10 Best Indoor Plants That Produce Oxygen 24/7 – Ideal Bedroom Plants

If you or your loved ones are suffering from
chronic obstructive lung diseases, the need for oxygen is so indispensable. Although there
are artificial options for increasing oxygen through means such as oxygenators and air
purifiers, the natural remedies for this requirement would be really satisfying. Heres a list of
the top 10 plants for increasing oxygen indoors and these plants not only release oxygen day
and night, but also absorb Toxic gases like formaldehyde, benzene and others.
Scientifically, this happens through Crassulasian Acid Metabolism (CAM) type of photosynthesis
can produces oxygen in night. Normally for Oxygen to be release there has to be photosynthesis
which occurs only in the presense of light whether natural light or your indoor lights.
Here is the list of these plants: 1. The Areca Palm: Its an indoor plant and
does well in filtered light or bright indirect light. It needs to be watered often. For One
Person, Keeping 4 such plants of about 3-4 feet height in your room can provide best
results. 2. Snake Plant also known as Mother-In-Law�s
Tongue or Sanseviera plant: This plant is very hardy plant and can tolerate any light
conditions and also requires less watering like weekly once or max twice. For One person,
6 to 8 plants are recommended for best results. 3. Money Plant: This am sure all of us are
aware of its care tips. It prefers indirect light and needs to be watered once a week
or twice a week. For one person, three plants of atleast 18 inches are recommended.
4. Gerbera Daisy or Orange Gerbera (Gerbera Jamesonii): This is a beautiful flowering
plant unique for its ability to release lots of oxygen at night. Particularly very beneficial
for those suffering from sleep apnea and breathing disorders like kids with adenoids and other
similar disorders. The only drawback is it�s a flowering plant and needs sunlight specially
in its flowering season that�s spring and summer. Also it needs daily watering. What
you can do is, shift the plant to sunlight daily or alternate days for best results.
5. Neem Tree: This is a good option if you have your garden just across your bedroom
window and keeping a neem tree close to the window can be a good option.
6. Aloe Vera: This can be easily kept indoors in your bedroom. They are easy to care and
require very less watering and do well in direct light or shade. You can keep about
4-6 plants in your room for best results. 7. Christmas Cactus: This is a succulent and
easy to care plant which needs less frequent watering and does well in indirect bright
light. 8. Peepal Tree � that�s Ficus Religiosa
or the sacred fig where the great Gautam Buddha achieved enlightenment according to buddhism:
This tree has really interesting facts and myths. People often believe sleeping at night
under this tree, you will be found dead in the morning. Sounds funny. Some say this is
the tree which release loads of oxygen during day and loads of carbondioxide at night and
hence sleeping under this tree will kill the person due to suffocation from excess carbondioxide.
Actually this is not true. The peepal tree releases oxygen in the night too, though in
smaller amounts. 9. Orchids also release oxygen during the
night time though in small amounts. 10. Tulsi / Holy Basil- like similar to neem
tree � you can plant these just outside your bedroom window. Please give a thumbs up if you like the video
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  1. Plants don't produce 24/7 Oxygen, they only produce it when they have light.
    At night they Breath Oxygen

    (Yes, Plants to need oxygen to live)

  2. I have just found out that some of the plants i have in my compoud are this much useful. Thank you Dr. Ji

  3. Hello sir,
    Aap ne jo bathayaa ,unmese almost plants mere pas hai.
    Lekin abhi thak mujhe un plants ka value maloom nahi tha .
    Thank you.🙂

  4. The aloe vera that was used in the thumbnail did not look like a very healthy one and it looked liked it was not getting enough light. You can see it because of the almost yellow color on the center of the plant

  5. Why are half the plants mentioned in the video “outdoor plants” when the video is titles “indoor plants”? People would expect indoor plants to thrive in indirect sunlight or medium to Low light when kept indoors.

  6. These are a bit small, and better at easing one's mood than breath. A Peace Lily plant is a good indoor plant.

  7. I like Alo Vera plant, how do I get one to grow beside buying a small plant. Is there a seed or something for this plant?

  8. I heard somewhere that it would take 700 plants in a room to supply enough oxygen for 1 person if the room was vacuum sealed…???

  9. Extremely important information! Deprive a cell from oxygen and it will turn into a cancer cell.

  10. So my question is where is the indoor plant as per the title ,the whole I could say was a rainforest here.🙄🙄

  11. Gud effort to make us so informative regarding our health and plants👏keep doing and Gud luck👍

  12. In ancient to now all Tamil houses contains at least one holy basil plant and neem tree in garden or center of the home

  13. Thank you for that information, also the spider plant is known to help purify the air, and can be kept in the bedroom, and periodically taken outside to water and rejuvenate.

  14. Dear Dr Sahib, please make a separate video on ALOE VERA plant for its care and benefits. Regards, Mohammad Ayub Mirza from Pakistan

  15. Hemp is the highest oxegen producing plant. Keep it if its leagle in yoir State Trump took it off schedule 1 leagle nation wide to grow so long as your state says ok too .

  16. 1. Areca palm
    2. Snake plant
    3. Money plant
    4. Gerbera daisy
    5. Neem tree
    6. Aloe vera
    7. Christmas cactus
    8. Peepal tree
    9. Orchids
    10. Tulsi

  17. My house is always full of plants, especially the plants you mentioned. got almost all of them in my bedroom 🤣

  18. How does this stupid think of planting a neem tree or a peepal tree in a bedroom. All stupid suggestions. Check wikipedia before this crap

  19. Title is wrong, a plant doesn't produce more oxigen than needed my itself.
    A plant produces CO2 as us at night if there is no light/photosynthesis.
    Pls edit the title or delete this video.

  20. Plants dont release oxygen. Oxygen is a man-made gas which is formed by processing air with high temperatures. Oxygen in medicine is considered a drug. It's used sparingly and in careful dosages. Oxygen is hydrophobic and dries out lung tissues. And consider how oxygen gas detectors are calibrated to see how contrived the results are from these instruments. They aren't actually detecting oxygen. They are, in fact, calibrated by using pure oxygen and setting that (100%) value to 100%. Then a sample of air is taken and that value is set to 21%, because we are told air contains roughly that amount. Photosynthesis is also a contrived process showing CO2 to O2 conversion. Look carefully at any videos you can find on photosynthetic CO2 to O2 conversion. You will find many carefully edited points where a chemical such as sodium bicarbonate is added to the water of a tank of aquatic plant species and extremely small amounts of oxygen present merely from the bicarbonate containing it. Might I suggest following Peter&Pete on YouTube, as the expose more and more science BS. Do these plants absorb noxious compounds out of the air? I dont know. I would offer that their health benefits are more likely due to their negative ion aura.

  21. I loved your list and plan to add some new green roomates thanks to your suggestions.

    My personal favorite Aglaonemas for air purifying and a high oxygen yield. They're great first house plants since they are very easy to care for. They don't need much light and due well indoors too. But they are toxic to cats and dogs.

  22. Thanks this list is lovely. You indicate a number of plants but mentioning the size as well as the number per person would be helpful for me.

  23. I have all of these plants and am surrounded by them in my front porch garden…I sit and relax every day while breathing in the clean air..I just developed both partially collapsed lungs and am thankful you posted this..I had no idea!!

  24. Don't believe this guy. These plants don't produce oxygen on a level that would make a difference in an average home. You would need to completely fill your house with hundredths of these plants and that folks would not be practical. Your home would literally look like a scene from Jumanji

  25. This is amazing. I'm glad that I had found this out, I have a snakeplant and I never had thought about keeping it inside. And it works. Surprisingly enough I have a Gerber daisy in my room before I even found out about this.

  26. This is a myth, it is not scientifically proven that indoor plants will improve air quality in your room

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