10 Best Hip Strengthening Exercises to Relieve Hip Pain – Ask Doctor Jo


  1. Those wonder woman socks are super cool! Need to wear them in some up coming videos πŸ™‚ btw, do you have foot stretch recommendations for dancers

  2. Hello doctor Jo, I am from Pakistan.
    Is there anything to do with a severe irritation in the feet, which don't even let my grandmother to sleep.. Please if there is any remedy then please tell me.

  3. Dear Mam I am your big fan. I follow your videos on YouTube. Also I do many exercises like cervical,knee, neck etc.. Really you are great.

  4. Hey jo I had knee, hip shoulders tendinitis / bursitis for past 3 months .. I am doing the exercises. But my knee swelling does not go away. It does not hurt like in my 1st month but still it does not go away.

  5. Very good video Dr. Jo. I have mild cerebral palsy along w/scoliosis and my left hip & lower back has been given me grief for over 10 yrs. Some of the techniques displayed in the video I already learned about in physical therapy. I did pick up a few new ones as well. Thanks for the video.

  6. Are step ups a good exercise for people with bad hips?
    You know like stepping up upon a platform of around 6 inches or more

  7. Hello, Dr. Jo, thank you for your video! I've been suffering from hip pain for at least 3 years and I've not been attending my favourite classes (BLT, Body Combat, Pilates, Yoga and Body Pump) in the gym since, for fear of feeling more pain. Would you recommend returning to some of those classes that might help to reduce my pain which now is becoming more and more severe? Thank you in advance for your help.

  8. Hi dr I'm suffering from hip pain from last 4 years doing regular exercise but still i can't sit for 30mints also in one place please help me dr..

  9. Doc I have polio in one leg but was able to walk bed without support now my right leg not working can I send u MRI which exercise I do HV hip back pain

  10. You might have covered this in a different video. Another exercise I like is done in a standing position. Lift one hip up. My foot on the working side comes off the floor. Then lower back down. Sometimes I do this exercise on a step. Sorry, I forgot the name of the exercise. Could this one be included with the others on this video?

  11. Madam I'm suffering from hip pain from 1st baby normal delivery every month my period time before i got too much pain… What can i do?

  12. hi dr joe, i have buttock pain when i sit and when i stand the pain dissappears,my mri said avn stage 1,but i have this pain for long,and i have no problem with weight bearing,im confused,dr says to get decompression surgery but when i showed him my mobility and strength he told me get mri again 3 months,What should i do?

  13. Thank you so much! I've been limping around all morning and I'm able to walk now! I will start doing these daily! Thank you again!

  14. Hi Dr jo..i had a microdisectomy 7 months ago and 3 days after surgery I had hip and waist pain on the opposite side of surgery..it has stuck around since then mostly in the mornings..any idea why? And any suggestions for stretches for the waist/side pain?

  15. I have a problem, please help me. I am 83+ years old from India. If I sit for half hour or more, I cannot move or walk. It takes me at least four or five minutes to be able to walk.After that I can walk, if I walk continuously, I can walk well. Because of this I have lost confidence..Are there any exercises for this? if so please let me know. I regularly do hip & knee exercises. Thanking you in anticipation. Usha Rege

  16. The more I walk, the more I exercise, the more it hurts and I have to stay off for it to get better. Just one hip. X-rays say it's ok, Dr. says do PT. ?????????? PT hurts and doesn't go away until I stay off it for 2-3 days. πŸ™ I'm not that old. What do I do?

  17. Bear always look like β€œAw Mom, do I have to make another video? Can I go outside and chase tennis balls 🎾 ? 😁

  18. I have hip pain. I went to the doctor and they did an xray. Xray was normal and recommended pt. I did these exercises and my hip really hurts worse after doing them. Is this normal?

  19. History of R THR 7 years ago, and I work home health night shift- I don’t move enough. Now, when I try bridges or several moves where I move the leg back, I get searing hamstring cramps. Build my gluteus? Massage? Where do I start, because it’s making exercise undoable.

  20. Purchase a printable worksheet featuring the hip exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-hip-exercises-worksheet

  21. No hip issues here, thank you God, but watching the video 'cause love to warch your videos just for the sake of watching. You're one nice presenter, great voice, ship shape fit legs and body, a hearty smile and fun, and last but not the least, those doggie kids. 🀘

  22. hi docor if we do prone hip extension, hip flexion do we need to keep the core on squeeze the glute like we doing the bridge?

  23. Hello please help me , I am having a left hip pain , exactly the area (superior to My left leg top) …..and the pain is radiating till down to left leg! And i cant feel any pain in right leg or any body parts only the left leg….. I can stimulate pain when i move my hips to acute left side!!

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