10 WAYS TO USE ALOE VERA GEL – Nature Republic (Grooming and Natural Skin Care) ✖ James Welsh

Hey everyone, welcome back to my videos. Apologies for not having a video on Wednesday, so I just didn’t have time to make one but now, I’m gonna have all the time in the world. So I am back to my regular Wednesday
and Sunday videos, maybe even more, we’ll see,
I’ve got a lot of time now. I have another skincare video for you today. This is partly because you guys
have been asking about it and I also, kind of, want to show you this product that I’m going to talk about because it’s incredible and I loved it, so I just want to share with you guys. Today, we are going to be talking about
‘Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel’, 92% aloe vera. I’ve been using this for just under two months now, so whenever I got back from LA, up until now, and it is incredible. And today, I am going to tell you ten things you can do with aloe vera gel. Number one. It makes a really, really good sunburn treatment. Aloe vera gel is naturally really cool and soothing and it also just helps heal the skin as well. Number two. Aloe vera gel is extremely moisturizing
without being oily, so I have incredibly oily skin. So, aloe vera makes for a really,
really great moisturizer. Number three. I’ve been using this as a face mask as well, so what I’ll do with that is I will, kind of just layer it quite generously on my skin, quite thick but not too thick. Leave that on my skin for about 20 minutes and then just massage that into my skin. And I will do that before bedtime and I usually do that I don’t know, maybe once or twice a week
along with my other face mask. Number four, four. We would like to hang out in the evenings and some of you have, have your barbecues,
family events, whatever. But it means that we get bitten
a lot like a lot, a lot. I don’t know about you guys but mosquitoes seem to be naturally drawn
to my skin and my blood. And I found out that the aloe vera gel as well as
souvenirs itching also turns down the redness and pretty much heals the bite within about 24 hours. Number five. This will make a really, really good acne
and spot treatment. Now what I mean by that is,
more of our the red spot treatment. And what I’ve been doing,
when I’ve been breaking out is I’ve been just getting a big blob of it, putting it on the spot and just leaving it overnight. And you’ll find that the redness
has gone the bumpiness has gone, any kind of irritation has just been soothed out. Number six. So whatever your job is, most of us
are on our feet quite a bit and we get them really horrible cracked dry heels. This is where aloe vera comes in great because like I said it’s really, really moisturizing and it softens out the skin. And then along with like, a foot file or
you know, one of them ped eggs, it just really, really nicely takes away the skin without any kind of pain or any kind of irritation. Number seven. Was browsing YouTube like the majority of us do and I was shown to find what else people
were doing to create hair masks. I put product in my hair, I blow-dry my hair every single day. I wash the product out every single night. And it can really irritate my scalp, it can make my hair, you know, a little bit dry. And aloe vera gel came up, so I gave it a go, it feels a little bit weird because I thought this was a purely for skin. But all you do is, in wet hair, you just rub
some aloe vera gel all the way through, let it dry in your hair, leave overnight and your hair in the morning is like conditioned but without being too soft because you know when you condition your hair and then you can’t style your hair
because it’s gone too soft. Yeah, so that’s what it does, it really conditions your hair and then it also soothes your scalp as well because I can get a really dry scalp
from constantly spraying my hair and using too much product on washing out and blow-drying in. So, yeah this is really, really soothing on the scalp and then really, really good for the hair as well. Number eight. I don’t really shave that much but when I do
and I don’t really like to use a shaving foam, you know, you spray it on all foams up. I just find them weird and I don’t know
a little bit old-fashioned, I suppose. I prefer shaving creams and also aloe vera gel
works just as well as a shaving cream. And why I like creams is because
you can put it on your skin but you can see exactly where you’re shaving. So, what the aloe vera gel does just as
well and even better than a shaving cream, is allowing to see exactly where you’re shaving. It’s also a little bit lubricated as well almost, so the razor just glides across the skin really, really well. And it also helps minimize the
appearance of any kind of redness or lumps and bumps it creates while shaving. So yeah, it’s really, really soothing. And I would also put this on after… after the shave again, so wash it all off and then just rub it like a moisturizer. Number nine. So, I’ve been using aloe vera gel as an eye mask. Now, you do have to be careful because a lot of the products will say
not to put it near your eyes but I think you’re safe with anything over 90%
or anything that’s mainly water-based. So, what I’ll do is, I’ll get the kind like a big blob of this, put it on a cotton pad and just lay it over my eyes. It’s very naturally cooling as well, then just makes the whole eye area look
a lot more brighter and a lot more awake. Like I said, you do have to be really careful with this, I wouldn’t just go putting any kind
of aloe vera gel on your eye, anything over 90 percent aloe vera and just shut your eyes. Always read the packaging and
make sure it’s safe to do that. Number 10. So, finally I left the best one until last. I have been using aloe vera gel as a hair product. I was kind of a surprised that
how good this actually was. I wouldn’t use it as a hair protein, you know,
to go to work but I’ve been using it on my days off. And what I’ll do is, I’ll apply to wet hair, dry it through and you’ll find that it really gives a good hold
to your hair and then I will take a little bit of it,
rub it in between my hands and then just style it and then
spray a little bit of hairspray. Has enough hold to last, you know, through the day and you can always top up the hairspray but sometimes it’s just nice to give your scalp a break. So, they are my top ten favorite ways
to use aloe vera gel. I feel like this is a bit like a Vaseline
kind of product in the sense that, there’s probably a thousand other ways to use it,
if that makes sense? So, if you do know any other ways,
please leave it in the comments below. I want to know more. I will be forever buying this product. I’ve had it for two months and it’s lasting me so long, like it’s not even, you know, three quarters
of the way finished. And I’m going to leave the link
for this Nature Republic one down below. I will a 100% percent recommend this one. It’s a little bit pricier, if you’re living in the UK. If you’re in the US, you’re very lucky, you have Nature Republic in a few places in the US and of course, Japan and Korea I’m presuming Nature Republic is quite popular. I’ll leave the links to where you can buy, down below. Please remember to always read the
labels as well on the back. That’s why I highly recommend this one because it’s so natural and is aloe vera and water. Yeah like, I said any comments,
leave them for me down below. I’m loving all the video ideas that you
guys are giving me as well. Subscribe, share this video with your friends. Tell your friends about my channel. I will see you soon and I’ll see for a hair tutorial on Wednesday. Bye.


  1. I came here for the review of this product. But your accent is everything. I thought it's only applicable for the face! Also, thanks for the video ❤

  2. Is this safe for oily acne prone skin? Alcohol ranks second in the ingredients list. And my face dries as it dries in 5 mins, i can see flaky pieces on some area.

  3. If you guys are familiar/using rejuvinating sets or products you'll know that it stings because of the micropeeling it does on your skin. I tried it once and never did it again because I hate how it hurts my skin. What I did to ease the redness was place ALOE VERA GEL on the fridge until its cold and slob it all over my irritated skin. It will sting a LOT. But I swear it's worth it. The redness will be gone and it wouldn't sting as much as it soothes the skin plus the cold.

    One more thing I'm confused tho, I've read once online that aloe vera gel isn't really a good substitute for moisturizer therefore you'll need to have another moisturizer plus the aloe vera. I am confused. 😕

  4. I have here..Been using this for a week.. Well, I can say that my face became better.
    But my question is, does it can literally remove my dark spots, pimples, acne, etc.?

  5. Hello i hope somebody reply on this, ive been using aloe vera for a month and im still curious if i should washed it off after a minute that I applied or no? Thank youuuu in advanced for those who will going reply me back ❤

  6. FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO GO AN ALOE PLANT AT HOME Guys, I read on a blog that you have to wait for your aloe plant to be 4 years old to use its medicinal properties

  7. the nature republic aloe Vera gel you use is fake there are videos on YouTube that show you the real vs fake nature republic aloe Vera

  8. I have lots of fly aways, and this really helps. I would spray it on my hair every morning then head to work.

  9. I just got mine today and try it after I take a shower. My friend told me she is also using this product so I tried it now if it is really effective. I hope this product will help me to remove the darks spot due to my pimples and sunburn.

  10. I have been using the same product from six days now and I could already see the good effect, wrinkles are fading as well as sunburn and blemishes.

  11. Why they put together 92% aloe and added a bunch of irritating components (alcol, mint, calendula, perfume…) on top is beyond comprehension… Anyway it is refreshing, (very modestly) hydrating and pleasant. I see how for oily skins it may work below a moisturiser: it's like a serum. U could do the 7 skins super easy with it but, unless they rework it, putting 7 layers of alcohol on ur face does not sound like the greatest idea… plus it leaves u smelling like a bouquet… bees follow u home!

  12. I have been using aloe vera gel n my pigmentation spots hv reduced 50 %.i use fruit of the earth 99% aloe vera n switch in between home grown when available.can u please tell me if nature's republic is without any any chemicals(added color,smell,any thing else) except to hv the necessary shelf life .i am really trying to find another brand of aloe vera.pls guide

  13. I bought it from Vietnamese website with the cheapest price ever !!! 🙂 $4 .. But the annoying thing about this aloe Vera is very sticky and glued… and when you open it, it easily stick your clothes … Ughhh Annoying… Anyway it’s very good for moisturizing

  14. Hey you can use 'WOW' ALOEVERA GEL it has 99% of aloe it doesn't contain any color . They gave color to the packaging and not to the gel.

  15. What will happen if i will just apply it all over my face and leave it there until the next day without washing. Coz all've been saying that wash it after 20 mins.

  16. If people complaining and shout, "you just grow up aloe vera plant by yourself and use it freshly instead use those factory product" …. Man, i got big scar on my skin after use fresh aloe vera extract for 20minutes,but my skin get better use those "factory product"

  17. I remember my grandmother use the aloe vera gel from our garden he use it in her face before shower ,at age 74 my grandmother has fine wrinkle in her face 🥰its good for the haair also

  18. Natures republic aloe vera soothing gel
    1.sunburn treatment
    3.skin care /mask
    4.heals the bite
    5.cure acne
    6.dry skin
    7.hair mask-condition your hair
    8. shave cream
    9.eye mask
    10.hair spray..
    #Skin care -making your skin soft and glowy

  19. Would you recommend using gel from aloe plant or use that product? I thought it would be better to use the plant since it’s pure and there are no other ingredients.

  20. I've used this product. But again, I am here for enjoying his cute face.😋 I don’t remember what he talked about.

  21. I bought like that in the Phil , at watson…its 98% aloe.. and I brought with me here in US..I love the cooling effect on my arms…specially now its summer time…skin absorb it quickly, no sticky feeling…I love it

  22. 1. Sunburn treatment
    2. Moisturizer for oily skin
    3. Face mask
    4. Mosquito bite treatment
    5. Acne/spot treatment
    6. Cracked heel/dry foot moisturizer
    7. Hair mask
    8. Shaving "cream"
    9. Eye mask
    10. Hair styling product

  23. Another thing I do with it is that I use it before my foundation. But I guess that's just like using it for moisturizing.

  24. I have the same brand but it’s 93% and I don’t understand the difference :(( what does that number mean?

  25. Is it good for oily skin? I read that one of the ingredients is alcohol which dries the skin and makes it oiler by producing more sebum. Is this true?

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