hey guys what’s up it’s Laci and today I
am gonna be destroying my rental kitchen we’re actually gonna be testing out all
these products that claim that their renter friendly so I’m risking my
security deposit and let’s just see if all these products that I used in my
kitchen are renter friendly we’re gonna we’re gonna take em out and see if they
destroyed my walls my cabinets my countertops my appliances we’re gonna
get in there and see let’s just let’s just see the damage. If you guys want to
see how I completely transformed my rental kitchen I’m gonna have a link below and
I’ll also list a card here so you can click on my playlist of all my renter
friendly hacks and if you’re not subscribed I would love it if you would
subscribe to my channel I post a lot of DIY’s and room makeovers and for 2018
I have so many big plans you guys I’m so excited but and there’s gonna be a lot
of changes too so stay tuned to the end of the video to see what the changes are! So the
first thing that I went to remove was the faux cabinets and let me tell you
guys this stuff came off super easy most of the product came off just in one
piece so it was really easy to remove it’s something that makes such a big
difference and it left no sticky residue on my cabinets which made me super happy.
The next thing that I removed was the stainless steel and let me tell you guys
you have to use heat to remove this because if not it’s gonna be really hard
to remove and this stuff is so thick that when you pull it apart it’s like
you have to pull the whole thing in one piece which is nice because you don’t
have to sit there and pick and pry it like a million different pieces is not
going to split and and any different pieces that you have to pick off so it’s
really nice that it’s thick that you could just like pull it all but you will
need a blow dryer to remove it it just kind of loosens up the glue I like the
adhesive and this stuff is awesome you just pull it off it comes off in one
piece and there is no sticky residue left behind. For my oven, I did put
the lock on the oven because as you pull it you know you can’t be having your
oven open every time you pull, there was no sticky residue left on my
dishwasher, my stove, or my refrigerator it was really easy just one swipe and
it was done so that was really nice this is a really great product I highly
recommend it and now for the wall tiles this is the product that I was most
worried about I was afraid that this was just gonna completely destroy my walls
just because of the prior product I was told that it wasn’t rental friendly this
is a different brand I was told by the company that you have to use heat to
remove these so I used my blow dryer and I went in sections and when I pulled it
off there was some paint that got left behind that was on the back of the tiles
and I’ll tell you what I think happened. I think that these are renter friendly
and I think the only reason why the paint got lifted up was because prior to
me moving in here they paint the apartments so you’re supposed to wait
technically like two weeks to four weeks for paints had completely dried. I don’t
think that the walls were like completely dry I mean they were like
dry to the touch but still it’s I could just tell that when I was taking the
tiles off a lot of paint was coming off and it was like goopy paint but all in
all I think that the tiles are wonderful I would totally use them again I have
nothing against them I just think that I should have waited a little bit longer
to install them because the fact that I put them in so quickly after I moved in
and a lot of the paint wasn’t already dry that’s why I was taking some of the
paint off but all in all these exceeded my expectations I thought they were
gonna completely destroy my walls and all they did was just take off the tiny
bit of paint in some spots which is totally ok I could just patch it up with
some more paint but it’s not awful I mean just a couple spots where they
looked about the paint other than that it worked out great I was super happy with how the
countertops removed once again you have to use a blow dryer or some form of heat
to get these really hot and then they just like slide off it’s pretty cool
actually and I just worked in sections because it
was much easier that way then trying to rip the entire countertop piece off of
my counter there was literally no sticky residue left on my countertops either
and this before and afters a little bit different because here’s the before
where I think I did a really good job updating it and then here’s the after
where I just put it back to how it was when I moved in thank you guys so much
for watching I hope that this inspires you and give you a little bit of faith
in some companies that you can actually trust and products that you can use in
your rental kitchen to make it look nice on a budget and you guys may be
wondering like “Laci why are you destroying your kitchen, why are you
doing all this?” Well you guys remember Brandon right? “let’s just put this in the
hallway to keep it extended” Well, there’s gonna be a lot more bloopers where that came from We’re moving in!


  1. Yay! So happy for you, all three of you look so happy in the end! Also, I’m going to try the backsplash in my house now!

  2. I have a tiny house kitchen in my tiny condo. I'm not sure if I should do a total rehab or find a different way to configure it with the cabinets I have. I was wondering if I video taped it as a YT video if you could give me some ideas?

  3. I think an option could be use the paper you use on the cabinets put on the wall and then put the tiles and you can remove it easily.

  4. I would the the property owner would appreciate you leaving it more beautiful! How long in all would you say everything was on there? Just curious. Can't wait to see the next adventure!

  5. I wonder if you could have just turned the oven on if the warmth from that would have been enough to remove the stuff? I have enjoyed watching these videos:) I’ve been subscribed for 8 years 😱

  6. Oh my goodness. I've just found you on YouTube. I so wish I hadn't. Your going to give me many ideas and make me spend lol. Looking forward to binge watching 😁

  7. Laci wanted to let you know I was setting up 2 giveaways on the Riviera White Cream Premium Countertop Film, if you can email me……….

  8. That made me sad. Except for the very end. Congrats! I wish you all the happiness in the universe! 😄💞

  9. I was so nervous that you going to say that you and Brandon broke up…. I was like wait I just start watching your videos lol..

  10. Thank you so much for this video! I have been looking for rental solutions but was scared to do anything because no one had any videos about removal or how well they were removed, so I'm so happy to see this video!

  11. this seems like it kept the counters, cabinets, etc clean too! peeling off vs cleaning… I'll take peeling off any day. lol

  12. I'm moving into a new apartment.. I'm def going to be giving this a try!How much time should I wait for paint to dry since they do have to paint before move in!

  13. The Landlord should've Paid You to keep it updated (Kitchens and baths bring in more $) lol …You did a great job!

  14. How long did you rent the apartment? How long was the contact paper was up on cabinets and counters? I am thinking of doing this, my apartment kitchen so ugly!!!! Wonder if it is safe for wood cabinets.

  15. Re: the wall tiles, I used them in my last place and the paint had cured a few months by the time I applied them. They still took off patches of paint when removed.
    I think it's just how it goes with something that has to be sticky enough to adhere to a wall.
    Having touch up paint is a good idea if these tiles are going to be used.

  16. If you keep the sheets the tiles come on you can attach them then apply them to a wall or anything with a special adhesive.

  17. Thank you for sharing this! I’m definitely interested in the backsplash tiles and the videos I’ve seen only show you install not tear down.

  18. When I tell you my jaw hit the fucking floor…….ive been watching these videos ( including yours ) of people installing these "rental friendly" hacks and have been so hesitant because of what would happen AFTER i was ready to rip it off. I mean yea itll come off but WHATS THE DAMAGE? You, my new youtube friend, have shown me and i am forever in your debt!! My husband asked me what I want for Christmas and now I know just what to tell him. Thank you soo much for showing us all how this turned out because most of these youtubers show you how it goes on and how easy it is to install but this is the first video ive seen where someone is ripping it all off and showing the actual results!!!

  19. Very cool to see how these products remove! I couldn't help feel SO SAD to see the beauty pulled off to go back to the ugly base, haha. Nice work!

  20. New Subbie… Happy I came across your video🤗 cause you are going to give me so many ideas on decorating my home🤗😍 Thanks!

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  23. What kind of cabinets were they?? I am looking to use the removable wallpaper on my Formica cabinets but I’m afraid. This video was amazing thanks!!!

  24. Thanks for this video. First one I’ve seen that actually takes it off. Makes me more confident to use them 🙂

  25. How many of the stainless steel stick did you use total? Wanted to order and use how much to get for a fridge and stove front. Also with all tile how much did you buy?

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