10 Diseases You Can Get Through KISSING!


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  2. Oh god. I kissed a girl for the first time and my inner lip has bumps is that just goosebumps like on the arm or should I worry??!! -it's swelling a bit too

  3. All those diseases have been accurately and easily cured by takings of Vitamin C in proper amounts. including Polio. Make a research for Dr Frederick klenner on google and you'll find out.
    In late forties , Dr Klenner cured no less then 60 cases of Polio during an epidemy in Carolina for IV vitamin C treatment. Also have a look on conferences given By Dr Suzanne Humphries ( visble on youtube).

  4. Yesterday i Kissed a Girl For First Time in My Life With Tongue But The Morning i Saw i Have under My Tongue a Small Wound It's There a Change To Get Disease Of Hepatitis?

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