1. If you know WHY you're using each product in your regimen, that's GREAT! As you know, I love my facial oils and hydrating toners/essences and I add them for specific reasons. But if you're adding them just because you were told to, that's when this video would come in handy 🥰

  2. And companies make you feel less confident and then makes you feel you need the product that you might not needing them 🙁

  3. I am in my late 40’s. Are there any products that help with wrinkles? I only use cleanser, moisturizer, and spf. Thank you!

  4. I really hopped onto not toweling my face after cleansing and im all here for the hydration :3 creams are just daunting. A beauty blogger will swear a 12.00 one is amazing but then advocate a 90.00 for actually getting wrinkles out and the ingredients ~seeem~ legit and on a mature skin beauty blogger you can see the difference and your so tempted but when you have priorities you cant ignore and are providing others this is a breathe or sigh of relief that I am not ruining my skin with only having a gentle cleanser and a goodness packed facial oil

  5. Kind of why I’ve just been using my Laneige skin refiner and Laneige sleeping mask for day and night…really all we need is cleansing, moisturising, and protection from sunlight lol (but using other products are nice too! Can feel very satisfying, and you might need them too. But Liah was very true when she said that you have to have a reason why you’re using said product)

  6. I'm not using any moisturizer.but i use my watery based sunscreen as my moisturizer during night because i use vit c essence before..is that ok?

  7. Such a common question when I was working. I would always ask WHY and get such a bewildered response. If they were adamant that they NEEDED a toner, I would give them the option of hydrating or exfoliating to cut some fat. Eye cream definitely was a more difficult topic on the shop floor.

  8. How about doing a video on do you need facial mist? My friends are using facial mist from avene n her skin really calmed down a lot. But for a mist, it's really a pain in the pocket n do we really need the "special water"?

  9. I totally get that toners and essences are essentially the same thing because even when I first got into skincare I was so confused bc I didn't see a difference. Now toners?? Being told toners arent needed is some hard painful truth

  10. Me in the morning,
    Cleanser, moisturizer then spf.
    In the evening,
    Cleanser and laslty lotion. Yes, lotion as moisturizer. I mean, that johnson's bedtime lotion and it doesn't break the hell out nor clog my pores.

    I started using it when I lost my moisturizer and really needed some moisture for the 2nd night of losing it so I just first pat on all over my neck then pat the remaining product on my face. Of course it scared me thinking it might clog my pores and cause breakout. But it turned out I woke up with better moisturized skin than when using my usual moisturizer. 🙄 Is it gonna be bad in the long run?

  11. How do i know if my skin is moisturized enough? I have combination skin and I often wake up with oily T zone. Throughout the day i won't feel my skin is dry but so often my T zone will get really oily starting in the afternoon and my pores look so huge. And if my current moisturizer doesn't contain any occlusive ingredient, should i get some with it? Please help!

  12. Hey Liah! You are so great and authentic! Love you) My question is – do you think that eye patches destroy under eye skin in the long run? Recently I came across several videos by dermatologists on that topic, saying that eye patches somehow destroy the skin barrier which will create more wrinkles then not using eye patches. And if so, does that apply fact apply to hydrogel face masks as well (because it looks like they are very similar to eye patches)

  13. good toners are a bit expensive and I personally may not need it… however I tend to have dead skin on my skin and using a toner would be helpful cuz i dont really exfoliate my skin

  14. hi mam. such a great video . Had a query? what about sleeping masks. they treats our skin over night . so is it necessary ?? plz suggest me

  15. But what about serum? If I have freckles and my friend’s skin is acne prone type, moisturizer and spf won’t make it disappear, right? So should I use serum or not?

  16. I should probably wash my face everyday but I don't so I sometimes use a toner to remove the oils in between the days I don't wash my face. I probably don't have the best routine, but I'm lazy and washing my skin everyday or twice a day will really dry it out.

  17. I feel like the only good thing about a multi step routine is you spend more time massaging your skin and getting that blood flowing.

  18. My skin was such a mess until i started watching her videos. I went through acnetane twice but my acne was still coming back. 6 months after my 2nd round, i started breaking out again. I remember falling apart, waking up to see my face and crying in my bathroom. Then i came across liah's videos and binge watched all her videos. I started my skin diet and changed my nutrition too. Now my skin is so much manageable. I am so happy!!! I use her face wash and sunscreen. Love her them and love her !!❤❤❤
    So grateful i found her! 🙏

  19. I stopped using toner since I realised how great my face felt after I applied my light moisturiser after the shower on damp skin and I’ve been doing in ever since!

  20. Some eye products are 100% useful and valid for being priced higher. I have extremely puffy eyes genetically, so I use eye products that depuff not just a standard thick eye cream. It truly helps my eye area and I don’t get the same results from just moisturizer

  21. read medical journals before buying skincare items and turns out i only need cleanser-exfoliants-optional actives-moisturiser/spf during night/day.

  22. if it was that simple then what about blackheads, exfoliating and mask ? and when you use face cream as eye cream, you will get little white bumps under your eyes.

  23. I use the Etude Huse Soon Jung toner after cleansing to hydrate my skin, i don’t use any moisturizer after as i feel it hydrates my skin enough, just after a couple of minutes after applying it my skin looks dewy and smooth, is it okay to do this? i do use a moisturizer when i feel like my skin is extra dry though. Or is it essential to use a moisturizer everytime?

  24. Well, there she said it.

    Now, for morning I only use my sunscreen which very moisturizing. For night, basic double cleasning, hyluronic serum, and a good moisturizer. Here in Indonesia, you wont feel dry like at all (dramatized), it's so humid all over the country.

  25. But I have tried a lot of moisturizer and it always end up with break out. Is it okay if I use facial oil to substitute moisturizer?

  26. Hi Liah! I wanted to change my skincare regime to your products. However, I still have many products that I have not finished or unsuitable for my skin. I find it wasteful to just throw them away. How do you usually manage the products that you don't suit/use anymore?

  27. Omg as someone who owns a skincare company, you’re very transparent and honest about this. Thank you sm Liah, wishin u successful in whatever u doin ♥️♥️

  28. My face was covered with so many acnes back then, because apparently i used too many skincare products. My doctor advised me to stop using all of them, and for a while I only use baby soap for my face wash. My face is sooo much better now (i still use baby soap because no facewash product suits my skin so far;;), exfoliating toner because they keep acnes and tiny bumps from growing on my forehead, and essence for moisturizing. I don't use moisturizer as i have tried many products and they didnt work

  29. 저도 트러블성 피부로서 피부관리에 관심이 많고 그 중 특히 리아유님 영상을 많이 참고하고 있는데요, 많은 단계가 필요없다는데에 저도 100번 공감합니다…ㅎㅎ 마케팅이 무섭죠… 처음엔 이것저것 좋다는 거 바르고 그랬지만 점점 이게… 다 흡수가 될까? 의문이 들더라구요🤔 지금은 제 피부에 정말 잘 맞는 스킨케어 제품을 찾아서! 완전 물제형 토너+크림으로 끝냅니다ㅎㅎ 저녁엔 케일라루야도 애용하고 있어요✨ 그리고 '키노닉스'라는 브랜드에 'Wonder Remedy Tube'라는 병풀추출물 베이스인 크림을 사용 중인데 정말 좋아서 리아유님께 살포시 추천드리고 갑니다💙💙 항상 좋은 영상 감사해요😆

  30. Tbh I felt like what i was doing for my skin was the bare minimum but i learnt slowly that i didnt rlly need it so watching this video really helped me .
    My skincare routine now:
    toner(I have rlly dry skin and this makes me feel fancy)
    Sunscreen(on the mornings only obv)
    Yea an that's it I felt like my skin has improved more with this regime than with all the other fancy things I was told my skin needed so thank you ❤🥰

  31. First of all, thank you for being so honest especially from the point of a CEO of a skincare company. My skin will always break out a few days after doing a 3 step skincare routine (toner, serum, cream). So I would just stop using skincare for a week and only continue using those products. I would even skip my morning facial cleanse and morning skincare routine (except for sunscreen) because I feel like my skin has been overloaded. I always thought that my skin is crazy but actually its not! So I'm super happy to hear about this from you.

  32. Your hair looks so glossy 💖 You inspired me to simplify my skin care routine, Liah!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being so focused on helping those struggling with skin issues rather than making simple profit! 😊 This is part why I use your products cos I know I can trust you! ❤️

  33. I am a 23 year old. My skin got super dehydrated and I have fine lines on my forehead. I use a cleanser toner and moisturizer. But now my skin has turned oily and I can see big pores that i never saw before. What am I doing wrong ??

  34. Ooh… This is make me feel better. I mean, I only use milk cleanser, toner, serum, sleeping mask and sun screen. no essence since it so expensive. I use eye cream for last month. It is feel cold and able to reduce my dark circle.

  35. I only use cleanser and ampoule on my skincare routine. I feel like the ampoule already provide enough hydration for my skin. When i add moisturizer it feels too thick for my oily skin and clog my pores.

  36. I have a Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Toner that has witch hazel & 14% natural grain alcohol… And I feel it's been the only toner that has not made my face red; I do finish my cleansing with cooler water rinses then pat dry with a clean towel cloth, before toner.
    Since I'm quite dealing with hormonal acne. I might stop using supplementary products though… Thank you so much. My skin is sensitive, and has chronic acne.

    I plan on getting my needed Vitamin D supplement, prescribed, and on topical Retin-A from my dermatologist tomorrow. Cause sometimes professional intervention is seriously needed, after it's been chronically on my face. Even though it's signfiicantly improved with natural methods, proper sleep, sunlight(seriously goes to show how hormonally balancing the sunlight is 😭♥️🌱), zinc oxide in my sunscreen, and proper antioxidants in my moisturizer.

  37. I always felt like toner, ampoule and essence were the same thing. Essence is more watery so it don't make sense to spend money on it

  38. Love this video! Thank you for deconstructing the myth! I always wondered why your Kale-lalu-Yah product was in the supplement series instead of the core series; now I have a better understanding of it! Lastly, I'm definitely with you on using toners for hydration. 💧💧

  39. My skin type is fairly normal sometimes I have tiny dry patches.
    I'm 19 so I don't have much of a budget
    I use Clean and clear morning burst facewash , Nuetrogena grapefruit facial scrub , Cosrx snail essence ( yesss I bought it cause I don't want my skin to be dehydrated) , Nivea Soft Creme moisturizer
    Then for Spf Missha Flash up for face and Garnier Sun ombrie (I forgot the name) for body and face too

    I have sun allergy xD And i live in Bangladesh it's quite humid

  40. But how do we rebalance our ph level after cleansing? Bcs no matter how low the ph level on the facial cleansers i use i still feel the tight feeling and patchers on my skin.

  41. I like this video. It’s true that we have a lot of things we don’t need. However I do love my routine which includes toners and essences. The reason why is because I honestly have seen a difference in my skin ever since I started the method of using a toner & essence in my 10-skincare routine. I wish I could post a pic on here to show you how my routine has lightened my hyperpigmentation almost 4 shades lighter. I do like the skinny routine when traveling but otherwise for my daily, it works.

  42. Well, this is a quite refreshing video. Because we're bombarded with skin care and must haves all the time, and I confess being guilty of over buying them. I can carely finish most of my products because I have so many. Therefore. I decided to a break and make it more simple (':

  43. Can you please make a video about treating hyperpigmentation for a weak skin barrier? My skin is super sensitive and quite dehydrated, but I still have some dark spots on my cheek area from blemishes,pimples. I was told not to use vitamin C and chemical exfoliator when my skin barrier is compromised. And honestly I’m struggling so much, cuz I don’t know what would help to fade dark spots for my sensitive skin. I would really appreciate if you can do a video talking about that

  44. Here's my routine:
    Chamomile cleanser from bulldog.
    Glycolic toner from the ordinary.
    Aha/bha or niacitamite serums from the ordinary for spot/zone treatment.
    Natural moisturizer from the ordinary.

    That's all. Here's why (I think) I have to use these and how:

    As a guy I'm a big fan of the cleanser from bulldog since bulldog is a male brand and that feels encouraging and the ingredients are good. Plus the price is good. I use my toner because it's acidic and helps remove protruding sebaceous filaments as well as prep my skin to accept hydrating myself. I use the aha/bha serums in a particular way, I tend to take my moisturizer and drop a few drops of bha or aha in it and mix it in and apply on my face. Normally I dont mix it in if I feel like my skin is doing good.

    P.s. If I leave the house I tend to put on a mineral tinted powder after moisturizer because the powder has a spf 15. It's sort of expensive but it's a brand I trust personally: bareminerals. It's the only brand in the market that my moms skin tolerates in terms of makeup.

  45. Hi liah i live in the Philippines and i have a combination and sensitive skin can u recommend me a good type of sunscreen that i can use? Gel based or cream? And how can i know the ph level of my cleanser? Thank you

  46. I've learned so much from professionals about skin that I realize I didn't need all the stuff I thought. Ampoules and serums same thing. Cleanser, retinoid moisturiser, sunscreen

  47. im not kidding you, ever since i got my great barrier relief serum i’ve just been using it day and night and my skin has never better, it’s like a miracle in a bottle like i dont any other products. i love love the simplicity.


    anyways liah, can you make an update video about anything to make redness go away? well yeah, centella works but sometimes its still here 🙁

  49. I wonder what about peeling? Do I even need any form of peeling (for example toner that exfoliate skin) or is it maybe pointless or even harmful to my skin?
    Than you for a video, take care 💞💞💜

  50. I too always believe we do not need such a thing called 'eye cream'. I have read some Instagram posts which say applying the same facial mosturizer on our eye areas one more time will be enough. As for me, I use one "thicker" mosturizer as an eye cream.

  51. Tbh, the biggest scam is mask. Like I do feel a difference right after the mask but the effects are not long lasting at all

  52. I use toner because it calms and comfort my skin. It's seriously comfortable and refreshing, my moisturisers aren't going to do well without toner. My whole routine is cleanser toner moisturiser. I'm studying in school, sunscreen without reapplying (I can't in school)is kinda useless so I don't use it.

  53. I'm maybe one, based on experience, that need a separate eye cream and a moisturizer. I thought that having milia then was just normal and I just apply moisturizer under my eye and I never wear make-up at all too. I asked a dermatologist to remove the milia. I decided to have a separate eye cream, even a cheap one, just for my under eye area, after my last milia removal. That made the difference for me. I am milia free for years since then.

  54. Liah, you literally changed my skin and my life. I was about to desperately go accutane but you gave me deeper understanding of how skin works and what it actually needs. Now I can see all targets I need to work on and my skin just keeps transforming with each of your advice I am implementing into my routine.I cant believe I can have the skin I am having now. Thank you! You are better than 100 dermatologists I have had to deal with.

  55. Also would like to add that there is no real extra function of using a sheet mask vs a mask in a tub that u smear on the face. Or a good daily skincare routine. The 'sheet' part is just another marketing gimmick and totally not eco friendly.

  56. Please please come to Qatar. I want to buy products from krave beauty but it’s not available in Qatar and I can’t even buy it online because it’s not available.

  57. The Toner I use says that it acts as both a Toner & Essence. So I found it interesting and it made more sense to me, when you said that they're the same things.

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