1 Hour Sleep Hypnosis: Higher Self Healing for Depression & Anxiety


  1. I have panic attacks every night. Sometimes I have to take anxiety pills to sleep. This video I knocks me out almost instantly, and I find my quality of rest has deeply improved. I don't have to use the meds as often anymore.

  2. I couldn't really sleep at all my mind was racing so I just put this on and slowly fell asleep peacefully

  3. This Meditation stuff is crazy. I never done it before, but did it last night and this morning I really do feel different. Felt like I hit rock bottom last night and this morning my mind is cleared and I feel better! Thank you!

  4. I see all the comments, about how all these people got rid of depression with this, and I’m just here in my corner thinking, I came here for the steps.

  5. I have severe depression and anxiety and I start crying when I get stressed out but I sometimes don’t even know why I start crying. This video made me stop crying and helped me relax enough to breathe deeply and go to sleep. Thank you!

  6. Asleep after about 5 minutes… Any time I listen to your videos I feel like I'm alone with a trusted friend and I thank you for the help you have given to myself and countless others. God speed, Michael Sealey.

  7. I keep thinking about ending it. The pain. I lost my job and I have no one. No family. Live alone. No job. I feel so meaningless. No purpose. This video is what gets me to sleep. This is what makes me get up in the morning. This is the only video that has helped me. And I've tried many to attempt to save myself. Thank you.

  8. Waking up in the morning and sometimes going to bed can make me feel full of anxiety and physically sick. Thank you for this, I’ve been using it for the past week, and it’s completely alleviated negative feelings in my body. Thank you.

  9. Just wanted to say thank you for this… Been using the aniexty and ocd meditation along with magnesium supplements and my ocd has became massively manageable… I Was feeling very down, 2 nights with this meditation and some oregano oil, I have began to laugh again, find the motivation to go to the gym and start thinking about taking slow steps to get back on track… Thank you soooooo much..
    my mind mantra … If i was there once i can get there again … ❤️❤️❤️

  10. my anxiety is crippling, it feel like the world is crumbling down on me a this helps sooooooooo much thanks

  11. I'm here, 1 year of suffering with SEVERE PPD.. 3 antidepressant fails and at my wits end! Ready for this to help❤

  12. Um so I listened to this last night and i fell asleep so I don't know if it worked or not or maybe I was just tired.

  13. I am having an incredibly difficult time dealing with the depression 💔 Thank God for videos like this to give me hope and to help me get through the night.

  14. Not over exaggerating … Pretty sure 2k times is the minimum I've watched this. My partner has literally gone to the store before just to get me headphones because mine broke, specifically for the fact knowing I struggle really hard falling asleep without this video. I have bad insomnia. But I've been listening to this since right shortly after it was posted I didn't listen every night then, but still very often. Nothing helps my insomnia, not a single med. But th is makes me sleep like a baby if I ever wake up I play this and I knock back out. I've tried staying awake to listen to the entire thing… But I can't your voice is too soothing.. thank you honestly

  15. I have panic attacks so bad it's hard for me to see there can be help but I don't stop looking,,going to lay in bed listening to this tonight as it has so many positive response x

  16. This is the only video to work for me . I had just fell asleep and started dreaming about bags of feed stuff for cattle and woke up with a jult.

  17. This was the best I heard in many years better than medical and pills and so thank you dear soul 🙏🏻

  18. Oof I’ve had councilors therapist, medication, Hospitalization for a week and 3 days, I thought I’d never get better but these vids are kind of helping

  19. Depression really got to me tonight and it prevented me from getting any sleep so this really helped

  20. Was feeling low last night.
    This definitely helped.
    I like so many of your videos.
    One of the best around.

  21. Thank you so much Michael, I woke up towards the end and felt absolutely awake and more alive than I've felt in a very long time, it's the next day and I'm laughing as does the Buddah, love, light and appreciation, all the best

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