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hi guys it's Lea I hope you're doing well and having a a good day and I hope you have a better weekend I just wanted to do an update on some products I talked to you about about a month and a half maybe two months ago and I wanted to give these products a fair shot and um I just wanted to fill you in so um I had told you that I purchased the brioche euro Sarco repair line and it's basically for people with hair like mine that's dry hoarse frizzy and needs moisture a my hair does it's it always needs moisture and so I purchased the repair shampoo the repair conditioner the deep hydrating or deep conditioning mask and then two styling products one was a leave-in conditioning spray and the other is the blow-dry perfection and he protected now these products have no sulfate no silicones and no parabens in it and I have to tell you after using them almost exclusively I really really like these products and I definitely would purchase them again I was extremely surprised how much I liked the repair shampoo it's very very moisturizing for my hair and it doesn't seem to strip it at all which I loved and it seemed to just put moisture back in and I was surprised that the daily conditioner it was pretty nice too it did a good condition my hair pretty well I will say for any shampoo or conditioner you're going to use whether it's a daily or a heavy leave-in at least for me and my type of hair I always always need to get the buildup out so I use some type of cleansing cream once a week or every other week like I think I'm using the redkin cleansing cream right now because it really is not too big of a stripper of your hair but um you just there's just nothing that's ever gonna continue to work on your hair if you have buildup so I still have to use something additionally to get all the gunk the styling products and the part of my hair because I do think these would build up you know after using them for a while but they're very nice they're very very nice shampoo very nice conditioner and they work nicely for my hair and I definitely will keep these in part of my rotation I do use a lot of different products I'm always on the lookout for new new products but these are as far as the newest ones I've tried so far and my favorites I really am liking these products right now now the leave-in conditioning spray is very nice i also use use it after to just add a little more moisture into my hair and it's it is very nice too and then this blow-dry perfection and heat protectant cream I like this is when I don't use this all the time because I don't blow dry my hair all the time but I do like this because it does help with the it makes your hair it seems like it blow dries it's with less frizz and more looks a little more silky and more manageable plus it is a heat protectant in it which I like so I really like this this is gonna last me a long time no but these products are very nice if you haven't tried them they're expensive I did get a sale on these I think it was 20% off and they also offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee which i think is great because you know you aren't putting out a pretty penny for these but if you are thinking about trying them like I said I would try and get a sale if you can and then if you do decide to buy them you will get your money back if you don't like them so that's just an update on that I am gonna put it in part of my hair shampoo conditioner rotation and hopefully they'll continue to work just as well down the road and I may come back and update you about this down down the road later the other thing I talked to you about was the NARS hot rest' cheek palette I told you right off the bat I love the colors and I also said that they were very very silky and they're very glowy and I still have to tell you I still really love this palette I'm very glad I kept it I think it's very hard get now and it is not a it's not a cheap pallet but I suppose if you figure it out you get three well you get four blushes and then two highlighters you know it's probably not such a bad deal I think it's sixty something dollars but I honestly have never really liked NARS blushes before but I really really do like these but like this blush now I think it's on not it not very pigmented so if you're a woman that likes your mats and you're afraid of a glow palettes cheek pale I would try this because you really need you really can blend this up and get it as pigmented as you want and I don't think it's gonna be – glowy for your skin and I don't think III just I think that it would its share enough that you would like it and still get a nice glow but I just love these I can see these colors on me you know I'm using the two on the right here these here for pretty much right now because we're in the winter season and then I could see using the two in the middle of course but you can mix them up sometimes I'll combine them and even swore my brush and all four of these here and put it on my cheek but I just I just really really like these pick this palette I'm glad I kept it now in the decision of me trying to keep this palette I actually ran across this other one in Tarte and I would never have purchased this one just because I think that the colors are so similar and this is the Tarte me tertius Pro glow and blush palette I was in Alta I had some coupons I had some points I had a bunch of stuff that I just couldn't turn down and say no on so I was able to get this palette for another really good deal and if you I don't know if you can see they are similar in color to me close enough to with the NARS which is why I wasn't gonna keep this because I thought no even though I got a really good deal I think I paid about twenty some dollars for this and I think this I'm not sure how much this palette is I'm sorry but I it's not twenty dollars but I got it for twenty but I didn't think I was going to keep because like he said to me it's similar to the NARS assist but the I've tried nar art art eyeshadows and I love them I've never tried their blushes because usually they're all maths that I've seen again this is another one it's a it's a glow or shimmer blush but it is not something to be afraid of ladies it really really is it now this one is extremely extremely pigmented and I would say if you're gonna buy this and try it I would tread lightly at first just this you know see what how your the colors gonna play with your skin and if you have to go back in again to build it up but point is this palette it is a beautiful beautiful palette it's not it's not overly glowy or shimmer that for for blushes here on the bottom and then you have a highlighter up top here on the left and then a bronzer which I really love as well but I just couldn't send this pet I just couldn't I had to keep this palette – so I'm stocked up for blushes for a long time now but truly truly truly this palette almost I like better almost than the NARS but they like I said they're similar in color almost but I I just I just love them both and this one is well I really am glad I bought this and I really am glad I kept it so if that's an option if you cannot find this palette and you don't want to spend 65 this is not I don't believe this was 65 it was I think it was a little maybe over 40 I don't remember I'll put it in the description box below but if you can't find this palette I would highly suggest trying this hardiest Pro glow and blush it's just a phenomenal phenomenal cheek palette and then the last thing I did not talk to you about but I did purchase on Amazon I've been using a new face but I've been using aloe vera on my face when I use the new face to cut you know as a conductor the gel conductor but I wanted to find something different and I found this it's the advanced clinicals collagen anti-aging gel mask and it is a looks like it's it's got a hole in it it looks like L what's green in color but boy do I love this what I'm using my new face it you don't even need a lot you just put it on your face you don't turn on your new face and go to town and it lasts throughout the I do a new face five minutes on one side and then five minutes on the other and you don't need like I said you don't need a lot of this and I think it was under $20 but this is a very very very nice mask even if you want to use it as a gel mask and you don't want to use with new face it'd be wonderful to because it just makes your skin bouncy and moisturized and hydrating and I just um like I said just put this on my face I do one side five minutes and then the other side five minutes so very highly recommend it's on Amazon I'll put the price up below to I think it's under $20 but this is a very good alternative to the new face gel which i think is not that great especially for you what you pay for it but okay anyhow this that's all for today I will come back to you with some other um videos I am gonna do an empties video here shortly I haven't had a chance to do one because quite frankly I forgot to save my empties I'm such a person that hates clutter I got a throat you know get it out out of my line of vision so I've been trying in the last two months to save some stuff here so I'm gonna share some empties with you and some other things down the road here but I just wanted to thank you for watching again I hope you have a wonderful weekend and let me know what you guys think give me your thoughts below and until the next time I'll see you later bye guys


  1. You are preaching to the choir here…I love, love, love Briogio…I almost got a Hot Tryst palette but it was stolen from….OHHHH it is you who told me to get this Tarte. BOING ! Going to check it out right now…👍🏻

  2. I just watched your 50th bday video and I thought it was recent… wow! You have come a long way! Love your channel 😄 Hope we can support each other.

  3. Found you through some of my other friends here on YouTube. I really like hair products you showed. Just friended you and would love to support each here if you like my channel. 🥰

  4. Hi beautiful!! Love your channel!!
    Just subscribed!!! Hope we can support each other in YouTube land xoxo 👍🏼😊💕

  5. Tarte blush palette looks gorgeous. Loved your video so much.
    I am a new supporter here. I would love if we could support each other. Check out my Channel and keep up the good work 😊😉💖

  6. Hi Lee! For product build up I would highly recommend a vinegar rinse. I love R+Co ACV Acid Wash. I buy it on Beautylish and it’s soo good! Great video, Love! Bet, that Nars palette looks gorgeous😻 Xo!

  7. YAY!! I was so excited to see this video!!! I really like the Briogeo line as well!! Those blushes are gorgeous!! I am so excited for our next Collab.. lmk when your ready.. I have everything all picked out.. (No rush at all) Love you my sweet friend!! Hugs XOxo

  8. The Nars & Tarteist blush palette both are so pretty❤️thank you for sharing Lee…the Advanced Collagen gel looks great!!! Thank you for sharing happy Friday❤hugs~xoxo Karen🌈🙌🏻😘

  9. My hair needs super moisture it is always dry. I like that Advanced Clinical Collagen gel you mentioned and added it to my Amazon cart. I need to do an empties and post something new. See you soon. Susan

  10. I'm so glad you like that Nars palette! It just did not work out for me at all. But that tarte blush palette is great!

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