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Hello! My name is Roman Tsibulsky.
Here you can find a tremendous range of equipment for pharmaceuticals production.
If you don’t have enough time to explore all descriptions or you didn’t find the
required equipment. The simplest way to find what you need is to get in touch
with me by telephone. Filed your application and explained your needs. I
will do my best to find an option that fits you. The side has two versions
Russian and English. However equipment prices are the same in both versions. The
prices and the catalog are displayed without the cost of delivery and customs
duties in Russia to obtain full cost of the chosen equipment. Please send your
application to me and I will forward the detailed price to you. When you send your
letter to the state of email address I will be the person to receive it. My assistance only deal with transaction support.
I personally discuss your needs with you and help you choose the right equipment.
I’m engaged in supplying pharmaceutical equipment from China, India, South Korea
and Taiwan to Russia and other countries. Every year I visit pharmaceutical
exhibitions where I select the most reliable partners for equipment supplies.
Very often my clients wonder why prices for certain equipment items in my
catalogue and prices for the same equipment they find in China a different.
Let me reveal the secret to you. The case is that manufacturers copy the equipment
models from each other. However the quality of this equipment may differ
dramatically. It is my policy to cooperate only with
reliable suppliers who provide spare parts when necessary and have certain
equipment models in stock at any time. Please be a word that I will not be able
to supply spare parts for cheap and troubled equipment. Bought from
disreputable suppliers. The best way to avoid problems is to choose a reputable
and reliable partner. Who will ensure smooth supplies of spare parts and
consumables. Equipment manufacturers constantly improve their quality level.
So before you make your choice it is worth discussing everything in detail
with a reliable supplier. I am online 24/7 and will be happy to answer your
questions and give you every possible advice. Hello! My name is Roman Tsibulsky. I’m the founder and the owner of pharmaceutical equipment catalogue
MiniPress.ru. For the last 17 years I’ve been making sure that our clients
make the right choice, get everything delivered in time and have no problems with customs clearance. Every year I participate in pharmaceutical equipment
expositions worldwide in order to pick new better quality models to include in my catalogue.In my catalogue you can find tablet press machines, blister
packaging machines, coating machines, packaging and production equipment, a wide range of laboratory machines as well as compact desktop units to start your
pharmaceutical business. In any case if you don’t come across what you are looking for, just let me know and I’ll help you find the best options. I provide my clients not only with information about equipment but also about different technologies. I’m really good at that as I have a great deal of my own and my clients experience here. In my catalogue you’ll find different types of equipment
from China, India, Taiwan, Korea and Europe. My team will assist you in choosing the right model, purchasing it, getting it delivered and customs clearing of
any equipment to Russia. You can contact me every day either by telephone, skype
or email. I am here to help you choose any pharmaceutical equipment
making use of all my experience and knowledge. I’ll be
happy to see you among my clients.

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