10 Minute Guided Meditation to ease Anxiety Worry, Overthinking & Urgency | Soothing Calm | POWERFUL


  1. Thanks a lot it helps ;))). Just one detail, I wish the sound of your voice were more audible it is quite low even if I push the volume to the max.

  2. I wish I had found this video in the midst of my worst panic attacks. I just listened to find some relaxation, but listening brought tears to my eyes. This is the best medicine!

  3. Your voice is so soothing I am relaxed all day.  Thank you for making this video so I can listen to it every day.

  4. meditating isn’t easy, thank you for being part of my mental illness recovery. first time with this guided meditation, at first i was sort of hyperventilating, but towards the 9 minute mark i started feeling like sunshine had gotten in my body, such a comfortable warmth through my body, letting me know everything is okay & brought a smile to my face that kept getting bigger.

  5. so beautiful. I clicked on so many other videos to get in touch and this is the voice my body needed to hear.

  6. I have been struggling with anxiety and OCD and your channel and Michael Sealey has helped me grow so much, I have been struggling with this for years and i have so many mental breakdowns because of life in general, i have seen therapists in the past and might not have to see another one because of you! Thank you all so much and God Bless!😃

  7. This video is magical, stops my panic attacks in their tracks & redirects my critical self thinking to a calm, self appreciating attitude. Thank you

  8. This video was unavailable for a while… I am so relieved it is back. It saves me from miserable days time and time again. Thank you.

  9. "when you've seen beyond yourself, you will find peace of mind is waiting there. And the time will come when you see we're all one and life flows on within you and without you".

  10. I'm feel anxiety cuz from today I stoped taking benzo that I was taking every morning…but still have to drink sleeping pills

    I'm scared that if I can avoid it

  11. Listening to this for years and still love it. But after all this time, I still have no idea who the original narrator is. Can someone share? I would love to hear more from you.

  12. It was so relaxing thank you very much now I won't feel angry but I will feel relaxed and I will have a good sleep at night. I will not be angry at anyone in my class excepted the boys.

  13. Im depressed. Stressed. Anxiety overthinking.. and than worry. Im crying alot at this point. Like i want to endby suicide… Once i remembered this only matter of the world… All of this temporary.. i just need help i need a cure

  14. Is it normal I've cried my heart out for whole time while listening to it. 😢 Her voice is soothing, calming, forgiving, loving. Those background music is heavenly. 💖🌈🕊️🌸🌟💫

  15. Idk why but I've been really emotional lately and I watched this video for my horrid anxiety. It made me cry, but I felt like crying was washing away my worries. Thank you so much for making this video. 🤗

  16. Thank you for an amazing relaxing experience I am trying to settle my mind and find inner peace and this is helping me

  17. Is there anyway to find out who this girl is that is doing this meditation? I’m going to check out this page to see if her voice is on all of the meditations, because it’s wonderful! Always puts me in an amazing place.

  18. Good relaxation but I wish it wouldn't have ended so abruptly. I'm relaxing and then it goes into sharing the video

  19. Thank you, you voice is so calming, this helped me off my medication along time ago. I'm listening to it again as I've got a bit of a rough spot. Many thanks Declan

  20. I myself have anxiety, but I actually found this so I could send a link to a friend. Just listening to the audio made me feel so calm and peaceful, and I wasn’t even following the steps!!! I’ll definitely use this next time I’m upset or stressed. Thank you ❤️

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