hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm gonna be doing an update on my isotretinoin accutane journey whatever you want to call it I'm about to finish my second month at the end of this month but I go for my doctor's appointment and everything like that around like the 20th and then I get my blood taken about like the 16th or 20th of the month if you have not seen my first video on my accutane series I will link it right above so if you're excited for the video give it a thumbs up and let's get right into it okay well I can't believe I've actually been taking this for almost two months now um it's kind of crazy how time goes by so fast I feel like I just started taking it and this month has been super crazy for me if you don't watch my channel at all I've been moving and I had to move four times in the last week so I definitely forgot to take my medicine a few times in the last week and I'm just got back on track like three four days ago it like when your life is totally disrupted in everything you own us in boxes it's stressful and you lose things but I'm definitely back on track and the second month the most notable change that I've noticed is my lips are definitely more dry now I don't really have too many bodies or anything like that and no other side effects that I noticed so I uploaded my first video on March 23rd I think maybe March 25th and I believe I had just picked up my first box of pills I started on 40 milligrams every single day which is one pill a day and then on April 23rd I had my second appointment and got my second box in it is now May 13th I'm trying to get the dates right in my head cuz I was getting really confused as to like what I was doing and how many months it's been I know I've only been on it for two months one and a half months really I have been taking my second dosage dosage my second month's box two boxes of isotretinoin and I am now at 60 milligrams my doctor started me on a lower dosage because I drink too much wine before I got my blood tests so that's fine with me actually uh when I went in for my first checkup and then she said oh your results are actually looking better than when you first came in so I think is better a drink less it's obviously better for your body but my results came really good after one month of being on I so try to know in and now I'm about a month and a half in and I am on 16 milligrams and I was started on 40's so one thing that I really wanted to go over that is kind of like something that a lot of people don't talk about is if you do not have good insurance it is so expensive my first month my box of isotretinoin was about $200 because I have really bad insurance I cannot wait till October when I am going to switch to a different plan and my second month since it practically almost doubled I went from 40 milligrams to 60 it was going to be 550 dollars now and that's with insurance and I was like well I can't afford to do this I'm just not gonna be able to do accutane or isotretinoin or whatever you want to call it because this is so expensive and then the next month it's gonna go up even more I actually found a website called good rx dot-com I believe I will link it down below and it's basically a coupon that works with pharmacies I mean it's kind of like a benefit thing for the pharmacy and for them because you know they have a website with advertisements and you can also sign up for a subscription to get better prescriptions and stuff like that but it's totally free you don't have to do the five dollar a month plan I believe it is that it's definitely free you can get the coupon and you can get up to 80% off so my prescription went from like five hundred and sixty dollars or something like that to two hundred and twenty so it cut it like over half of the price off or about half of the price off and you don't use your insurance at all so what crazy like oh my god American healthcare sucks so much that like a coupon from a website works better than my insurance that me and my boyfriend pay about $500 a month for like what are we paying for it's crazy the only way that our insurance would come in handy is if we got in like a horrible wreck or something and we had two hundred thousand dollars of medical bills but just for like everyday medical stuff our insurance isn't good and I know a lot of people out there are in a similar situation so um if you are interested in getting I so try to know in and you have a bad insurance plan so to speak definitely check out like good Rx calm but the benefit for the pharmacy is good Rx brings customers to them so they work specifically I believe with like CVS and Walgreens I got mine at Walmart that was the cheapest the cool thing about that website is this is not sponsored at all I mean I wish it was but it's not but they give you the prices of all the prescriptions of the pharmacies near you and you can choose the cheapest one so I just wanted to put that out there and I post about it on reddit on that accutane subreddit it made me so sad people in like Australia were like my accutane only cost me two dollars or my accutane was free I'm just like I know America sucks like we think we're the best country ever but we're not we're not medically speaking at least but I just wanted to put that out there cuz I know some people don't have good insurance or maybe we don't have insurance at all but you can use these coupons and you don't use your insurance with the coupon and you can get a big chunk of the money taken off now back to side effects my face my face definitely has a little redness right now I have been I guess since the 23rd of April I have had the my second months worth of prescription and I'm almost done with the first box and I will probably get my second prescription around the 23rd of this month so I'll hopefully be finishing it up mostly on time and not overlapping too much because my move did set me back a little bit I also want to say for some reason if you're if you're all female you have to do the I pledge system where you pledge to not get pregnant and be on to friends birth control and all this stuff because birth defects um I went to my doctor's appointment on the 23rd originally got a proof for the prescription picked it up that same day or the next day and then the next month which was April I went in for my second appointment to get my prescription for this month that I'm now on and the day of my doctor's appointment I went and did like a little quiz on the I pledge system which you have to do every single month and you're supposed to have seven days from your appointment to go and fill your prescription and it was like it's the last day somehow I don't know how it worked out like that but this month I just set my blood tests back to the sixteenth instead of like the 21st I think I did it last month and then I was gonna do my doctor's appointment on the 23rd of this month in May but I'm actually gonna do it on the 20th so I have three days to get my prescription instead of seven hours because the cutoff day is the cutoff day if you don't give a prescription by midnight you have to start the process all over again and I was just like I was so confused I didn't get why my I pledge system was like at the last day of my seven day window to get it when I had already been all through that but I had no time cuz my doctors who ever was like three o'clock and I couldn't call my doctor and be like what the heck is going on so I think I'm gonna talk to her about it this time and say like I don't know what's going on I'm in here a few days early earlier than we had originally intended because when I did my I pledge it was saying I could only get it this day and in my seven days were the previous six days before that which is so confusing because the month before I went on the 23rd and then exactly a month later I went on the 23rd it's just really confusing so be sure when you're doing it to not slip up at all and if that happens to you just try to get a prescription that day if you can or call your doctor if you can and see what is going on because what I what I from what I understand your doctor has no control on I pledge so if you missed that time they can't really do anything your if you're a female at least you're gonna have to go through that whole month process and start it again and it's just super frustrating on to what my skin has been doing even with missing a few days here and there I feel like my skin is looking way better I only have like for some reason I don't know what is going on I keep getting pimples like right here and they're lasting forever like I have an active one right here these are just scars now and I have one active one right here and this is a scar but this was this was here and then this scar was they were both active for like three weeks and now I have two right here I just I don't get it I don't know what I've never really had like matching them bowls on the side of my face for over two weeks I don't know but I'd like most of my skin when I feel it this is all just scarring I have like one bump right there and then this is almost gone and then I have one on my chin but mostly everything is scarring or almost going away so I haven't had any major breakouts since starting I didn't go through a purge phase or anything like that which I'm super thankful for because I feel like I went through six months purge phase and my skin used to be really nice if you watched my original video on isotretinoin I talked about my acne history and everything like that and my skin was really like I had it under control and then I was like let's try ecology and it brought all of this out so I feel like I went through a six month purge phase when testing out cure ology and then I was like I'm so over this I just want to do the accutane thing and get it over with I'm 28 and I'm tired of dealing with this honestly I've been dealing with it with it since I was 13 so I'm pretty over it I'm really over it by now I feel like my skin definitely is clearing up and if you just look like from straight on with my hair down like my skin looks pretty good and for some people who don't have clear skin it don't look good but to me this looks pretty good I'm kind of excited at to see in like another a month um it's probably just gonna be scarring and just getting rid of the scarring which takes time to heal but you know how that goes there are other things you can do now you cannot get your eyebrows waxed when you are on accutane because it will like rip your skin off because your skin gets really dry which my skin is actually not gotten too dry just my lips a little bit I try to drink like three of these water things a day I refill this constantly I drink it with Crystal Light I don't I don't like the flavor of water but I try to drink three of those a day which this is 32 ounces so I try to get about a hundred ounces almost per day and I don't feel too dry I don't feel achy I don't have any other weird side effects the first month I did have headaches like every now and then but that seems to be gone I haven't really gotten any headaches thankfully because they were really annoying I don't get headaches usually so I knew it was from the medicine but other than that everything has been going pretty great I had a pretty smooth process I also wanted to talk about drinking I've drank a few times while taking this medicine and I will usually and just like not take my pill that day if I'm going to drink and I also haven't taken choline and I so some thing I'll put like a picture of what I've been taking and choline is something that like bodybuilders used to take like high dosages of it because if you're a bodybuilder and you take like steroids with your liver in a similar way that like drinking or that I still try to know in messes with your liver it causes like fatty liver deposits or something like that and choline is a chemical I guess found in eggs something you can get from the yolk and eggs but like taking it as a supplement can really help get rid of the fatty like deposits on your liver so it helps with liver health basically and I haven't taking that to combat I so try to no in and I will take it especially if I'm gonna drink that day but I really I used to drink a few times a week and now I probably I mean during this move oh I missed a lot of my medicine but I did not miss drinking because it was very stressful and I just had a few glasses of wine a few nights out of these pasts like week or so but um when my life is normal and I'm not moving and stressed out I might drink like once or twice a week my doctor didn't want me to drink at all but I have done so much research and so many doctors out there are like well if you just drink a few glasses of wine or something per week and you're on a lower dosage which for my weight I am on a lower dose then it should be okay I have not been like binge drinking and drinking a huge amount or anything like that just definitely talk to your doctor I'm not saying you should follow my advice but I've seen other doctors online say like I don't think drinking is that big of a deal especially if you're on a lower dosage I think as my dosage gets higher I'll probably just stop drinking until I'm done so I suspect in the next few days when I go to my doctor's appointment that my dosage might go up to 80 milligram six-month I'm guessing she seems to be doing it in 20 milligram increments I don't know how long I'm gonna be on this medicine i but I believe probably like five or six months so let's hope it's just that long I really don't want to be on it longer even though I started at a lower dose from the beginning I really am hoping that it's only six months so I'm hoping maybe that she even might like put me up so like 90 or milligrams I don't know how the milligrams go it's like different for every brand they each make their own like pills with amounts of milligrams and stuff like that but that is basically my update for a month – on isotretinoin if you have any questions leave it in the comments below and I'll answer to the best of my abilities and I thank you so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video and if you are starting a I used to try to do win or accutane journey let me know your story below and I'll see you in the next update bye


  1. I had extremely dry nose and mouth when I was on Accutane for my cystic acne. Invest in a good lip balm and keep up drinking lots of water. I had to take a second round because the first time was not quite enough.

  2. The problem is many people under report their drinking and smoking use by about 50%. That's why. Plus, you don't really know if you have a healthy liver and for how long.

  3. Is it possible that sunglasses or something is touching your face on both sides and causing the symmetrical pimples? Just a thought. 🙂💚

  4. HA! I was about 3 minutes in and I thought to myself “I NEED TO TELL ALEXIA ABOUT GOODRx!” then you said you’d found it. Shows me that I need to watch videos all the way through before I comment!

  5. I watch you for drama, but I'm in med school so I've been following this series lol. Just letting you know these videos are SUPER helpful for med students, regardless of the drug it's on. I'm most interested to see if the cost/hassle is worth the results for you. <3

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