10 People Who Got Addicted To Bodybuilding

body builders love them or hate them they are a sight to behold bulging muscles insanely chiseled bodies bodybuilders come in all shapes and sizes here are some body builders you won't believe exists more milk mama 32 year old Danny Davidson a bodybuilder and personal trainer from Essex England drinks a hundred milliliters of breast milk several times a week to give him the athletic edge Davidson began drinking breast milk five years ago and truly believes that it is the secret to his strong toned physique though he may be risking his health in the process he buys the milk from strangers online that along with the fact that the milk is obviously unpasteurized and unscreened leaves Davidson susceptible to bacteria HIV and other illnesses but Davidson insists the risk is worth it the big short anton crafted denmark is a four foot four-inch dwarf who is the only man in the world to have benched four times his body weight craft has been bodybuilding for ten years and pushes his body to extreme limits saying that he's technically died five times before being resuscitated doctors fear he may suffer a major heart attack if it keeps up his intense bodybuilding lifestyle but Kraft wants to be the best and will settle for nothing less he lives a happy life in Florida with his number one inspiration his six foot three inch transgender girlfriend Chyna vow gutsy man when 35 year old Blake Beckford of the UK was preparing for a bodybuilding competition in 2003 his dreams were dashed when he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis inflammatory bowel disease in 2012 Beckford decided to undergo a procedure to remove his entire colon diverting the small intestine through an opening in the abdomen which connects to a bag that collects bowel waste doctors told Beckford he could never return to his muscly physique and train at the level he used to without the risk of developing hernias and other health problems but Beckford was undeterred feeling healthy and pain free from his operation he slowly built himself back up and went on to become a successful award-winning bodybuilder and fitness model with his bag proudly on display shamrock what if you love bodybuilding but can't afford a gym membership let's just ask 51 year old homeless Parisian bodybuilder jack sighing sighing has been living on the streets of Paris for years and uses anything he can find from iron gates to lampposts as pieces of gym equipment when people give him money he uses it to buy healthy food and protein shakes when a documentary about Jack called street fight went viral in 2014 it enabled him to reunite with his son and a grandchild and has garnered him some worldwide recognition as well squeeze those melons American born bodybuilder Courtney Olson enjoys crushing things between her legs specifically watermelons after migrating to Australia a few years ago she became Australia's first-ever arm wrestling champ having a pair of the strongest deadliest thighs on the planet and can crush full watermelons with one hefty squeeze she recently destroyed six melons in 60 seconds part of which he posted in an Instagram video last month but hopes to crush even more next time stone cold crazy it's crazy enough wanting to lift more than your own body weight while performing a squat a Los Angeles bodybuilder fitness coach and part-time daredevil Bradley Martin decided to take it one step further by successfully and amazingly performing a 315 pounds squat on a Segway Martin also deadlifts hundreds of pounds with a woman on his shoulders squats holding a bar with a woman on each end and partakes and other insane training stunts the climb it's hard enough climbing the highest peak in Europe so in Russian bodybuilder and power lifter Andre Rada Jeb decided to make the trek up Mount Elbrus with a 165 pound barbell on his back many people thought he was nuts but rowdy Jeb completed the expedition training twice a day seven days a week to complete the feat and enduring tough weather conditions along the way the barbell was secured to his back using specially designed straps and Rada Jeb climbed at an average speed of 50 meters per hour we're finishing an 8 days flat the barbell now permanently sits at the top of the mountain to commemorate Radha Chad's incredible achievement steroids scare Candace Armstrong with a slender blonde London barmaid just a few years ago but when she began bodybuilding and using performance-enhancing drugs she quite literally turned into a man not only did her biceps get bigger but she began to grow facial hair started walking like a man and get this her clitoris morphed into a one-inch penis initially Armstrong was taken aback but is now strangely completely okay with the idea she says even if she were to stop the steroids now the manly features could not be reversed so she therefore has no intention of stopping what do you think about all these unbelievably unique bodybuilders let us know in the comments and if you enjoy this video 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  1. As A Guy Who Has Been Training For 4 Years I Have To Say This You Do Not Need Steroids Just Train As Much As Your'e Body Can Handle And Eat 5 Consistant Small And Healthy Meals A Day Drink A Lot Of Water Sleep Well And You Will Have Everything You Need Try It And You Will Thank Yourselfs Later That Is All You Need To Have A Good Body

  2. Oh so I need to get pregnant produce a crap ton of milk and freeze it and start body building before it all goes bad. Got it!

  3. I'm surprised they did say, "she also morphed two balls and got a woman pregnant with her 1inch penis/clit". 🤢🤮😨😂

  4. Why armstrong turned into a man is because steroids give you testosterone and testosterone is the opposite of what girls have so it's going to have more testosterone and what girls have is going to turn you into a man basically

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