💸 I AM Affirmations For Wealth, Health, Prosperity & Happiness LOA (1000+ Wealth Affirmations) 📺


  1. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou yes God help this world abundance everyday heaven on earth from Kenya love

  2. I am receiving now I am what God is for my life in Jesus name Father, Thank for this word Amen

  3. I am now the latest million in town, i believe that i am already blessed, just waiting for the manifestation in Jesus name 🙏

  4. I am rich I am wealthy I am open to receiving big millions billions of pounds from the universe I love the universe the universe loves me.I.am seeing the wealth that is coming to me I am loved by the universe the universe is giving me unlimited amount of money everyday coming to me and my husband and family from variety of sources I am positive in riches wealth and prosperity and health in my life more and more daily am am truly blessed I am a winner a big money winner every dayi love money every day am become wealthier money comes to.me easier and effortlessly am free and prosperous I am worthy of receiving I am open to receiving from the universe

  5. I Am Committed to Execute And Finish my Dreams and Big Goals 😍 Finish My Book published
    As A New York Times Best Seller Authour #2019
    I Am RICH and Elegant Lady 👠 Millionaire Chic and Savvy.
    Thanks Universe ❤️❤️

  6. Today I feel that is my dream come true 40 trillions dollars and happy and healthy and I married my dream girl I am so happy in my life I am now believe law of attraction trueliy love unvirese a and god

  7. I am a money magnet, unexpected money come to me, want to be a multi billionaire, money come to me and believed

  8. This is all well and good if you have money, been trying it – BUT – how can you convince yourself you're wealthy if you spend 90% of the time stressed because you literally can't pay the bills is beyond me…!!!

  9. Thank you father god and universe for blessing me today all my disired come true wishing wealth success financial abundance,money comes to me easyly.love happiness joy..pls allow my self to be able wealthy

  10. I am so grateful for Wolrd King. There is no ad in the video and I can concentrate listening to it. I also have great progress of my income. In my experience, I allow myself to accept wealth without hesitation so I found more opportunities to invest. I am still learning LOA and I like World King style. Thank you for your generosity to share your knolwedge. Wish you the best and blessings from Taiwan. 😊

  11. What is up with all the half naked women? Can't a woman be a millionaire? This video seems dedicated to men… just saying.

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