Whoever loses will go. Let’s vote to decide then What voting? You’re obviously bullying the minority If Octopus Girl were here, you’d surely lose for she has 8 hands! Are you done? Do you think I like following you? I’m afraid you won’t go home It is none of your business You can only walk forward, not backward. Why? You can’t return to Tian’s house Your home is in that direction Don’t dictate to me I really don’t feel like bothering Octopus Girl! You dared to trick me, Octopus Girl? I know martial arts It’s incredible Of course. Stop fooling around. Go home I still wanna go have dinner I don’t want to go home. I’m hungry. Stop following me. Why are you still following me? It’s dangerous for a girl to wander around in midnight It’ll be easy for her to run into perverts Perverts will come out at any time See, I didn’t lie to you. No big deal. Come on Don’t hit him! Don’t! Ouch. It hurts! No, don’t. Be careful. Where’s your money? Can’t you take it with your own hands? I’m killed! Aren’t you leaving? Zhesan. Are you all right? How can I be all right after being stabbed like this? What should I do? Aren’t you a master of martial art? Those two perverts were strong, and it was unfair I’ll go get a doctor. Hang in. Don’t. I’m dying Can you promise me one thing? Tell me Can you please stop bothering Tian after I die? Go home immediately. Zhesan, my father is the Grand Preceptor.
I’ll revenge for you. My goodness. You’re Zhao’s daughter? If I knew it, I would’ve done it for real You! You ganged up together to fool me? You want it for real? All right. I’ll rape you for the sake of your father. You! Despicable hooligan! Now that you know my special hobby let’s go home. What are you doing, Zhesan? Put me down! – Be good.
– Put me down! What are you looking for now? Herbs like balsam pears and foxgloves You don’t have to go to the academy today They have taken leave for you Stay at home with me and perform your filial duties I’m not going to the academy, but the mountain. What are you going there for? To save someone. Slowly, slowly, Your Majesty. He Tian How much further do we have to walk? He Tian, do we have to go so far
just to take some medicine? Medicine must be taken at the right time and place Liar! Enough! Listen to the doctor! Do whatever the doctor says. Go as far as he asks. Go! Baochuan, I’ve never walked so far in my life Is it still far away? We’re nearly there Where are you bringing Her Majesty? Before taking the medicine, she should stretch her legs Isn’t it just eating medicine? You’re fooling us This way. Oh, this way. Hurry up! Where are you bringing Her Majesty? Don’t be anxious. It’s not the time yet. Bad timing will greatly affect the effect of medicine You’re just fooling Her Majesty How dare I? I warn you, if anything happens to Her Majesty I’ll behead you for ten times! That way Why are we going that way? Where are we going? Hurry up – Time flies.
– Yes. In the blink of an eye, the Emperor has grown up I don’t know when it’ll be my time to join the Late Emperor Your Majesty, please don’t say that! You can still live for another thousand years I wish to have the fortune to continue serving you You always know how to please me with sweet talk How’s the selection of a concubine? Your Majesty, I assure you it won’t take long before a group of carefully selected girls
enter the Palace His Majesty will only be enchanted by all the beauties At that time, pick one you like, and all will be fine Good Wait a second. Where are we? Where have we gone? I can’t even recognize this place Let’s go then. That way. Slowly. We’ve been walking around for so long and come back to the same place He Tian, I’m warning you if the medicine is ineffective I’ll cut off your head and annihilate your entire family clan An entire family clan? There are only me and my mom and a pig as well Here it is! What? We’re eating the medicine here? Your Majesty, you can eat the medicine now You little physician Your Majesty, did you eat anything this morning? No, not at all. Wait! What now? Are you very tired now? I’m all right Then you can’t eat it yet! We’ll walk for some more time! Follow me I’m too tired! He, how have you been lately? I don’t know why my eyelids keep twitching as though something is gonna happen Good thing your eyelid is twitching Probably, someone is missing you Old Tao, I’m already so old who will be thinking of me? He, you’re a beauty in the market Don’t make me the butt of your jokes I’m only speaking the truth Why would I make fun of you? See, Tian has already grown up You should think about your own future We’d be concerned about your happiness, right? To be honest, it doesn’t matter what happens to me I’ll be content as long as Tian is happy and well-off Make way. Quick, make way. Are you He Meili? Officer, what’s going on? None of your business. Get lost! We’re checking household registration Take us to your house What are you waiting for? Move quickly! We can talk it through It’s none of your business Shut up or I won’t be courteous. All right. I’ll go with you Help me look after my stall I’ll be back soon Let’s go then Why are they taking Aunt He away? Yeah. What’s going on? Don’t throw things around! Don’t move those! Don’t toss things out How am I going to clean up? Where’s your daughter? I’ve already told you I only have a son The household registration says
you have a 20-year-old daughter Go to the administration I’m illiterate There might be a mistake that I don’t know If you don’t tell me, then you’re lying Lying means defying an Imperial Edict, which is against the law I told you, I don’t have a daughter If you just want a woman, then bring me back I’ll put on some makeup first Whose dress is this? Mine Yours? Can you fit into it? Can’t I buy a small-sized dress? It’s my target size for my diet What are you doing? I broke a bowl and need to clean it up Without Li Gong-gong’s order anyone who comes out will be killed I’m full. I haven’t enjoyed my food in a long while Here, Your Majesty Here, rinse your mouth. Eat more. Young people should eat more. Eat more! I’ve already eaten The meat is delicious Look, there’s even vegetable at the bottom Have one piece It’s still hot Are you sleepy? Do you want to have a rest? All right, I’ll go rest for awhile Eat more Come Don’t forget to reward the young doctor with 50 taels Take care. Your Majesty, please take care. Baochuan, what’s wrong? You don’t look too good Do you want He Tian to prescribe for you? Thanks for your concern, Majesty I’ll meet him some time Please excuse me. Where are you going? To the toilet Here Go back. Open the door Are you going to let me out now? Her Majesty has ordered that you be rewarded Aren’t you gonna thank Her Majesty? Thanks, Your Majesty! My medicine worked? But these silver… Can I exchange them for something else? Insolence! How dare you bargain with the Empress Dowager’s reward? But you promised me that I could have anything I wanted. You are so lucky this time to have the silver. If you screw up the next time Li Gong-gong will take your life! Let’s go! Brother, you should really meet with the Emperor Tell him to place Tian in charge of
the Imperial Academy of Medicine. What? Don’t run! Stop fighting. Tian Your medical skills aren’t bad Others failed to cure it for years but you did it with a single prescription. Honestly, it’s the most common treatment for improving appetite. Even a lousy doctor knows it. Then Dr. Leng must be the lousiest doctor. It’s not like that. I only came up with it because I was desperate Try sitting up all night before walking around for miles. You’ll definitely be tired and hungry. All right The Emperor has heard about this He’s very happy So he’s rewarding you with 50 taels Just go to the Imperial Treasury to get your reward. 50 plus 50 That’s 100 taels. You’re rich! Time to treat us. Let’s go. Who’s treating you? I’m using the money to fix my roof Every time it rains heavily, there is a shower in the house And my mom hasn’t got new clothes in a long while I should buy her a few sets of clothes I’ll let her eat well, live well and wear nice clothes Which is why you should go home
to tell her the good news She’ll be happy to hear it. Also, renovate the grave. – Grave?
– Yeah Remember you also have a sister. Then I’ll be leaving first. Why not stay for awhile? What are you doing? Go. What grave were you talking about? Tian has a twin sister Are you serious? His sister died very early When I spent the night at Tian’s home I even saw his sister’s spirit You mean by the lake? Yep. You said you don’t like ghost stories. So I didn’t tell you about it. That was at night! It’s in broad daylight now. Quick, tell me. When we were staying at Tian’s house
for the first time I saw a girl that looks exactly like Tian by the lake,. You love Tian’s sister? Well…I can’t tell. But after that day, I kept recalling his sister’s smile. You cannot think about it. Look, you’re so handsome and the Emperor how can you fall for a ghost? Pick your concubine Your fat cousin isn’t too bad! I’d describe her in one word: Unprecedented Her large rear is sign of fertility But we’re not in love with each other It would harm the both of us If you don’t like a girl you shouldn’t lead her on Even if you don’t like your fat cousin you can’t possibly fall for a ghost! You should select a concubine Remember two criteria: She’s alive. She’s a female. Then it will be fine Forget Tian. No, I mean forget his sister. You can’t forget someone just because you want to. Then think about something else, like your fat cousin I think she’s pretty cute, especially her hairstyle! But she can’t show up in the public or else animals and humans alike will be scared away Enough. You may leave. I want to think it over I’ll leave you. Keep your minds of the ghost. Go out. – Your fat cousin!
– Leave. Your fat cousin! Mom. Mom? Hey? Come It’s mom’s shoe She’s been arrested? Next Go in Did I call you? Go back. Next. Number 45. Who are you looking for? My mother. Her name is He Meili. She was arrested this morning She obstructed justice, defied the Edict
and resisted arrest You can go home now. Have you made a mistake? What Edict has my mother defied? Please help me check. You may make an appeal. Don’t trouble me. Lad, for the concubine selection, every household has been checked But your mother refused to hand over her daughter This is a very serious crime Sir, please help me pass her a message Lad, there are thousands of convicts in prison If everyone tells me to pass on a message I’ll be no better than a postman But, there are exceptions to the law Go home and write a letter Thank you, sir. Don’t thank me, lad. Try to convince your mother to hand over her daughter Otherwise, she’ll be beheaded soon Go. Hurry up. Clean it up Mom, how are you? I’ve been to the prison but they won’t let me see you. Nor do they let me send anything else to you Do you have enough to eat in there? Are your clothes warm? Mom please don’t argue with anyone in there and listen to the officials in charge Don’t get into spats with others Mom, I’m fine. The pig is fine too. I’ll clean up the mess at home Don’t worry Mom, I’ll think of a way to get you out. In the meantime, please take care of yourself and wait for me to retrieve you.
Yours, Tian Absolutely not. If you do that, Zhiping will find out you’re a girl! If the academy finds out you’ll be expelled immediately Then your dreams will be dashed The priority is to get my mom safely out of there I don’t care about anything else Listen, the choosing of the concubine
is done by the Empress Dowager Even if Zhiping is her son, I mean, her son’s secretary. He can’t ask his boss to disobey his mother. That would be disloyalty If you use connections to release your mother it’s unfair to other people who won’t hand over their daughters. That would be unbenevolence. Also, how are you going to explain to Zhiping that you lied about the sister you never had That’s dishonesty. How do you know about my sister? Zhiping told you? Sure, unless your sister told me in my dreams I’m telling you You’d better not let Zhiping know that you’re a girl He secretly drew a portrait of your sister and salivates when he stares at it He’s probably thinking about something perverted You’re no more trustworthy than a pig is able to write! Zhiping is not that kind of person You have perverted thoughts I don’t My feelings for you are true As for you you’ve tried so hard not to let Zhiping know
that you’re a girl You lied and there’s no reason to expose yourself now All right. Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle this matter. Your mother is my future mother-in-law As her future son-in-law I’ll have to solve it on my own. Just leave Mother-In-Law to me. You just stay here and wait for my good news. What’s wrong? You looked so unhappy that day. Did you have something to say to me? I wanted to give you a fright I didn’t expect to be discovered Why are you looking at my sister’s portrait again? What are you thinking about? Nothing. It just so happened that she looked rather unhappy that evening I wonder why she was unhappy Tian. What’s wrong? Probably, she lacked money. I’ll burn some paper money for her Don’t think too much about it Oh, when you took the silver home, your mom must have been happy, right? Cousin! Cousin! Cousin! – Play with me!
– Please stop chasing me! – Bring me out to play!
– Don’t chase me! Cousin! Tian! I’m bored! Play with me, please! Am I swift-footed? Why aren’t you running? No, it’s wrong. Zhiping didn’t step on the fatso’s feet. Zhiping’s drawing is so awful. I’ll draw one for you, huh? Can you stop annoying me? I’ve come up with a plan to save Aunt He. Tian! Come chase me Please stop chasing me. Someone save me! Stop chasing me! This is a map of the prison These are the walls Aunt He is locked up here with other convicts And this room is for the prison guards to relax, play and nap This room has two toilets One’s big, one’s small How are you going to save my mother? The convicts will get up after 5 a.m.
and gather to do chores After lunch, they’re allowed to rest for an hour. At this time, the guards are in the lowest spirits Why’s that? Don’t you know you’ll be sleepy after you eat? After lunch, they’ll take a nap! Some will sleep and others laze about At this time we will grab the opportunity and sneak in Hurry up. Don’t be lazy. Clean it properly, you! Let’s go. The Golden Lotus Give it back to me! Great! Thank you This is fantastic! You’re here to save me? Let’s go. This is great! Hurry up We’re leaving Why am I so smart? Isn’t this plan brilliant? Why do I have to hug you? I save Aunt He You hug me out of gratitude. Why did you let other convicts go too? If we don’t save the other wronged convicts it won’t be heroic of us And then? Then we will find a deserted place and live happily. This is the love story of Tian and San Moron It’s a serious crime to break into jail! Should my mother and I hide for the rest of our lives? Don’t worry. I’ll look after you. You just need to stay home and look after the kids. I’ll go out and earn money Count on me for the rest of your life I guarantee you’ll be happy I knew you wouldn’t have a good idea. You’ve wasted my time. This is the only way not to let others know you’re a girl. What idea do you have? Where are you going? This was because of me If I go for the selection, my mom will be fine You’re kidding me. You look so good. If you get chosen, what am I supposed to do? I couldn’t care less. Get lost – 5438
– I’m here Come here. Your daughter came to bail you out.
You can leave. Have you taken all your things? Sign here then. Officer, you said my daughter came to bail me out? Where is she? – You are He Meili?
– Yes, I am. You should be proud of your daughter. Go. Mom! Mom! Why do you look like this?? What’s wrong with your face and your teeth? My skills of disguise aren’t bad, right? Look at you, why are you so fat? How did you do it? Four layers of clothes! It’s as hot as hell. Aren’t you hot? Let’s go. Did you receive my letter, mom? Yes, I did Were you crying when writing? No, I accidentally splashed some water on it. It’s all right if you cried. It’s not like I’m laughing at you. You’re just acting strong. Let’s go home. Stand there! He Meili, is this your daughter? Yes The Emperor is choosing a concubine Your daughter matches the criteria – Take her away!
– Go! But…


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