hi we're Joel and Leah and in today's video we are discussing Americans assumptions of British culture now we are joined with three out of five of the dollies we've got you've got your lovely parents here as well who are in our studio audience if you hit him you guys have been wanting us to do a video with Americans for a long time the house things as we talk about America all the time yeah so this is great we're so excited right should we kick off with some oh I would say 100% yeah I love a good lunch I think I feel like lots of Brits skip breakfast I'll wait great yeah I don't like breakfast that much yeah I think they skip breakfast run out the door there's only Londoners get on the tube get to work and have a great love yes it would be between lunch and dinner yeah I would say that what do you prioritize I've preferred lunch but I know the Brits that do love dinner I don't know I really like starving I had no idea that I was a stereotype of people in the UK in like in Spain and France they tend to have bigger breaks at work over lunchtime so I think if France they might have like a two hour lunch break whereas in the UK they might have slightly less but they'll have the two hours at lunch and then they'll stay for longer at work whereas Brits would rather have less time at work go home earlier to avoid people [Laughter] all right so another one we have is that you guys all like to watch soccer and that you don't know much about America [Laughter] Brits are football mad for soccer mad for us yeah and then in terms of American football note because our version of that is rugby which isn't exactly the same so we don't have American football is either soccer or rugby there's no I mean there's tons of Brits that do like religiously like football is a religion in okay ba NFL that's coming to the UK now they've got like London series now Joel and I used to have a little day job working at these events as sort of you know what promo people are just people that sort of stand on the door and take names off and yeah we met cheerleaders we've met NFL players it's hot to hearing that and they were like they briefed us the bosses saying like now this is coming to the UK it's a big deal yet to understand this for Americans this is a big family thing we're in the UK rugby and football tends to be the boys I remember working at the NFL are speaking to one of the cheerleaders of the Dolphins and she knew she knew everything I was quizzing her what was the score today they know everything there like religiously clue – it's definitely American football in soccer but you like soccer don't you yeah here for Manchester United so the queen I think Brits do there are some Brits that hate the royal family and they disagree with one family being really privileged and I think most Brits are really proud of the royal family because it brings lots of people in you save so much tourism so much happiness as well like with all babies royal wedding we love it we only get the cultural thing like I say like the whole like one family and the people who think I don't know I think it's just like yeah England British things know why would we drink tea over the moon second one is do you guys have different size different size I find it so weird that American money's all the same size but also I find it weird that you're still using cash cuz they're just like a cashless society I don't think I haven't touched cash with so long I remember when we were in Texas I was like Jeff contactless and she said well but I said [Laughter] it's not even like your card anymore now it's just all on our phone so not even cards just phone well I carry cards you're very fun very fun yes and is so true I'm carrying 100 quid in my pocket right but what did you mean about like the wallet size and you think we'd have like a big wallet for like the big American wallet you open it and it's like all your money's in the one thing it's like all your money's different size it's probably like my dad has a still a wallet that will have wads of cash encase like yeah we it's all in one we just shove it in or fold it up it's all in one but it's all organized so like the 20s will be next to each other because they're all the same size then the ten then the fives that's how I yeah see people organize that knot but mostly American movies I think that's quite sure I don't think I've ever watched a movie anything like oh this is an Englishman I'm not trying to be like oh yeah they're like separate like English movies that's loads of bad ones a film this is a great British film and TV shows but I think the reason why we watch more American stuff is because just the Hyper's around it more there's more budget there's more money behind American production so it's more exciting Hollywood I think we grew up with more just America for entertainment yeah like not on TV but on films but now with the British film industry is catching up with America a little bit yeah it's just not maybe as much money behind it so it's American funded even if those do you guys just watch American films have you ever watched like a British TV show Harry Potter [Laughter] no we're just listening off the British sounds like it's not banned it's like a like a rap rap group okay and James Corden does a choreo key with them and it is if you guys haven't seen James Corden yeah go check them out they're so funny unless you guys listen to country music I love country I don't I'm not like an expert in it but I do really enjoy the scene two of our friends I like British but they they do like country music and they're obsessed with it they're called war Thomas do you know them no I'm just trying to make that way [Laughter] enough sort of like country music vibes in Texas did we know and we went to Austin and that's like music capital so everyone who fails in Nashville [Laughter] Tennessee genes outside so what do you guys think in general to being in the UK like what's been your overall impression it's like it's a lot like new york city like London is like New York City except prettier not as smelly and the streets are like smaller than they are in New York yeah and there's so many cars going everywhere and then you just kind of like run through them and it's fine because they'll stop you and they'll be polite but cyclists will scream that yeah we almost got rid of a cyclists street and the person said it stopped and screeched and turned sideways [Laughter] yeah there's no like steam coming from walking feel the shake of the underground train no I think the highest earthquake we've ever had like knocked over some garden furniture [Laughter] I'm glad you're enjoying your time in the UK thanks for like dealing with the time difference to be here 7:27 in the morning at home right now and here it's but we're going to do video now over on their channel about the assumptions we have about America so jump over that and check that out and thank you guys so much very fun make sure you subscribe to their channel they are fabulous and you


  1. For everyone asking (I didn't realise it'd trigger so many people 😂) I hate wearing shoes, always have. Any opportunity I have to take my shoes off I will. In school I'd always get in trouble for walking around with no shoes on 😂

  2. I still call soccer , football, and American football “ American football” it annoys my friends…

  3. The family I lived with called “ Dinner “ Tea… is that an actual English thing or was that just a Norwich thing?

  4. Love you guys. Great show. Joel I am not triggered by your bare feet. I slid my shoes off to watch as well…..

  5. I’ve never heard of this family. Do they have their own Reality show? In that case that’s probably why since I don’t watch reality TV.

  6. I love the show Merlin and Office. When I was a kid my favorite show was this Ausie show called around the twist

  7. Most Americans also think that everyone in England speaks Oxford English. They don't realize that the accent/dialect changes roughly every 12 miles. I'm American, and I didn't realize this for YEARS. Love you guys. Keep cranking out those videos! 🙂

  8. Not watched a movie that was English what like Harry Potter, British Baker off, the office, masterchef most popular British TV shows are ripped off by Americans.

  9. Why dont Americans understand that they are the ONLY place in the WORLD that call football soccer. Its cauld football becouse you kick the ball with your foot. I they wonder why we think they are dumb

  10. Assumptions I have of British people. They think/act like they’re smarter then you. They hate Americans. and They’re cold and emotionless

  11. Joel you do you with being comfortable, socks are fine. I watched my first rugby game last weekend, Ireland versus England. I loved figuring out the rules. So surprised no helmets or body protection. Other than the concern for their safety, I enjoyed the game of rugby. Question, what happened to the Chatty Man show? I like Alan's humor. I watched him on YouTube.

  12. On a scale of 1 to American, how American are you. HaHaHa. I would probably say that on that scale I'm between oversized portions and handguns.

  13. I feel like brits loving the royal family is an assumption depending on the class of people, I know the majority of middle class families really aren’t interested in the royal family, a lot of Americans seem to care more about them than British people do including me 😂

  14. I think our Baseball fan base is a better comparison to British football fan base. Also, IMO, the BBC tv shows are way better than American tv. 😊

  15. I came of age listening to Ralph McTell's "Streets of London". Frankly, it sounds really standoffish and less than friendly. I don't think my friendly Texas personality would make a good fit.

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