🔥 Reviewing MOST HYPED & POPULAR Skincare Products: Klairs, Fresh, First Aid Beauty & More! (Pt. 3)

Part… Haha, your big shoulders! Part 3: Most hyped products! Hey guys, welcome back. It’s Felicia and Rowena And today we’re gonna do part 3 of most hyped products review. Can you believe we’ve already had three episodes of like five to ten product brands? And as you can see, today is no less just as exciting. Today, we’ll be covering First Aid Beauty, Indie Lee, Good Molecules, Paula’s Choice, Klairs and Wishtrend. and of course Fresh. Because we have so much, shall we just get into it? Let’s just get into it. Alright As always, let’s start in the order of the skincare routine. So starting with cleansers. Cleansers! So they actually have a bunch of different cleansers And actually, the first product that I ever used from First Aid Beauty was four years ago Distinctly I remember ’cause it was when I first moved to New York. So one thing I want to first mention about First Aid Beauty is that it’s so sensitive skin friendly. Yeah, like the whole range and I think it says it in the name like first aid, it’s like to help and resuscitate your skin. It kind of like spreads that throughout all their products. This is just their other one, which is a pure skin face cleanser. So with the cleansers, they’re all very lightweight but it foams really nicely even for dry skin. This one’s kind of like pearly, I would say. All of the consistencies of the cleansers are very user friendly. It’s not too goopy. It’s not too drippy where it goes everywhere as well. So it’s a nice whipped texture and in terms of ingredients, it’s got aloe, as well as allantoin and glycerin which helps to hydrate and smooth the skin’s appearance. So all these ingredients are full hydrating, but also helping to soothe any sort of inflammation you might have on the skin, but also just like replenish those dry areas as well. Especially if you’re combo (skin type) and you find some of the areas are a little bit flaky, some are dry, I feel like these cleansers are really good for helping you balance that because it is so like nourishing and moisturizing. Moving on, the Ultra Repair Cream, intense hydration. So this can be used both on your body on your face. I think it’s probably even for someone who has really dry skin, it’s probably too rich for my face. Woah, it looks so thick. It’s whipped like super whipped. Yeah, so in here there is Colloidal Oatmeal, Shea butter, Allantoin, as well as Ceramides, which is super super nourishing and super hydrating. The thing is, if you don’t have really dry, or sensitive or eczema prone skin, you probably don’t need this. Too much for the face, but for the body maybe? Yeah. But actually one of those, two of those ingredients, I specifically love which is the Colloidal Oatmeal, which is a FDA approved ingredient, great for inflammation, rashes, anything where you need to repair your skin barrier. And then Ceramides are naturally occurring on our skin. It’s part of our skin barrier as well. It’s like what keeps our skin safe and protected from harms. So this is actually very nourishing. I do use it all over. Oh, yeah, when I do. But the thing is, for me to use something like this I’d probably use the whole tub within a few days. What?! My skin just absorb all moisturizers so quickly. Oh my god. Okay, moving on to the Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer. This was what I use every single day and night this winter. Yeah, I love it. Both of us do. It is so good. Oily, combination, dehydrated. It’s just so lightweight and it just sinks into the skin. I think it’s like a perfect day moisturizer because it’s so fast absorbing and like I love it. It’s so good. Like, you know how some moisturizers there’s like you got to work it in. This one just kind of glides all over the face. So it’s very nice to spread around and it just feels nice and by like after 20 seconds It’s already kind of like absorbed. So again, First Aid Beauty, very reliable. (Fel: Yeah!) And what’s interesting is that, for the ingredients you’ll see a lot of very similar ingredients spread out throughout the whole range But just to different proportions So this one was super thick because it had shea butter This one also has shea butter but to a much less amount and so it’s very lightweight Does not clogged pores so this is yeah, our favorite. And then there’s also… This is my favorite eye cream of all time. I haven’t been using it because she was testing it Yeah, and I’m kind of sad, but I’m excited to get it back. But why? First, talking about like the texture and the consistency Sometimes there’s eye serums (and) there’s eye creams, and then you go on and it just doesn’t absorb into your skin But I just feel like this one just, you put it on, you spread it, and you’re good to go (Fel: Hydrates it) You put it on and you forget about it in the best way possible. As in, you don’t feel it. It’s not there. It doesn’t cake and it doesn’t sting. Those are good. There’s retinol and there’s triple hyaluronic acid. So it’s super hydrating and then it’s also helping (to) renew the skin around your eyes~ Okay, but I want to mention here, guys. If you guys–like this eye cream is formulated with retinol in mind, right? This doesn’t mean that you get your retinol product and apply it to your eye area You will flake like no tomorrow. Only get eye creams that already have it. Don’t make your own concoction. Just side note. As great as this is, it’s actually $42 (USD) Okay, eye creams in general are a little bit. No not a little bit They’re actually quite expensive for the amount that you get. But I guess if you find one that works and that you really like… Generally, I would not spend $42 on an eye cream, but I would for this. Okay, there you go. (Ro: Exception) Yeah, if you want to know more about eye circles, puffiness, darkness. We have a whole video about eye cream so go there (and check it out!). We explain why, maybe, you don’t have to spend on eye creams. But if you find one that you like then go ahead and buy that. Moving on to oil! This Ultra Repair Cannabis and Oat Dry Oil. So again, we have the oats. So this is just a very no-frills, very light, very quick absorbing (oil) and I pair it with a moisturizer in winter. Great for you, with combo, oily… as well as dry, obviously and it won’t kind of sit on top. Yeah Yeah So that’s what dry oils kind of (do). So the cannabis sativa seed oil is an emollient oil that’s derived from hemp. And hemp is one of those very calming and soothing plant based ingredients that’s rich in omega fatty acids. I think it’s actually interesting just to bring up real quick that skin care also goes through phases of hyped ingredients. Like Sativa hemp starting to blow up everywhere. And I remember doing research when I was younger because I have eczema. And hemp, hemp oil & hemp lotions are actually really calming for your body, which is why I think they mix it with oats. Oats for everything! I mean, (for) oats, if you strip it down from any like, product, if you just soak oats in water and apply that to the skin That’s also…yeah. That’s like an age-old remedy and that’s kind of where it comes from. So with this oil, I would say it’s great for sensitive skin. It gets the job done, but it’s— Like, did it blow your mind? Yeah. Alright! We’re moving on to a fun jelly mask. So this is the Ginger and Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask. So I’ve used this twice and I actually… I thought it was gimmicky because it has jelly in it, and I’m like but I actually really love it! <3 And... Okay. So first of all, I looove my turmeric everyday. I have (this) turmeric drink, right. With some pepper and some honey But turmeric is good for brightening. Turmeric has a bunch of antioxidants anti-inflammatory (and) anti-anything! It's one of the best ingredients you can ever find in the world! Like, to eat but also (to) apply topically and... Vitamin C, obviously, is another brightening (ingredient). What's the other one? Ginger! I've never applied ginger as an ingredient onto my face. Yeah, so I found that when I first applied it after the shower, it was actually tingling. Like you know when you use an AHA, there's slight tingling I was like, "wow, I didn't expect this to happen!" I thought it would just be like, jelly on the face. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the vitamin C. And it is a brightening mask, and I think afterwards, it (Fel's skin) was nourished! But also brightened! Because there was this cooling feeling. So maybe the cooling effect had something to do with, you know, brightening the skin but I actually really enjoyed it. I think especially for someone this would be really fun to use. Next, The Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm. I don't know if it's because it was winter and my lips are just peeling. Whenever I use this, the next day, my lips would peel. But I can just exfoliate. I just use my toothbrush and brush my lips and then it'll come off. Did that happen to you? --Okay. Why I don't like this... (is because) it's too thick. Like, if my lips were dry and chapped, I kind of feel like it's suffocating it, but not in a good way. I always feel like I'm trying to rub a candle under my lip. So maybe this is again for like, extra parched lips, which mine are during the winter. But then again, it just heals the next day. So if you like things light-light, this does not lie. Last! Primers! Primers! They have so many primers! They do. They actually have a lot. Yeah! They have...like an oil-free (primer) as in like, helping with pores and oiliness. And then they also have like a brightening one and these are the two moisturizing ones. So this is the Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. I use this as a moisturizer and I actually really love the smell. Smell it. It's like, this light coconut-y... Oh! Is there color? It's pearlescent. Yeah, so it really helps to create that kind of healthy glow if you're just using it as a moisturizer I really love the consistency. It's very lightweight and very spreadable. Oh, it's kind of thick. There's a bit of resistance. And then there's this one! Which is also a primer, but this is the hyaluronic (acid) hydrating one. So this is full on just like, I think it's lighter. Oh it is! But they're very similar consistencies. Yeah, especially because I think these are both the moisturizing ones I just use this as a moisturizer and primer in one, and then I just apply my foundation on top. I actually like this one more, because it gives that brightening... BINGG~~! Yeah, like you can wear it on its own and it'll be kind of like an illuminator. Yeah, and if it's under makeup, it also makes the makeup or foundation look really nice and radiant So I would pick this one (Coconut primer) over this one (Hyualuronic primer). Okay! Move on! Next, we have Indie Lee, which is probably one of my favorite clean beauty brands and skincare brands Let me tell a quick story about the founder. She used to grow her own produce. It was all organic, all natural. Like, you know as good as...as best as it can (be). Yeah, she was actually diagnosed with the rare form of brain cancer and was told she only has six months to live. Fel: Oh my gosh Ro: But she defeated all odds and came out of it alive and the surgery went well. And she made it her life's mission to create like sustainable, clean skincare. Because she realized that, it's not just about the foods you've put in your stomach (but) it's also about the things you put on your body. Yeah! Because our bodies absorb everything that we put on, right? It is also an organ. So it is just as important as what we eat. So that's actually a great message for the entire brand and I think it reflects (Ro: It doess!) because... we love this (cleanser). Let's start with the cleanser! This is that purifying face wash that clarifies and calms. There's actually two different ones. There's like a brightening one. But I think I'm madly in love with this cleanser because of the way it feels on the skin! It feels so nice~~ Yeah! It's just the texture's like this light jelly (consistency) but it smells really refreshing And it doesn't really froth cause there's no ingredients in there that'll make it foam and froth (Fel: yeah) But then, it's so hydrating. Yeah! It's just like this really soft and like goopy, but in a good way cleanser that when you add water to it, it just feels luscious! There's Java plum which has 55% more vitamin C than Florida oranges. So particular! There's also oranges and lavender extracts which helps soothe the skin while dissolving excess sebum. And there's also cloves, burdock, and mandarin to promote cleaner & brighter complexion. So, the moral of this story is that it works for all skin types (Ro: Yess) It's the most pleasant cleanser you'll ever use, trust us. So moving on to their toners: They have the CoQ-10 toner, but then they also have like, on days that I don't use this (the toner), I exfoliate with the pads. This also came in a bigger bottle similar to the cleanser but she left hers in Australia and mine broke upon shipment. So I have one that I got from Follain. And in terms of scent, it also smells very similar. It's got sage... It's very refreshing Chamomile, CoQ-10... those are just offered. And CoQ-10 is high in antioxidants or it is an antioxidant (it's the latter). Yep, so refresh! Wowww! (Fel: It iss!) (For) the ingredient list, there really isn't anything in there that you don't need. It's such a short ingredient list. First is water and then aloe and then CoQ-10 hyaluronic acid and so, all of these... the most important ingredients are really high on the list. So it's very hydrating and very calming. I actually really like exfoliating pads because I feel like it's a gentle chemical exfoliator but it's also giving that physical exfoliation by using it on a cotton pad. So this one isn't like those crazy chemical exfoliating saturated pads It doesn't burn or anything. It's actually very calming and it just helps to clarify your skin, strip off all the dead skin that could be causing breakouts and you use this two to three times a week. So I quite enjoy these (exfoliating cotton pads). The thing is, as with anything that has chemical exfoliants... do avoid your eye area and your lip, which (are) very very sensitive. (Fel: Yeah) Okay, so then they have two sorts of oils. They actually have a couple more but we have the squalane (oil) and Daily vitamin infusion (oil). Actually, I really like using this at night with a moisturizer, surprisingly. At first, I didn't know what the deal was. I was like, "is this an oil? Is this to be used by itself?" But actually, it's once again, like a multi purpose (oil). You can use it by itself. You can use it under moisturizing, You can use it together with your moisturizer, and I found that in the winter especially when I wanted to give my moisturizers a boost. I actually really liked this! It's not as greasy as adding in an actual facial oil, I found. It was much lighter. For me, I think like... Unless something is super hydrating or if something makes my skin very... like, it makes it brighter The results for this, is that it's just super hydrating and nourishing And that's why I like it. For days that I feel extra dehydrated and parched, I would go for that. So I would say these (oils) kind of do the same thing. Then the eye cream. I think it's just okay, but Felicia really likes it. It's so light! It's probably one of the lightest eye creams I've ever used! Ro: I think for me. It's too light. But it like just glides over and I feel like " oh, yeah!" Ro: I like the thicker (consistency) ones. And I think this all comes down to personal preference. I wouldn't say it's brightening. It just hydrates. So that's Indie Lee! Now moving on to a relatively newcomer on the block. It's Good Molecules and here we have seven of their products. I would say that very similar to The Ordinary in that it's very simple. And it's like, "what you see is what you get" and also very affordable. So what we have here is two types of oils and then we have (Ro: a bunch of serums) Fel: Five serums. Yeah. So there's a Super Peptide Serum, Niacinamide (serum)... There's a hyaluronic acid (serum) There's a Wake Up Eyes Serum and there is an overnight exfoliating treatment with 10% AHA and BHA. The niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and the overnight exfoliating treatment are probably my top three picks out of the serums. Well, mine's like this: So it's very similar. (Fel: Okay.) So this one that we cast out is the Wake Up Eyes Serum. This has caffeine (and) pumpkin extract, to brighten, to firm and depuff. I just personally don't like (Ro: caffeine) It (the consistency)'s like, way too goopy for my eye. Let's talk about the overnight exfoliating treatment. So this has 10% AHA and BHA to resurface and renew (the skin). So it's an overnight chemical exfoliating serum. I accidentally used it two nights in a row It's recommended to use three days a week. So the second night I used it... it stung a little for the first one minute and a half and then I was like, "okay, is this gonna go away? If you don't go away, I need to wash you off" and then it went away (Fel: Okay) It was like a very slight tingling. You know when anything tingles on your skin you're like: "What is happening? Why are you tingling?" Yeah, I think the very first time I used it I did have a little bit of tingling and then the because I used this like three times in one week By the end it was just like putting on nothing (Ro: yeah) You couldn't feel it And I think this would be really good for you guys who are trying to start out in chemical exfoliation. This is six dollars. (Fel: Yeah!) One thing that I actually love about all of these serums is how goopy it is! I like the goopy texture, but it's not sticky. It's thick but then it's not sticky. Like personally, I would I want to use this (The Good Molecules) over The Ordinary. All of them can be mixed. You can make your (own) concoction of it because this is just Niacinamide which goes very well with chemical exfoliators but also the peptides The tripeptides also mix well to create like, This is kind of just one product if you want it (Ro: Yeah) Like a whole booster shot So those are our thoughts on the serums And then~~! Oh my gosh~! They have two oils. One is the Squalane and then the other is the Ultra Hydrating Facial Oil First of all, how cute is this? So cute! And the mini dropper! Look at how (Fel is totally gushing) This is like... I have small hands to begin with and this is just like It's just SO CUTE! When I opened it out of the box because it was the same height as this (Ro: Yeah!) So the squalane is the clear and then the ultra hydrating facial is the yellow (color). Ultra hydrating facial (serum is) Definitely more ultra hydrating. It's thicker. I like the ultra hydrating facial oil more because I think it has more ingredients that I like. Whereas (for) the squalane, I don't feel I would reach for. So the thing is, for a product being this small of a bottle (it's) $8 (or) $10. if it goes to be like a regular sized product, it's gonna be pretty expensive. So I think with all of this (It's) similar to everything we've said about The Ordinary, comparing their Marula Oil to Drunk Elephant's... These are all very great introductory products if you want to start using niacinamide. If you want to see how your skin reacts to hyaluronic acid, squalane... like these different types of oils and serums. It's a good start. And you can actually get all of this for $56. (Fel: Wow!) That's pretty good. Moving on to Paula's Choice. There's a lot of products on here We're not gonna talk about every single one of them, but we just want to share with you guys what's the most helpful thing with Paula's Choice. It's no frills You get what you are going to get and there's a lot of options for different skin types. And on the bottles it says like this light blue one is for normal and oily combination (skin type). The dark blue is for normal to dry (skin type). The color specifies what sort of skin type you fall under. So for the black ones It's problematic, acne-prone, oil controlling breakouts and then they also have a calm line for the white packaging. Their retinol is purple (Ro: Anti-aging...) Anti-aging is also another shade of purple But we're just going to mention the ones that we've used because there's a lot more. And there are boosters. And there... Yes! (Ro: Of any type) Looove the boosters. Let's start with the most popular (products) actually I think Paula's Choice, before they kind of rebranded to all this, their 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant with the salicylic acid was one of the like, holy grails of Paula's Choice products because it is so good as a toner, to help with pore minimizing, controlling oil and controlling breakouts. I like to put it on at night because in the morning I don't want it to like, irritate my skin if I'm outside. Ro: Too much exfoliation Fel: Whenever my skin is feeling congested, (has) hormonal breakouts, anything that sort of like, (makes me think): "oh my god, what is happening?!" I'll go in with a cotton pad after cleansing and just apply this. We spread a bunch out to our other team members as well and all of the ones who break out love this (exfoliant). So (I) highly recommend. And we only recently found out that they also have If you have sensitive skin and you're scared to use something Like 2% BHA. They have a calm one which has 1% BHA chemical exfoliant It's also got the oat bran extract, which is for soothing. So this is kind of like, the heavy duty and then this is for sensitive skin that also breaks out and then this Gentle Touch Makeup Remover, this is actually my favorite. (Fel: So good) One of my favorites from the line. Yeah, it's so good. It takes off the stubbornness of eye makeup. So what I do is: I'll use this first to take off my eye makeup and then oil cleanse the rest of my face and then wash it again if need be. And you know why it's so good for all skin types? (It's) because it's got aloe and green tea, which is very high up on the ingredient list So it's very calming. I used to use a lot of those Clinique Like, oil and water (Ro: Yeah!) And it just leaves this weird film of oil on my face So I didn't use it for the longest time. This is not oily after (cleansing). Yeah, it's really good! Next there's this Antioxidant Pore Purifier with Salicylic Acid or BHA and White tea. I really like this and it actually does "minimize" and unclog my pores. And when it says like minimize, it just means it helps control anything that's actually in the pores, that's making it look big. And it's gentle enough for you to be able to use once or twice daily And what I do, I don't put this all over my face. I just put it around my congested areas which is like my nose. Yeah, I use this as a serum basically. Oh yeah x3 After toning, moisturizing after. so the boosters just mean... basically you can boost any product you have or you can use it by itself. So like, if you want more hydration you can add this into a moisturizer. You can add it into your serum. The retinol I really love. It's one percent retinol. It's actually quite strong. I use it with a moisturizer And you just pump it. It's so cute and travel friendly. (Fel: Yeah! And light!) These are also boosters, but they just come in a different form. I use these two the most every week. (For) Niacinamide, I add into my moisturizer every single day. Day and night. (I) really like it. And then I use this (retinol) two or three times a week. one pump. It's already enough for retinol. Because one percent is actually already quite enough. Before I started using Good Molecules niacinamide (serum), That's what I use now,. The niacinamide (serum) from Paula's Choice is actually liquidy and the color's more yellow. So I was using the niacinamide (serum) with the hyaluronic acid (serum) with the vitamin C (liquid serum) or this vitamin C (cream serum). For these two, the difference is one is 15% vitamin C with vitamin E and this one is 25% vitamin C. And the cool thing about this is, I've never really seen vitamin C come in this form or this texture. It's like a cream. So you just spot treat it over hyperpigmentation or like brightening. And always, always, always use sunscreen It's very matte. (Fel: It is!) It's like mousse-y. (Ro: Yeah!) If you guys suffer from post acne hyperpigmentation, or just any sort of discoloration on the skin, These are your best friends. Niacinamide (Ro: How about this one?) Vitamin C, Azelaic acid. So this is 10% (Azelaic acid) with licorice and also salicylic acid. So if you have acne prone problematic oily skin (I) highly recommend this Azelaic acid for helping to lighten and brighten and remove any scarring. This is your best friend. This is really good. Fun fact! We actually go on Paula's Choice a lot when we look up ingredients for our video. They have a whole database of ingredients as well as kind of mythbusting. They have articles that are actually very well formed and put together, very easy to understand so if you guys have any questions, you can just type it in to find out. Next, moving on to our Korean skincare brand for this video. It's by Wishtrend and also Klairs. We grouped them together. I think they're the same family like they're different brands, but they're very similar. So first starting off with cleanser. I talked about this in the previous video actually. This is the Green tea and Enzyme Powder Wash. (It's) very similar to the Japanese Suisai, Tatcha, Dermalogica, Yeah, it's basically a powder face wash that you add with water that just gently kind of... It doesn't foam but It's just very kind of gently exfoliating. Like I really love this because, one: you can smell the green tea extract powder but it's also got baking soda in there. Baking soda is one of those really gentle ingredients that you can actually use on your face. So that coupled with the green tea, which is high in anti-inflammatory (and) high in antioxidants. It's just a really pleasant way to wash your face at the end of the day. But I love anything green tea. For the week I did a green tea mask with honey and I felt like my face was sooo nourished and so clear. This was when I was back home (in Australia). So yeah, this one's great for all skin types. Sensitive, oily, dry... It leaves a nice feeling on the face. And then (for) the Mandelic acid, this is their 5% Skin Prep Water and it removes dead skin, smoothes dull rough skin I feel like this is very gentle It's a very gentle way of removing that glue that sticks dead skin together and it doesn't tingle like, maybe Glycolic acids do. So I feel like Mandelic and Lactic acids, out of the chemical exfoliates, are the most gentle It's also brightening because it does shed your skin very Slowly and gently. Next, TECA 1% Barrier Cream or T.E.C.A. I love-- this is probably my favorite this and this out of their line because they have a lot of products. But I had this weird itchy rash Just around my eyelid for about a week. It was cracking even and what you do with this-- why it's so small is because you put it over problematic areas (Ro: spot treatment) Yeah. Or if you have a patch of just dry skin, this helps to rebuild your broken skin barrier or you react really badly I feel like, this! You would jump straight to this if you had any sort of reaction But then you wouldn't put this all over your face (Fel: No, no) Spot treatment. (Fel: Yeah) And then going to the Midnight Blue Calming Cream So a lot of you guys are like, "how do I use this?" "I have the same question! How do you use this?" It's just a cream. So what this does is actually it's not a moisturizing cream. And it's also got the (Ro: Centella~) Centella, centellaaa! We love it <3 It's also good for after sun, sun care 🙂 Yeah, like you know how you use aloe vera when you get burnt and because your skin is so sensitive This cream, for any of those issues, you can go to it. And then this is the Klair Soft Air UV Essence Everyday Sun Protector There's SPF 50. I think, as of most Korean sunscreen formulations, I like the consistency of it. It's like lightweight (Ro: Yeah, it's super lightweight and...bing!) Oh yeah! All of them are so similar! (Ro: super lightweight) The texture is lighter than the Krave Beauty (Beet the Shield). It's airy! It really is airy! It's like you just put it on and then it just absorbs so quickly. (Fel: Yeaah! Woow!) This is a chemical sunscreen because if it doesn't say mineral, it's a chemical sunscreen which means it doesn't have sort of pasty white aftermath (white cast). Oh, it's not greasy either! (Ro: It's not greasy at all) Wow! It's almost like a moisturizer (Ro: Yeah!) Bing! (Ro: Yaaayy~) Last, but not least! We have the freshest! Fresh! So here we have two products. What I really appreciate about the brand is that they actually like scour the depths of the earth (to find) the finest clay or the finest rose or the finest ingredients in general So the toner I think we've talked enough about this toner in all of our videos we just did like a pretty in-depth review with team Beauty Within for the affordable dupes (video) for dry skin where we compare this rose water toner with a lot of different rose toners and this is still quite supreme (Fel: Still the one!) Yeah, there's three different types of rose. There's rose extract, there's actual roses, rose water, there's rose essential oil. It's so beautiful and it's sooo hydrating. And then there is this Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. So the thing with Fresh I like (is) that they're masks you just put on for 5 to 10 minutes. You don't need to leave it on for like an extended period of time and it just does what it's supposed to. This, I got a sample of at Sephora and I pulled the trigger and got this for $92. It's instant perfecting. So what it does actually is instant perfecting. There is kombucha, black tea extract, blackberry leaf extract, lychee seed extract which all helps to improve skin elasticity, and for me when I use it my skin just feels instantly brighter and so ~bing bing~ and so nice. I just want to go home and slather my body with this~ Actually, masking is very therapeutic. (Ro: It is~ Yeah.) So that concludes our six branded hyped (products review part) 3 video! If you guys haven't seen the previous two, we talked about a lot of the other really popular and like hype, right! Because we don't know if it's actually worth our money which is why we decided to start this series in the first place and none of this is sponsored by the way. We just have a lot of products 🙂 And we just want to show you what's out there and what's worth the money or that we really like. But, also keep in mind like, with, you know, our last So Fresh Brand that even though there is fragrance-free or non comedogenic, you do just have to try it yourselves if you're curious. Like, if you're curious, just go to Sephora or Ulta, buy it, and if it doesn't work, return it. But if you have seen our previous two (parts), there's also our Skincare basics 101 (series) where we go through alll~ the steps of a skincare routine, which we're just going to add more to and eventually, to other topics as well. So leave any suggestions in the comments below and we'll see you in the next video. Byee~


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    Edit: I would also add that “clean” beauty is just a marketing gimmick. It implies other products that use non-sensitizing, highly studied and widely used are somehow “dirty”. ~Natural Beauty~ actually often have many, many more chemicals that can irritate your skin and cause harm because they contain like a million chemicals & they aren’t isolated like scientifically backed/created ingredients.

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