10 Things People Don't Realize You Do Because Of Health Anxiety

warriors welcome to this video today we're talking about the 10 things people don't realize you do because of your health anxiety we've all been there hypochondriacs health anxiety sufferers now this video this knowledge this information is coming to you because I've worked with over 3,000 people with health anxiety as well I said you know what what were some of those strange habits that I was doing on a daily basis and do those other health things ID sufferers do them as well and they did so today we're going to conquer each and every one we're going to go from 10 to number 1 number 1 is going to be the very thing that health anxiety sufferers do on a daily basis and by no means is this meant to be some kind of comedic act around health anxiety it's just the idea of maybe recognizing some of these habits that we do guys and taking action behind them guys so number 10 is conversing about physical issues at least I was back in the day when I was suffering from hypochondria when I was suffering from generalized anxiety the only thing I really wanted to do was talk about these detrimental physical issues the possibility of a tumor the possibility of a heart attack what were the chances what were the percentages and every opportunity I got to talk about it I did you know all my shoulders hurting a little bit maybe maybe that's related to a heart attack wait it's on the left side no let me go on google and figure this out constant constantly wanting to speak about some kind of physical ailment guys and this goes on and on and and a lot of health anxiety sufferers do it and it's number 10 on our list number 9 is telling others as well as yourself that you've tried everything you've tried everything in the book and this was me for a very long time later on I'm going to pick on the reason behind this but this is a habit that we must first and foremost understand we must first and foremost go you know what what I'm doing is not working I've got to start doing the opposite but at least for me it was all about you no no I tried that I tried massage therapy I tried yoga I tried meditation I tried CVT I tried NLP I tried everything reading knowledge you name it nothing worked for me my my condition and my challenge was so so rare but in fact it wasn't it was very very common right so what I did was you know I realized that this is a very very big habit that people tend to go through good to recognize it right away guys number eight spend lots of time at home lots of time at home and we tend to go you know what where is our comfort zone a lot of people's comfort zone is at home so or you know and just speaking to that person that they see the most are the most familiar with and the home can be such a place where we say you know what what are the possibilities of working from home so I I would go on google and find out how can I work from home and still latch on to my anxiety and and unconsciously of course unconsciously I didn't want to recover familiarity was good for me fear anxiety I knew what to expect but my home was my place and when I was here I was okay I was still anxious and such but the home I guess is where the heart is for a lot of health anxiety sufferers number seven I cut everything short everything short meetings reading a book conversations with people social gatherings I gotta go I gotta go and we would come up with excuses around that and say oh you know my dog died and my mom not feeling too good I gotta go do my homework you know whatever it took to leave that scenario that event that situation and this is quite a common one we never see through those meetings those get together or anything like that we tend to cut everything shor as health anxiety sufferers now number six getting down to the number one which you're going to like and you're going to be able to relate to number six is non-stop doctor visits health anxiety sufferers hypochondriacs believe that one doctor's opinion one diagnosis is not enough we must go to another one may be a natural path may be a physiotherapist may be a cardiologist may be ever we got to see every specialist ten times over – maybe believe that we are healthy that we are happy that we are fulfilled if only we take this anxiety suit off put on a new suit start to see ourselves differently disidentify from anxiety all the things we talk about in the podcast all the things we talk about in the end the anxiety program but doctor visits are something so so common number five spend lots of time online forums chats regular people Facebook Twitter waste of time so where we regularly go we familiarize ourselves around those websites those forums those chats and health anxiety suffers since they already stay home so much what are they going to do they can't converse with people in the outside world they can only converse with people on the chat rooms on the forums that are like them suffering dealing with this ruminating negative automatic thoughts catastrophic thinking mind-reading fortune-telling you name it every nat- automatic thought there is out there and the more we do this the more our demon our default mode Network kicks in the more fear we feel and the more anxiety we tend to go through so spend lots of time online number for repetitive habits this was an interesting one for me and this was more so my own experience but comment below if this reminds you of you yawning burping feeling yourself non-stop right non-stop what's that sensation what could it be curiosity bewilderment what did Google tell me last time oh right it's a brain tumor I better go the doctor see how the cycles playing out so touching yourself feeling yourself during conversations with people people going why do you keep touching yourself you have no idea what you're going through and therefore will never be able to give you good advice but yawning excess yawning excess deep breathing not getting enough air in our minds burping was a big one biting my nails was another one lots of these repetitive habits that health anxiety suffers do that people do just don't understand you just don't get it they don't realize it and that's just fine number three leaving get together early we touched on this one earlier I want to say it again because leading get togethers early doesn't just mean you know I have an excuse sometimes you don't have an excuse sometimes you just want to get up and leave so you could be in that auditorium and at University and you're see your scientists or your teachers giving a talk and boom you leave early you might be in a book club and without giving any kind of excuses boom you just get up and go and a lot of times I did this at work you know I had no excuse I just couldn't complete anything I couldn't even complete an hour of work because I was so caught up in my mind and what might have happened and and all those you know self-fulfilling prophecies so leaving early all the time no excuses none needed getting up and just leaving not even explaining ourselves that's the path health anxiety sufferers are currently taking and these are habits that we have and as much as we know no habits that we have can be changed can be replaced and this is something that's absolutely beautiful and such a good positive thing for health anxiety stuffers now number two peeing all the time always going to the washroom no matter where you are every 10 minutes why do I have to pee all the time is something wrong with me I better go on Google why is my pee so yellow white whatever peeing constantly I remember peeing forty to fifty times a day I'm not exaggerating forty to fifty times a day I was so anxious and there's a number of reasons for this that I will not go into in this video I'm just pointing out the habits in this one but peeing was one that was a constant can you relate comment below the number one habit that we as health anxiety sufferers do on a daily basis is this going mute in a conversation there you are speaking with someone and the beginning is pretty good yeah I had a good day today and then your mind kicks in your thoughts kick in and goes hey why are you speaking so much speaking association anxiety right why are you breathing so heavily breathing heavily association more anxiety so what would we do we would go mute one-word answers whatever it took to get this guy or girl out of my way so I can get back to my comfort zone at home and feel safe again right so there's the top 10 things people don't realize you do because of health anxiety guys give this video like shoot me a comment below if you can relate to any of these and I will see you guys in the next video remember you are more than anxiety love you guys


  1. Wow I’m amazed you hit every single thing! I’m realizing i have identity issues tied up with health anxieties with distrust of western medicine and just twisted unbalanced thinking

  2. I can relate to most of these!!! Also I constantly pick my scabs! It’s terrible idk what to do about this. I pick scabs& then get anxiety about the scarring all over my body! But my face is whats the main problem smh !! Thanks for sharing inshallah ameen 🙏🏾♥️

  3. When was I got nervous about catching a tummy bug but here I am freaking out about terminal conditions

  4. Wow!! Another awesome video Dennis 👍🏽 so true . Thank you and God bless you for all you do for people. ❤️

  5. I constantly move, stretch or touch my body just to make sure it’s still working and that I can feel it.

  6. I googled all my anxiety and panic disorder symptoms and HIV symptoms kept coming up. Scared the living fuck out of me. Smh I finally got checked and everything was negative. 😩 thank god. However i still have terrible panic attacks …

  7. My big mistake that I do is checking my blood pressure every 5 minutes,because it's tend to raise when I have anxiety,and I feel so scary when that happen,but listening to you now it made me feel aware that i shouldn't do that anymore. Thank you so much for all advices.God bless you my friend.

  8. I always feel my pulse and worry about my heart rate and when I do physical work and it starts Beating hard I worry that it’s gonna beat to fast. Shit sucks

  9. mesouring my pulse is my biggest problem, same when i have brain zaps, i think its brain tumor or stroke. These are my biggest fears

  10. My Extreme axiety/panic attack started after googling symptoms of headache… i wished i never did that.. i'm having panic attack every day.. it ruin my life, i can't exercise, go outside, find job.. i'm always getting dizzy..

  11. Thanks again… i came here because my heart keeps skipping beats and i usually get a bad feeling. I know i have anxiety but still have a lil fear every day

  12. I haven’t been to the doctors in a Month. I’m so proud. I’m battling through this. I love your videos. So comforting. Thank you. I have hypnotherapy next week to see if that’ll help. Huge hugs to everyone suffering.

  13. I wonder if my health anxiety is related to having OCD almost 25 years until I finally got rid of it, but I have a feeling that I still kinda have health OCD and whenever I have some pain or something, I'll kinda do some OCD type constant checking of my symptoms.

  14. I’m in constant worry,every day I have a new health issue but my most common issue I focus on is there something wrong with my heart and that I can’t breath witch causes me to get a strange sensation in my solarplex and throat .im currently going through a bad time as I write this and have been in and out of hospital because of stomach pains,iv had bloods taken,ultrasound tests and all is ok,I suffer with depression because of the health anxiety and struggling to get into the right mindset to overcome it,iv got that low that iv thought of suicide as a option as day to day life has become to much for me and in all honesty the doctors in my area in the uk just look at you as if you are crazy and give no good help at all .

  15. I’m young but I’ve suffered from this since 4th grade. Mine is mostly about my heart, sweaty skin, all of a sudden it’s a heart attack. My chest hurts on the left side, all of a sudden my mind Jumps to a heart attack. I’m young so I can’t take myself to the doctor and when I tell my mom about a new symptom everyday she tells me to stop complaining!! Sometimes I can realize that it’s my hyperchondria, but when I’m in the moment and I have a feeling in my chest, I have to think back to when google told me I was having a heart attack. I also suffer from migraines and so when I feel one coming, I think it’s freaking meningitis ! And I have all the symptoms of it except a stiff neck and all of a sudden when I get up my neck hurts and then my mind flips and I go crazy!

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