102 Best Tips to Get Your Home Super Organized

Organizing is all about using previously wasted space. Welcome to Jansen’s DIY and this is 102 Best Tips to Get Your Home Super Organized 1. Manilla file folders have nothing on this pristine color-coded set. Finding important papers barely requires reading labels, just a glance toward the right color to find exactly what you need fast. 2. We bet the compact disc holder you bought in the ’90 is now collecting dust in your attic. Give this outdated organizer a helpful new purpose by using it to store plastic lids. 3. Instead of taking up valuable cabinet space with these clunky items, use Command Hooks to hang them on an unused wall, like this pro organizer did. Start by hanging the biggest items first, then incorporate the medium-sized ones and finish with the smallest items. 4. Plastic shower pockets hold everything a mom could possibly need on a road trip (or, heck, a supermarket run) with kids. 5. Corral hot tools (once they’ve cooled!) on a vanity with a decorative magazine holder. 6. A utility space is perfect for hanging sturdy racks overhead. Try this trick for storing seasonal items you don’t always need to access quickly. 7. Hooked together with a can tab, two hangers eat up way less closet space. 8. Make better use of your shed’s doors by hanging everything from spades to the garden hose with a towel bar. 9. A few dot of hot glue mean strappy tanks and slippery silk blouses won’t wind up on the floor as you flip through them. 10. It seems counter intuitive to your battle against clutter to create a place where you leave piles of stuff. But just like a piece dark chocolate can satisfy your sweet tooth, a dedicated spot for everyday items is the stop gap that prevents your entire home from eventually looking like a tornado hit it. 11. Streamline your pantry (or create a travel-size spice rack) by ditching cumbersome half-empty bottles for slim, compact Tic Tac boxes. 12. Get wet sponges and scrubbers off your countertop by placing them in desk organizers hung on the side of nearby cabinets (an ever-underutilized space). 13. Since it’s often too easy to just throw things anywhere, flip the script and make it harder to cause a pile-up. Place a plant, a figurine, or a framed photo on your side tables, or add a table runner or centerpiece to a dining room table 14. Eliminate tangles, dents and messy piles when each necklace and earring has an individual hook. By framing the pegboard and painting it a soft, inviting color, it doubles as wall art and doesn’t come off as utilitarian-style storage. 15. Find hidden extra space in a drawer by adding just one rod. Lids rest easily on it, and stand out of the way of your other cookware. 16. This utility zone might be hidden from guests, but you still have to look at it every day. Choose furniture-like pieces and wrap the interior with patterned contact paper to inspire you to stay tidy. 17. Storing undies in cute compartments helps you instantly see every pair you own. Plus, the painted pipes offer an extra bit of fun to your everyday routine. 18. Bent to the side, these bathroom staples keep your bags off the floor. 19. Kids need to understand that storage is finite, and that continuing to collect eventually leads to clutter and chaos. When they get a new toy or new jeans, send an old one to the donation bin. 20. Fashion an instant garment bag by cutting a slit in the closed end of the case, and slipping a hanger through. 21. If a bloated pile of grocery store bags is taking over your cabinet space, stuff them into empty tissue 22. Affix small bins with adhesive strips on cabinet doors to create a home for hot tools, brushes and hair ties. A magnetic strip keeps bobby pins, nail clippers and tweezers from getting lost. 23. Ordering your shoes by heel to toe will maximizes space and gives you a quick survey of color, toe style, and heel height to help speed up getting dressed. 24. Nothing hampers decor quite like wires that have to be plugged in across the room. Tiny adhesive hooks help camouflage potential tangles by attaching cords to the back of furniture. 25. Label your junk drawer, these organization hints are hard to ignore, even for the most clutter-blind members of your family. 26. A to-go coffee cup filled with tissues means you can get that cardboard box off the floor for good. 27. Under her folding table, this home blogger placed a basket for each member of her family. She sorts the laundry into each person’s bin, and they’re required to fold and put it away. Three cheers for delegating err, teamwork? 28. If you’re more likely to curl up with knitting needles than a glass of red, trade out bottles for colorful skeins with this cozy storage solution. 29. Before you drag an old piece of furniture out to the curb, consider repurposing the drawers as under-the-bed bins, and add wheels to make access even easier. They blend better with the room design than plastic boxes. 30. Freeze food in flat in zip-seal bags, labels them by date and then “file” them vertically in bins to maximize space. 31. The skinny space between your fridge and the wall is prime real estate for storing canned goods and a cute chevron surprise never hurts. 32. Glue magnets to your favorite palettes and stick them up on a magnetic board, like Margaret did at Janicki Photography. This way, your countertop remains clear, but your makeup is still within easy reach. 33. When your little ones play with Legos, figurines, or other multi-piece toys, start by laying out a large blanket or bed sheet first. That way, when it’s time to clean up, you can bring the ends of the blanket together and quickly dump the toys back into their storage bucket. It also helps to give your kids a more defined play area to try and keep the toys within. 34. Your planner might be filled with tidy to-do lists, but somehow receipts, mail and other scraps always end up at the bottom your purse. Glue an envelope inside the cover of your go-to notebook to create a place you can hide loose papers that you need to keep. 35. Two smartly spaced coat hooks are all you need to hide your ironing board behind your laundry room door, and still gain easy access when it’s time to combat creases. 36. Instead of scooping Fido’s kibble from a precariously floppy bag, minimize the chance of a big spill by pouring the food into a studier, wide-mouthed bin. This one is a spray-painted popcorn canister leftover from the holidays. 37. A muffin tin provides a handy single-step solution to rallying the bits and baubles that live in your junk drawer, home office or vanity. Try it with earrings, rings and bracelets, too. 38. A traditional ironing board eats up valuable room with its X-like frame but who actually folds it up after every use? This clever IKEA hack turns the top of a long table into an ironing space, and offers spots for baskets underneath. 39. Just a few hooks and one solid shelf, are all you need to streamline a front door pileup. This blogger even sacrificed a closet to outfit her entryway with organizing tools, a change she finds more efficient and helpful. 40. Taking the extra time to be intentional with your decor and your supply choices can make a big difference, especially when you can’t store not-so-decorative items in a cabinet. Choose stuff that coordinates for a collection that looks stylish and inherently tidy. 41. When your bathroom mirror doesn’t double as a medicine cabinet or, if your hair products simply require an overflow zone, try these cool hidden shelves that display art when closed. 42. If your kitchen lacks storage, your counter will feel the brunt of the problem. So choose pretty containers and not a lineup of grocery store boxes when you have to devote visible space to food. 43. Instead of draping them across whatever’s in your path (the back of a chair, a door knob, your bed post), corral scarves neatly together on just a single hanger. This also works perfectly for other accessories, like belts and handbags. 44. A simple rotating caddy means that you’ll never be caught standing over a hot stove without spoons within easy reach. Check out the complete step by step guide on Homey Oh My. 45. This blogger’s pantry transformation gets two things majorly right: First, clear canisters make it easy to see how much food you have. And second, a variety of stylish choices (including a chalkboard wall!) create a space that you actually want to spend time in — and keep tidy. 46. Store smaller necessities, like a first aid kit, toiletries and kids’ favorite car activities in fabric bags that zip to hold everything in place. 47. Rolls of wrapping paper stay as neat as the day you bought them when smartly clipped. 48. Employing one of our favorite sneaky moves, you could add more space by add shelving to a dresser’s sides. 49. Hang a towel bar over the sink so you could put towels, measuring spoons, mugs or whatever else you like within easy reach. 50. Stow extra toiletries and towels up and out of the way. It’s an especially helpful tactic in a guest bathroom; you can offer visitors everything they need, but still keep things tidy. 51. Take back that wasted cabinet space by turning the front piece into a tilt-out storage spot. This DIYer keeps her hot tools (and their unruly cords) orderly, thanks to this hack. 52. Stem the tide of soccer balls, basketballs, dodge balls and beach balls with bungee cords. 53. Resistance bands offer an easy way to squeeze in a workout, but there’s no real great way to store them. That is, until we saw this on-the-wall method. Now there’s no excuse to put off your workout. 54. Use that overhead space in your garage to your advantage by installing heavy-duty shelves. Meet the new home for your out-of-season holiday decor. 55. This is one of those genius ideas we wish we thought of first. Here, metal toy cars find a new parking spot on a magnetic knife holder. Clever, right? 56. Toss Books Into a Sling. Kids will love having their favorite bedtime reads at their fingertips, while you’ll love preventing the next-to-the-bed pileups. 57. Colorful bins add a little more style to this purely functional space, while also cutting down the chaos that is filling a chest freezer. Now you’ll be able to easily get to the frozen broccoli without having to dig through bags of frozen fries. 58. If you can’t resist a sale on gift wrap, you’ll love this idea: Zip all those rolls into a hanging garment bag, then hang it up in your closet. 59. You know those holders for containing plastic bags? They often just lead to hoarding more plastic bags. Instead, recycle those grocery bags, convert to reusable ones and use the holder for gift wrap rolls. 60. We never really thought about the storage potential of our closet ceilings until we saw this genius idea for stowing rolls of gift wrap in that very place via Frank Farm’s Flickr. 61. Get three levels of storage in your shower without gross water pooling on shelves by repurposing a tiered hanging basket for toiletries and bath toys. 62. If you’re particular about who uses washcloths in your home, ease your mind with the roll-and-file method. Tall shelf dividers help keep everything categorized. 63. Often, you can track a family member’s daily routine by the articles of clothing in your home and the weird places they end up. Encourage better behavior by using coat racks to hold pairs of shoes, It’s one less thing to trip over at least. 64. Out-of-season shoes can be stashed safely out of sight with this novel idea. Just put them on a cabinet door that’s been modified with sides and wheels, then add this idea to the list of the best IKEA hacks. 65. Lipsticks are tricky: They’ll easily fall over when stored in a medicine cabinet, and they’re small enough to get lost in a makeup organizer. A custom solution is in order, like this handy and budget-friendly box. 66. When stored on their sides, cans are stackable yet keep their labels in sight. Of course, you’ll need to contain the sideways cans somehow — and these wire baskets are just the right thing for the job. 67. Hide Jewelry Behind a Mirror. Think of this like a super huge medicine cabinet, but for accessories. Yes, you have to DIY it, but it’s a great way to make use of wall space. 68. Really, every door in your house could use a rack like this. Here, blogger Melanie uses the lightweight wire shelves for laundry and cleaning necessities. 69. We’ve all had that moment when you open up the cabinet and all the reusable water bottles you’ve ever owned come tumbling that. Say “enough” and become a convert to this new way of storing them: inside a magazine holder. 70. it’s not like storing nail polish is a huge hassle, but it is an inconvenience when you can’t find your perfect shade. A spice rack doesn’t take up much room, and the slim shelves are just right for the small bottles. 71. A hanging shelf system is the perfect size for paper towel rolls, giving you an easily accessible spot for your Costco haul. 72. Drawers neatly keep Fluffy’s food from Fido’s, while making it easy to scoop out just the right amount for mealtime. Plus, it’ll take a little extra work for curious kitties (and pups) to break into the stash. 73. Who says clothespins are only for hanging things up to dry? They can keep your fabric accessories off the floor, too. 74. Because stuffed toys have a tendency to take over every room of the house, this bungee cord “zoo” finally gives plush animals a dedicated spot. 75. LEGO toys do wonders for your kid’s imagination, but they really do get everywhere. Curb the mess and spare your feet, with this under-the-bed tray just for the building blocks. 76. Use Compartments for LEGOs. Though the under-the-bed idea is great for blocks, the super-tiny parts (like figurines, flowers and teeny blocks) require a different solution to keep from getting lost. 77. By sorting LEGOs by Color using scrapbook shelves, it’s easy for kids to find exactly the piece they need to complete their LEGO masterpiece. 78. Bath toys can be a challenge to store since they’re wet 99% of the time. A mesh bag contains the problem while letting toys dry out (for once). 79. Don’t overlook the side of a kitchen island or even a bookshelf. Adding a basket takes all of three seconds, and gives you a handy spot for frequently accessed items. 80. A yoga mat is one of those things that doesn’t take up too much space yet can be awkward to store. The best bet is to hang them on the wall, like this brilliant idea that places the yoga mat in a shelf bracket. 81. Those teeny little envelopes instantly go missing in a pantry, so give them their own home inside a repurposed sponge caddy. Then, take a moment to reorganize your spices. 82. Repurpose a Shower Caddy for Produce, It’ll free up space elsewhere, and make it a little easier to grab an onion when you’re making dinner. 83. Don’t recycle that soda box once it’s empty, instead, use it to dispense canned goods. 84. Those cutlery organizers always leave awkward space in a drawer. But by using small bins (found at the dollar store), you can create a custom-sized storage solution that doesn’t waste an inch. 85. A wire bin placed on the back of your cabinet door creates a “pocket” for holding the many cutting boards that normally take up space on shelves. Just make sure you’re cleaning them the right way before putting them away. 86. Perhaps you won’t use this for your fanciest jewelry, but a humble ice tray keeps earrings neatly contained and together. 87. Free up room on your bookshelf by putting bulky board games in a hanging organizer. 88. Store Cookie Cutters in a Cookie Jar, now you’re one step closer to making a fabulous batch of sugar cookies. 89. If you don’t have a tile backsplash, consider adding a skinny picture ledge above the sink. It’s an ideal spot for stowing cutting boards, or you can add a few framed artworks for a decorative touch. 90. Stick-on hooks ensure that plastic wrap, parchment paper, aluminum foil and anything else that comes in a long, skinny box is always ready to use. 91. Turn a deep drawer into a convenient place to store root veggies, bread and more by adding bins. 92. Power cords can clutter up precious counter space so keep them under control by adding a stick-on cord keeper. 93. Measuring Cups and Spoons, these frequently-accessed kitchen helpers are always in reach when you pop them on hooks. 94. A kitchen drawer has more space than you think, especially if you divide it up diagonally. This way, you can fit in those awkwardly large cooking utensils neatly. 95. Bathrooms always present an organizing challenge, just because the room has such limited space to begin with. You can squeeze a little more storage in by adding floating shelves in the corner near the toilet. 96. Don’t even have enough space in your bathroom for toilet-adjacent shelves? Install a few super-small shelves by the mirror for toiletries and makeup. 97. If you have the delicious problem of too many baking chips, use this simple idea to keep the bags from getting lost in the back of the pantry. 98. Your fabric will stay neat while remaining visible, acting as a handy reminder to actually get to sewing up something fabulous. Keep an adorable pincushion nearby for extra crafting convenience. 99. A wire file holder isn’t just for keeping your office neat and tidy, it can neatly organize your fun handbags while helping them keep their shape. 100. A must for those who really love scrapbooking, this tidy station keeps photos at arm’s reach, no matter where you prefer to work. Photos are stacked by subject in clear plastic boxes, then filled in the ever-so-handy IKEA Raskog cart. 101. If this list teaches you anything, it’s that there can never be too many scarf organizing ideas. This DIY pull-out shelf is for those who are serious about their neck ware and also saving space in one’s closet. Check out the complete DIY instruction at View Along The Way. 102. First, add a second tension-mounted shower curtain rod to your shower, close to the wall. Then, use hanging clips, such as “C” clip curtain rings, to hold toiletries. And… that’s all for now… For more DIY hacks and organizing Ideas, stay tune to our channel. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next videos…


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