刁蛮俏御医 11丨The Imperial Physician 11 (multi-language subtitle| 主演:张娜拉,TAE,高昊,何赛飞,李菁菁,郭珍霓)

The Imperial Physician Episode 07 SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub www.facebook.com/BabelSub Subbers: Alina Dadelus Why can’t you face me And the way I feel about you? I’ve tried everything Whether it’s the gentle way Or bratty way You don’t feel anything? That is not the problem Then why are you pushing me away? I’m not pushing you away I can’t like you. Why? Because I’ve already Have someone else in heart You are a good girl But I can only treat you as a sister As from now let’s be brothers and sisters I know you really like me But I’ve already have someone in heart Sorry Don’t tell me you’re sorry Actually I don’t even like you that much I took care of you because I pity you It’s like giving pity To a stray dog and cat I have many suitors It’s not that no one wants me So I keep bothering you I don’t want to ever see you again Stop there Master Don’t be angry,miss.. Let go Don’t be angry Step aside That’s for your mother Tell me Where have you been? I’m asking you. Reply immediately. What? You’re hurt? How did this happen? Miss Miss My daughter Long live Your Majesty Rise Thank you I haven’t been feeling well these days which is why I haven’t been attending court. Well? Is there anything to report? Replying to your majesty Although you haven’t been attending court We have all been busy providing the disaster relief Your majesty you can relax and take care for your health I am thinking of adding a department To see how much my officials get paid and how much they spend If there is money that isn’t right And they can’t provide the evidence Then we will treat it as corrupt and negligent about their duties And will be removed immediately Replying to your majesty Corrupt officials should be punished heavily But that Huangtong is just a small town Your majesty shouldn’t make hasty generalizations To make a thorough search, We not only have to mobilize many guards and disturb the people and also make the officials unhappy So I hope that Your Majesty think it through Prime minister Zhao what you said is right I also know It won’t be easy But we cannot just let it be That’s why I want ask you guys for a favor Help me out a little and cooperate with the investigation On one hand,to let them know We have no tolerance of corruption And on the other hand We can scare those greedy officials And let me see this as an warning. This department is called Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) And about the head of this department I will let you guys help me to choose one But I think Prime minister Zhao is very busy So I’ll pick one stead This person will be Zhang Zhesan That… Don’t fool around,big brother. Just listen to me Zhang Zhesan Yes I order you to be the Minister for ICAC Today is your first day on duty Find out the corrupt officials And no mistaken is allowed Thank you,your majesty Replying to your majesty This Zhang Zhesan neither gone through any tests nor has any experience I think He cannot handle such heavy responsibilities Furthermore,searching the officials’ account books Will affect the reputations of the ministers It’s not something to be taken lightly The government has many talented people I don’t understand why your majesty choose a dog tail over a mink? Prime minister Zhao I am not greedy I’m very poor I can’t afford to buy a dog tail Let alone the mink Prime minister Zhao I choose Zhang Zhesan Just because he has no one supporting him or any experience So he won’t have any pressure I appoint him So it would stop people from saying that the corrupt are minding the corrupt Okay Then it’s settled If there is nothing else Meeting is over Long live your majesty Everyone here are friends Don’t be so polite Don’t be like this – Go back,go back – Who the hell do you think you are 134 00:08:38,890 –> 00:08:39,990 Big brother Can I do it well? The some leader you appointed? I can teach you if you lack of confidence You’re trusting me of course I’m happy But the problem is that I’m afraid I won’t be up to the task Let’s not talk about checking accounts I can’t even read the those two characters ‘accounting book’ I think this Yi Hong Brothel should be left to others to manage It’s ICAC (sounds similar to Yi Hong Yuan) They’re almost the same Yi Hong Brothel sounds more celebratory This group of old fogeys Are so slippery and sly Even before I’ve caught them I’ll probably be eaten alive! Xiao San You may not be as cunning or sly but I admire your honest and loyalty Don’t worry I will find people to assist you and be loyal to you. Open the door. How about this I’m the new in-charge of the ICAC,Zhang Zhesan here to visit you on an imperial order Hypocrite Earlier,imperial guards were accused of extored the Emperor sent Li Baochuan to investigate and he handed all of you over His Majesty has asked me to question you as to whether you have really committed those acts of corruption We didn’t Li Baochuan extract our confession by torture and maligned us! Now there is a chance in front of you guys The ICAC needs a group of able assistants who are not afraid of death. If you are interested Stand up and come with me But,if you choose to stand up you have to fear nothing Who is with me? I am! Me too! Me too! Count me in Me too Count me in Me as well That’s great. We’re now all brothers working together to defeat corruption and deal with corrupt officials! Defeat corrupted Officials! Get rid of corruption! Defeat corrupted officials! Get rid of corruption! Destroy corrupt officials! Get rid of corruption! Destroy corrupt officials! Get rid of– Official Zhang Congratulations Li Gonggong. I was wondering who it was. Look,you’ve scared my brothers into silence There’s nothing to congratulate My responsibilities are heavy and so is the stress Thank goodness I have this bunch of brothers This is a bunch of criminals If you really need assisstants I can send some skilled warriors to help you Gong Gong You’d better keep those abled warriors for your own Anyone recommended by you would be really hard to trust I’m sorry I have work to do I will visit you when I am free and see your mountains of silver and gold by the way Also other antiques and precious things. How dare you? You dare to use such a tone with Gong Gong? What do you mean? Amazing jewels and a ton of precious things Please make it clear It’s alright to say it directly. Fine It’s alright to say… “balls”? Right. Fine There are 2 kinds of balls. One is talking rubbish The other is called a bastard I don’t think I am not talking nonsense But I think you look like a… (Lip-language)Bastard Li Gonggong. Why are you so mad? You are not young anymore Be carefu. Don’t sprain your back. Alright. I still need to help my brothers prepare some new uniform I won’t help you to alleviate your boredom Li Gonggong As for your pet We’ll meet again Alright,brothers! Let’s go! Be careful not to knock into Gonggong That little brat. Promoted to a prisoner leader and you think I can’t deal with you? Gonggong Do you want me to go teach them a lesson? I need obedient subordinates Not talkative donkeys Yes. Next time,if you talk too much, I will send you to see Xiao Mengzi He’s really free down there. Xiao Tian Xiao Tian Xiao Tian What are you doing? Big brother. I… I’m changing clothes. Come out We’re both men. Hurry up I have something to tell you. Big brother. What is it? Is your wound better? Yes. I’m almost recovered. That’s good Big brother. Why didn’t second brother come with you? Second brother is not here. I’ve just established a new department called ICAC and put him in charge of it ICAC? That’s right. What does it do? That is…discover,investigate,administrate affairs related to corruption Although I can’t guarantee its success but it will scare them from acting rashly That’s great I’d say those corrupt officials should been taken care of. Do you need my help? No! I won’t let you get involved in this. Actually I blamed myself for let you get hurt when we go out together If something goes wrong again next time How can I face Madam He? From now on, be good and just study medicine here instead Understand? Yes. Okay. Big brother still got things to do take care of yourself He Tian has returned – He Tian! – He Tian has returned! He Tian He Tian,you’re back We heard that you cured Empress Dowager’s illness Is that true? What did you give her? Yeah,what’s your prescription You don’t seem like the hardworking type Do you have a salve for burns? Called ‘Icy fifth heaven’? and that it produces effects immediately Teach us. Right. I can’t reveal it. It’s my family’s ancestral secret. Tell us That’s right. What’s with all this noise? Don’t you have work to do? He Tian You’ve created a disturbance the moment you arrived thus hampered them from working as they should Your lousy prescriptions Can’t make you a great doctor. I’m warning you. Your petty skills can only fool other people. but not me. Study a bit more when you have time Berating others won’t improve your medical knowledge There’s limited daylight Don’t waste it What are you laughing at? What hidden meaning does this book have? Teacher Leng The- the roof is leaking I went up to fix it Teacher That… What’s the disaster site’s situation now? Wait Teacher When I say “Qu Chi” what do you think of? Here’s the thing I went to the imperial library and there really has that book ‘Bencao Pinhui jingyao’ But the book wasn’t on the shelves I only saw on the shelf where it’s meant to be There’re two words “Qu Chi” What do you think it means? If you still want to live Don’t look for that book again. Teacher This is the first time that I’ve heard you speak such a long sentence. Why can’t I look for that book? What’s that got to do with my life? Teacher Teacher Teacher The Empress Dowager has a headache Please go over and take a look Get everything prepared. Greetings,doctor Leng Yes. Good. Teacher,Empress Dowager just has a headache – I know – And we are prepared. Why would there be women undergarments here? No way You don’t have to welcome me this way. Sir Mr. Zhang Welcome Welcome… welcome Come Come Come Come,please sit Someone,Tea Come Mr. Zhang Please Mr. Qian Can this bowl be used? This bowl…? You don’t have a family, you don’t know how expensive it is to feed a family. Look I have to take care of my mother my son and my wife. as well as the servants here. We have all these family retainers and I get paid so little. I have a big responsibility It is not easy Come Mr. Zhang Please Mr. Zhang,Have you eaten yet? My wife Bring more dishes prepare to serve dinner. Coming…coming Please drink the tea first. Mr. Zhang,please eat Eat Please help yourself,Mr. Zhang What is this? How many times do I have to tell you? When you are cooking in the kitchen Add less oil If you add less salt and oil In the future we will have more money to buy some writing brushes for our son Look at how you look after this family. What a waste! Yes,yes,yes. I will be more careful. Mr. Qian I think it’s better to call you Qian Leader. No no no We don’t need a big house,a tough lifestyle will do Hey little boy How old are you? We don’t need many clothes staying warm is enough. You taught him well Mr. Qian,you taught your son very well. Mister Zhang You are our guest,please eat first. Eat…eat Madam Your bangle is pretty shiny. Mister Zhang My mother in law died early. That’s all she left for her Mister Zhang come… come… come Please eat.. eat .. eat It won’t taste good when it gets cold. Please eat This.. This… Little boy,aren’t you hungry? You eat first .. Come on,you eat first We don’t need a big house,a tough lifestyle will do We don’t need many clothes staying warm is enough. Minister Qian I won’t eat this dinner. Let your family save some money, So you can find a doctor for you soon This dinner won’t harm anything Old Zhang! I was being patient with you for a long time. You are the one that has a health problem. Our family has a lot of money in the firewood room! What a great son you have,so honest! Minister Zhang It’s all your fault,you said too much. Mister Qian I think we have to talk about this Mister Zhang Madam Hurry and take your son to see some doctor. Before it’s too late You said you had nothing to do And went to the imperial hospital You also found this red undergarment Hurry,answer him Gonggong is asking you Yes Here is the thing Our hospital has lost a few books Because He Tian has stolen medicines before That is why I went over to his place and looked around That’s when I found that red undergarment I guess he is definitely having a relationship with a palace maid Causing a ruckus in the harem Does anyone else know about this? No 504 00:25:09,370 –> 00:25:11,840 About this,I am afraid to spread the news. Good Xiao Xizi yes Give him 20 taels Yes What are you waiting for? Say thank you Thank you,Gonggong Thank you,Gonggong Let me tell you In the future,whatever happens Come and tell Xiao Guizi right away Do you hear what I say? Yes,I see You may leave Yes I will be leaving now. Go Wait Take your top off. Take it off! Put your hands down! All the palace maid clothes Are all made the same. This is not palace maid clothing You are telling He Tian hid a girl In the imperial hospital? Security is very tight How can an outsider came into the palace? Leave Put me down,put me down You dog servants! Bold dog servants! Put me down Don’t you know who I am? I will kill all of you. Put me down I want to see the Emperor Hurry and put me down I will kill all of you. Kill all of you. Put me down Why didn’t you make him shut up? Dog servants Let me seal his mouth I will kill all of you. Keep yelling I will kill you The Emperor is here! Big Brother,good thing you came. You don’t know it’s so hard to catch him. I used all the skills I have The most hardest way is… Do you know why you are here? Kneel down Your majesty I have done so much for your family I have sold my life to the your Family for decades I’m old now And I want to spend the rest of my life comfortably What’s wrong with that? So what if I was a bit greedy for a little money? Mr. Qian,Mr. Qian You’re finished The Emperor will definitely uphold the law and justice The Emperor is going to handle this personally Let me tell you Alright? Big Brother,this type of person definitely deserves to be killed. Mercy isn’t for him You don’t have a knife? Wait,I will get one for you Prepare a knife! Big Brother. If you release him he’ll run away Uncle Qian As an Emperor If I don’t investigate corruption How can I face my people? Doing things like this What’s wrong about it? Your majesty I admit that I am greedy I am at fault But I’m not the only one Everybody is like that! If I don’t do it They wouldn’t treat me as one of them What happens if one day they frame me? I’m not afraid of death But what will happen to my wife and my child? Your majesty Uncle Qian As long as you cooperate with me and the court And tell me who the corrupt ones are And how they did it I will protect your wife and son. Your majesty I was wrong. I have committed such a big sin! Emperor I was wrong! So very wrong! Emperor! I was wrong! How is it? Replying to Your Majesty Mr. Qian has admitted to everything Who is it? It is It’s prime minister Zhao Fusong Big brother Big brother,you really got guts That Minister Qian is like a tiger And you weren’t scared of him? I’ve known him since I was little He isn’t a bad guy. You really have your ways To make him talk All the things seems to be pointed towards Zhao Fusong Then what should we do now? Think of a way to get those accounting record books Then do we go directly Zhao Pong Song’s house to confiscate it? Zhao Fusong may not keep those accounting books at home If we can’t find it in his house It will be difficult to explain Where is it? Where did it go? Who is it? It’s me! Ming Jing! Wait a minute. What is it? Coming Coming! I’m here It’s so late,what is the matter? Doctor He Ming Jing is begging you Save my lady What are you saying? Get up first After we had gone back that day She refuses to eat Whenever I sneaked food for her in the past She would definitely eat it But now she refuses to eat anything We grew up together We’re like sisters If this goes on I’m worried that Something will happen Please save her.I beg you Does prime minister Zhao Know this? That day He slapped her on the face Now she refuses to see anyone I could only come and beg you If you don’t help I’m not leaving Until you promise me I can go But she isn’t sick Would I be helpful? At least you can visit her As long as you see her,it would be enough Please? Doctor He! Hurry Hurry Wait Come Come on in I’m counting on you Ming Jing told me You won’t speak nor eat And you won’t sleep I’m fine. I’m good. She was making too much of a fuss Nonetheless Let me check There’s no need to take my pulse I already know what illness I have I just miss you too much I think of you when I open my eyes I even think of you when I close my eyes No matter what I do You are all over my head Your smile Your kindness The way you look when you got mad However,you don’t have to be stressed I’ll find a way to forget you You can go now You don’t have to care about me You don’t have any problems Just too weak You will be fine if you eat and sleep on time When my body recovers Will I be able to forget you? I always treated you with a bad attitude I didn’t do it on purpose It was all my fault You are a good girl Didn’t you say that I have an evil heart? And to stay further away from you? That was because I don’t know how to explain it to you Everytime I see you,I feel nervous When I call you crude, I mean you are lively ‘Vicious’ is complimenting your intelligence ‘Stay further away’ It’s because I’m scared I will lose myself You’re lying It’s true In my heart,you are special You are not Prime minister’s daughter But a clever,courageous and independent good girl I know you are trying to comfort me But even if you are I’m happy I’m not pacifying you What I said is all true Since I’m so good Why don’t you like me? I’m already very happy that you came to see me You should go Miss I rushed all the way from the palace to come here Even if you want to drive me away You should give me something to eat In that case I’ll get Ming Jing to bring some food over How boring it would be to eat alone. Why don’t we eat together? That is the last of the accounting record books After we finished this Whoever comes to investigate Will find no evidence! Where is this year’s record book? This year’s? Yeah Here it is All right My Lord Shouldn’t we burn this one too? If I burn this one What would I use to get them to do things? I heard that Minister Qian is being investigated And that many things were uncovered Tomorrow I will take this record book into the palace Let’s see who dares to investigate me Zhao Fusong? That Minister Qian you’re talking about Is a rough guy Very rash Everyone knows what he’s doing A stone head Of course he will be the target Old Master You need to hide this well If anyone discovers it Then everything will be over Yang Zhong Yeah? Thinking back these past 20 years You have done so much for me. It must have been hard on you all these years I’m very grateful for your help I,Yang Zhong will forever remember it Tomorrow,go to the accounting room and draw some money As much as you want Then retire and go home Your rheumatism is still hurt,is it? Spend rest of your life back home And live it comfortably Minister Minister That does not seem good Right now they are checking the accounting records so strictly I should stay here and help you No need It should be my turn to take care of you Yang Zhong Go and get a bucket of water To put out the fire and go back to bed a bit earlier Yes Yang Zhong Don’t blame me You know too much Minister Reporting to the prime minister The Emperor has brought many men and horses with him And is approaching your house Let’s go This way,prime minister So You’ve been getting close to my big Brother Because you wanted to make me jealous Isn’t my acting good? My Lady’s acting skills is excellent! Cheated me into being so confused One instance you would make dinner And the next your would play some music and even feed my brother food Anyone would be suspicious That’s because Ming Jing and I hid in my room And thought for half a day To come up with such a plan Your two are full of tricks Your acting seemed like the real deal. Made me really think that you liked my Big Brother But Big Brother is so nice I will not be surprised if you like him Since I’ve met you the person in my heart has only been you This will never change But what about the person you like? You said that you were childhood friends? What does she look like? How old is she? What is her personality like? This… Do you really like her? Will I never compare to her? Xiang Ning I need to tell you something But you What? I… Xiang Niang It’s Old Master! Hurry and hide! Xiang Niang,what are you doing? Hurry and open the door for your father. Xiang Niang Hurry! Prime minister you go out first yes have you eaten? Yes,I’ve eaten. Xiang Niang Keep this well What is this? I’ll explain it to you after everything is over Just keep it first,now All right Remember you must hide it close to you and never pass it to anybody Remember All right What is this? N-nothing It’s getting late you should get going Bad news! The Emperor has brought a large group of men to search the house the whole house has been surrounded


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