刁蛮俏御医 08丨The Imperial Physician 08 (multi-language subtitle| 主演:张娜拉,TAE,高昊,何赛飞,李菁菁,郭珍霓)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub
www.facebook.com/BabelSub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 8 You’re so different! Stop it. No matter what, you can’t do this. I feel that you… You’re like a girl! You’re out of mind now I suggest you jump in there to cool off Brother Hey! Tian! Release me! Have you come to your senses? Yes I’m sober You’re not yelling? Not anymore. What’s the number? Three Wait, wait! Two It’s two If I don’t ask carefully how would I know if you’re sober or not? Recite a tongue twister for me Bug’s black blood Black bug’s blood See? I’m really sober Please release me No way. Well… I was drugged by someone! I like girls and definitely not boys I know You know? It’s natural for males to like females Males won’t like males Am I right? So, release me now Promise that you won’t do it again Do you hear me? Yes, yes. Hey! Release me first! Ah Tian! Save me! Tian! Brother Do you have something that you can’t say? You’ve got piles? Are you a camel? You’ve drunk enough to last a month! San I have something that I have to sort out Don’t tell me you really have piles No You, look at me. Look at me with your affection. Affection Then close your eyes Purse your lips Is there really a problem you can’t talk about? You’ve got the wrong person You should look for Li Baochuan! Here, I’ll go call him for you Hey! Mr. Baochuan is receiving a customer Hey! That’s not right. He’s a male too definitely not a girl. Hey What’s so riveting about this? You might as well look at me Hey I have an idea. Smile to me, huh? No? I’ll smile to you then. What’s wrong with you today? Usually, you should be hitting me already Brother San, can you allow us some time? I have something to say to Tian Say it We’re all brothers here What is it that I can’t listen to? Well… Just go out! Don’t be so naggy Fine Very well. Don’t worry about it, brother Every man has his own quirks and twists I’ll keep it a secret Actually, it was because… Ah! Sorry, sorry! I… I should just leave Brother Why don’t we go out for a walk together? Okay Da Fu! Da Fu! Da Fu! Where has Da Fu gone? Brother I just saw Da Fu running around Da Fu! Hey, hey! I heard there are rare herbs here, which can be used for medicine Speaking of herbal medicines it would be great to read Essentials of Materia Medica It has pictures of all the plants in it Otherwise, even if I were to travel the world There would still be plants I can’t recognize Okay I’ll help you ask later If possible, I’ll accompany you to take a look Your Majesty! Lord Xiu Someone wants to see you I have to take my leave. I’ll come back later. Reporting to Your Majesty The earthquake was in Tianjin The disaster area spans about 200 miles Transport has broken down and the disaster victims are mostly homeless now The Ministry of Revenue shall send out
both grains and silver to the people Get the Ministry of Works to build shelters for the victims, clear? Yes, Majesty. An Here The Ministry of War shall put all efforts into disaster relief Yes, Your Majesty. You may leave Yes Brother, stop pretending Go choose your wife After that, deal with the earthquake Now, you have to hide your identity and relieve the disaster A dilemma between brotherhood and people’s welfare I think you should make a sacrifice for the people. The earthquake is so serious I’m in no mood to choose a concubine Then go tell your mother that a lot of people have died. And it’s not the time to choose a concubine. Tell her disaster relief is the top priority,
or people will be complaining And this isn’t funny. You mean the Emperor can’t recover soon? Your Majesty Please give me a few more days I’ll find the cause and prescribe accordingly I gave you five days but you failed to cure it. You don’t have to worry about it! I’ll find someone else to treat him. Thank you, Your Majesty. I’ll take my leave now Execute him. Yes. Your Majesty! Give me two more days, I’ll… No more time. Behead him Your Majesty The Emperor is cured He can get out from bed Ah Why are you sighing? Haven’t you engaged the Ministry of War in disaster relief? Yet you still want me to go? I’m afraid those people will not be fully devoted behind my back Therefore, I need you to go there and take a look You’re holding it upside down Huh? It doesn’t matter. I’m illiterate anyway You’re illiterate? Then why are you reading? There’s said to be a beauty in the book, but I can’t find it Tell me which book it’s in You don’t need to build a house to live in In books, there is a golden house You don’t need a matchmaker for marriage In books, there is a real beauty It means a man with knowledge won’t worry about earning money and having a beautiful wife That’s so troublesome Then forget it. With so many beauties in the world, I don’t need the one in books Wealth and beauties are not so important What really matter is for us join hands
to accomplish great things and work for the good of the people I don’t understand politics You’re my brother so I’ll just listen to whatever you say Li Gong-Gong has arrived! Why’s that old bastard here again? Ah Your Majesty The Empress Dowager asks you to come over All right By the way Li Gong-Gong My cousin is still young Don’t teach her those filthy things Well, I don’t understand what Your Majesty is saying You know very well what I mean San Recently you’ve been getting along
very well with the Emperor Let’s sit down together for a chat some day Li Gong-Gong You don’t have to hit me for a chat Li Gong-Gong I’m very curious about one thing Speak Does your golden jar have to be so large? You can just use a smaller one It would be more suitable in size There’s not much difference even if you don’t remove it I just want it big! Please don’t be angry Shit Your Majesty Mother You are… It’s time to take my medicine But before that, I have to get myself moving He Tian’s medicine is really effective though it’s rather troublesome I’ve just got used to it. If this medicine is really effective please remember to take it on time. I know You’ve recovered How is it that you’ve recovered? How come? Oh, it’s very strange When I woke up, I got recovered When I asked you to choose a concubine you fell ill When I wanted to execute He Tian you immediately recovered I even know the two of you have become very close Are you scared that I’ll kill him? It’s not like that When I woke up just now I just fully recovered Fully recovered? You’re still lying to me Good thing you’re all right I won’t argue with you I heard you’ve been worried about the earthquake That’s good It’s good to be concerned about this matter But you can just delegate the work What’s important now is to choose a concubine There was a public announcement If you don’t choose a concubine I’ll lose face in front of the entire world! Do you understand? I see Nine Needles Manual
by Chu Hong He Brother Chu, why are you here? What’s up? He Something serious happened at my home. Can you help me? Don’t cry, Tian Hurry up, He He Something happened at the Palace. Please help me look after my child Brother Chu What exactly happened? He We’ve been sworn siblings for years You’re the only one I can trust Tianxin is my only child I hope you will take good care of her. When she grows up, don’t tell her about her background And don’t tell her that her surname is Chu I beg you. Please get up Okay, Brother Chu. I promise you. He Please take care of Tianxin. And, please keep this book. Don’t give it to anyone else. When Tianxin grows up, hand it over to her. Let’s go. Tianxin. Let’s go. Tianxin. Let’s go. Brother Chu! Let’s go. Brother Chu! Execute. Brother Chu Tian Brother. What makes you come here at midnight? You said you’re looking for a set of books? Right. Essentials of Materia Medica Do you know where it is? There is a place where you might find it. Huh? Come with me. Go. Oh. When piled up, these books could probably reach the sky Here are all categories of books throughout history If you can’t find it here, probably you will never find it. How do we find it among so many books? Use the catalog Essentials of Materia Medica Here. It’s in Area 37 Brother, what are you looking at? Nothing. It’s over there. Area 37 There. Nothing’s here.. I’ll climb up to take a look. Since it’s empty here, you don’t need to climb up. Tian, don’t climb up, I’ll get others to search for you. You… Did you see anything up there? Acu-point Qu Chi Uh… Let’s go. That… Let’s go. Uh… Those message might be written there intentionally. It may have something to do with the book
you’re looking for Maybe. But it’s just a set of illustrated medicinal books It should have very little to do with acupuncture points Maybe the words “Qu Chi” have a hidden meaning “Qu” means to bend “Chi” stands for a place where water is collected Brother. Is there a place called or related to Qu Chi in the Palace? I’ll help you check out. It’s such a big set of books There’s no reason for it to be missing. I appreciate your help Where has Zhesan gone? I haven’t seen him for days. Uh… The Emperor sent him to the disaster zone. He should be back soon. Are you looking for him? Lately, something happened in the Palace. I think someone’s trying to harm Xiangning The Empress may meet western envoys So, she must understand western etiquette Okay, start eating. What’s wrong with you? Er… Eh? You…! What is this? Do you think that the food in the Palace is poisoned? It’s hard to say. The Palace is so huge. We might even need to take a carriage from the kitchen to here The food might also go bad for it’s hot How can things in the Palace go bad? Eat now. It’s not like it hasn’t gone bad before! It’s might be fine for others But I might die from diarrhea due to poor digestion! That’s right. You’re so ill-mannered Lend me your needle Have you no regard for the manners in the Palace? Not poisoned. Stop it. What are you doing? Li Gong-Gong Regarding the diarrhea, I will handle it If I find out anyone playing dirty tricks I’ll behead him! Help yourself. The food is delicious Eat as much as you want, please. Take care, Li Gong-Gong. Why don’t they check the kitchen for the poisoned food? That’s right. Why are they checking our rooms? We are not cooks. That’s right. Is this your bed? Yes. What is this? It’s croton! These are not mine. It was on your bed. The evidence is here Are you still trying to deny it? It can’t be on my bed. You just checked my bed. You might have put it there. Arrest her. Yes. I was body searched when I came. How could I even bring them here? It must belong to the Palace. There’s a clinic in the Palace The croton seeds may come from there… The evidence is undisputable. Seal her mouth! Let her go. Li Gong-Gong. The tea drugged with croton seeds He Tianxin intended to pour it away As you saw, the unlucky girl snatched it and drank it herself. If He Tianxin really wanted to harm someone, why would she do this? Did you hear? Be reasonable. Obviously, you wanna capture me as a scapegoat. Whoever dares to take action, I will tell my dad. The Palace has it’s own rules Even your father, Grand Preceptor Zhao,
has no say over me here. Everything should be in reason Li Gong-Gong. No matter where it is, the logic will remain the same. Your father is fairly good at government administration But why did he fail to discipline his unruly daughter? Meng. Li Gong-Gong. What the hell is it? His Majesty is asking for you. Huh? His Majesty is asking for you. Well, let’s go and see. Thanks. Not at all. Your servant, Majesty! Rise. Gong-Gong. It seems a lot happened in the Palace. Is there anything you forgot to report to me? Your Majesty. Can you please clarify? I don’t understand what you said. I heard someone tried to poison my concubine candidates. You’re in charge of it You should have heard about it, right? Oh… Regarding this, your servant does indeed know about it I heard it’s because the candidates are
vying for attention Your majesty, you have so many things to deal with and you work night and day I thought it was too trivial to report to Your Majesty. Now that you have the say over what’s trivial and what’s important. Should I share the Throne with you? Your Majesty. I’d sooner die than venture to do this. Who drugged the drink? It’s a commoner girl. This is strange. When commoners enter the Palace they’d be scared out of their wits. I’ve never heard of a commoner coming here to poison others. She has a lot of guts. I want to meet this person. Your Majesty, she’s a criminal She’s been removed from the list of concubine candidates She’s waiting for sentencing now. I said I want to see this person. Then I have no choice but to obey What’s wrong? Did you get promoted so fast
that you lose your wits? If so, you don’t need your head. Godfather, believe me. I will deal with it, Godfather. Please believe in me. How are you going to take care of it? As long as the ugly girl is dead the Emperor can’t question anyone. The ugly girl is very young She won’t be dying soon That’s right… But she is not yet familiar with the Palace She might fall into the well and drown What if she can swim or calls for someone to save her? Well…She might also overturn the candle and cause a fire It might be a huge fire No one will be able to save her. The weather has been really dry lately We should really watch out for fire. I see. Fine. That’s good. Go get it done. I’ll take my leave. Hurry up. Hurry up. Move. Where exactly are you trying to bring me? Don’t ask questions. Just follow me. Why did you ask me to help you fetch it? I just like you. Hurry up. Have we arrived? Here it is. What are you doing? No, don’t. Tian Quick It’s hot! Hey! Are you okay? Are you okay? Isn’t there a beauty in the book? You stabbed her! Stop teasing me. Let’s go back now. He Tianxin Where did He Tianxin go? Where did He Tianxin go?! Didn’t I tell you not to run about in the Palace?! If their majesties are disturbed,
you’ll be beheaded. Li Gong-Gong Meng Gong-Gong Good morning! Li Gong-Gong. It’s not healthy to eat desserts in the morning. What are you doing here? Last night, a woman got burned. Her name seems to be He Tianxin. She’s now at my clinic. I heard that she was here for the selection. I’m here for verification What’s wrong? Gong-Gong, look. Li Gong-Gong, please. He Tianxin Li and Meng are here to see you. What’s wrong with this person? It was devastating She was burned like a lamb kebab. She can’t even speak. Can she still be saved? Normally, she can’t be saved. But I have a medicine to heal burns. Not only will the wound heal fast The new skin will be white and smooth I applied the medicine on her. In five days, she’ll come back to life Good. Try your best to cure her Let’s go. Let’s go. Hurry up. Take it off now. It’s suffocating! Ah. Your acting’s not bad. I never thought that she would still be alive. I couldn’t imagine she’d survive such a big fire. Godfather. Regarding this… Stop right there. She’s wrapped up all over now. If you still can’t kill her, you’ll be beheaded! How interesting! He Tianxin Either you or I must be dead. Please don’t blame me. Murderer! You wanna kill her He took action as we expected. Why are you two here? What are you doing? You… Meng Gong-Gong Why did you set me on fire? I’ll beat you to death if you don’t say. Come on, beat him hard. Fuck you. Good! Beat him! Never thought that you’re pretty smart! You worked well with me! Yeah! Hit hard. Hit him. How interesting! Here Come. Get up. Yes. Ah. How fucking interesting! He Tianxin, this wench. She really has the guts Even Meng lost to her. Tell the little bitch, I want to see her. Yes. What about Meng Gong-Gong? Where is he now? He’s in prison. Did he divulge anything? No. He only said he wanted to see you. Get up. Yes. How long have you two been in the Palace? It has been 8 years. Oh, 8 years? Yes. So long. Do you want to strike it rich? Thank you. We would do everything to repay your kindness Then, do one thing for me Godfather Here are you Godfather Look how they beat me. Please take revenge for me, Godfather. This is not easy. Even Grand Secretary’s daughter knows about it It’s in the spotlight now Once it dies down, I’ll release you, okay? Okay. Come. Have some wine to calm down. Come. Take it. Drink it. What’s wrong? Do you think I’m so heartless as to poison you? Godfather, I’ll drink. No need. Good wine is not to be wasted on unloyal dogs. Godfather I’ve been with you since young, Godfather. I’ve done everything for you, be it important or trivial, moral or immoral Help me this time. Spare me please. I’ll be your servant in the next life… No, I’ll be your servant in this life to repay your kindness! Godfather. Get up. Oh, so pitiful. You don’t need to serve me Reincarnate as a real man, not a eunuch No, Godfather. Send him off. No. I can still do many things for you. Gui No, no. Gui Ah…


  1. at last, the kiss scene with the emperor. too bad alec su didnt have kiss scene with jang nara on previous mischievous princess, lol

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