11 Sneaky Symptoms of Anxiety Everyone Needs to Know


  1. Nice video! Thank you for this information. Anxiety is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behavior such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints, and rumination. At Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Wellness, we decide the type of treatment according to the nature of anxiety disorder. Different types of therapy and medication are provided to deal with anxiety. We specialize in a number of key mental health categories.

  2. I feel personally called out by this video, i know im not, but the way you talked about 'avoiding situations i'd like to be apart of, but the fear keeps me from trying', 'not being able to start things, making myself think i've failed at them before even trying', 'the social withdrawal and the nervous thoughts of taking part and withdrawing', 'getting overwhelmed', 'over preparing / hyper vigilant and getting paralysed', 'the sleep problems', 'constantly seeking reasurance' its like you've been watching me and taking notes for the past 18 years, thank you for the free tip sheet 🙂

  3. Ok. I cry really easily in certain situations. When I’m angry, stressed or criticized… i just feel it boiling up inside me. I cant control it its horrible. How bad it is oscillated trough my life. Im at my best point now but its still not that great. I hate it. I tried everything under the sun but tears always start leaking out and i feel immense pressure in my head. Ive managed to make my face still and to not make noise so i don’t attract attention but i still cry. I cant hold it in, i cant make it stop…. I don’t know what to do…. how can i look professional when i cry whenever i am criticized??? Im considering just getting a prescription for something… anything that will make this stop. Any advice?

  4. Thank you J,I just had another anxiety attack, I don't have any idea why,but listening to you really helped me….Thank you

  5. hello, I jest found out today that I have anxiety disorder… And I have a lot of the signs… Bad sleeping, stressed, scared, shaking, anxiety, staying organized, crying, not doing Daily activities, feel like someone's looking at you, and iv'e had it for 1 year, so it scares me that I only found out today… But know that I know I have anxiety, I am not going to let that take me down… So now I'm working on it, and if you have anxiety disorder, don't let it take you down, keep standing… ((Never let anything take you down))

  6. I would say I feel 9/10 of these things. I always thought it was normal to have these feelings. It’s actually a relief that they’re not and I’m happy to know that they’re are ways to dealing with them.

  7. Thank u. Umm ….. I knew I had anxiety but not this bad. I found this video on accident but it makes so much sense now. Think I need some help.

  8. I get like such really hard anxiety panic like sometimes it can last for 4 to 5h non stop and literally you just described my whole life in your video…you have no idea of how much this video will help me in the future..thank you very much.

  9. I constantly feel like I can’t do things. I’m 23 years of age and I have suffered with this for nearly 2 years now and I hate it. My worse symptom atm is when I kinda drift off in to a sleep but I wake up and I feel like I’m kinda shaking like I’m going to have a fit but my doctor says it’s just anxiety. I have woke up before and my head is just shaking like I’m fitting out in my sleep but it goes within 30 seconds. This has happened just twice. Let me no your symptoms below it might make me feel better because I ain’t alone

  10. Today in class I had to do a oral Presentation, I was prepared but thought I wasn’t scared of failing and what’s other thought but also his I thought I did because I over do everything but I dealt as tho I did not do enough, and when my teacher called me up I froze , I literally felt as tho I could not move . Then my tracker skipped me and went on to the next person. As for in thought of failing I stated to cry, and have breathing problems as well as like having a tiny Hart attack , I felt lightheaded, and dizzy. ( sorry this might make no sense, sorry for spelling errors and for making this long )

  11. What has helped is knowing I have some control. CBD therapy. Finding out I had a heart defect .. mentally unwell relatives..sharing with my anxious daughter. It's always there but the intensity has lessened

  12. I feel this every day. The last week I've had five anxiety attacks when I thought I was getting them under control and my significant other has never even been around someone with anxiety issues so he isn't real supportive. I hate leaving my house. I can't keep a job because of this issue. I'm lost.

  13. I agree with everything except number 1.numbr 2 and 3 hit home hard. Example bumper car rides. I can't handle riding with someone else driving. U have to do it myself. I am hyper vigilant too. But I never do lists physically. Omg the sleeping thing too. Lol the last one Def not.

  14. I do have anxiety and depression. When I found out I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome it was hard and felt so angry and robbed of my life that I use to have and with no support other than my doctor that understood this no one else my kids, family and friends like didn't believe me or understood what I was going through and that have me depression and anxiety. I do shut myself off and stay in my bedroom a lot because even as a kid that was my safe place. I do take medication for depression and anxiety but it only helps a little but don't take it away. I did and some times to take medication or other things to medicate myself when my anxiety gets so high and out of control. I did go to treatment years ago for over you of prescription pills years ago to numb everything but that just caused more problems for me. I just happened to be on YouTube and saw this and watched it. I have so much of what you said but my husband dosent understand it or days he does but he don't know how it feels and all the different struggles I have and change from one day to minutes. I don't go out and if I do even just to see my kids And my mom I have to take my pill and bring them with me. I get so scared and feel judged after I went to treatment and feel like a failure and not good enough. I break out in sweats, heart races and my mind goes 100 or more times a minute. I don't sleep much at all because my head plans things that I want to get done and have such a big list that I get so tired and can't do anything. I don't want to be like this I want all of my illnesses to go away and just be normal like I once was. I heard you say about being a perfectionist that was me and I had to be the best at everything in my life that chronic fatigue syndrome kicked in after I had mono and never new I had it but I have the ebsteen virus I my immune system. I was like wounder woman and now I am nothing. I need so much help and want my life back but there is no cure for what I have. I feel so alone and no one understands how hard it is to push yourself into doing something and worry about what am I going to screw up now. I just hate myself and my life. I feel like there is no hope for me at all. I only make friends in the internet in fibromyalgia chats and diamond painting chats and feel safe because they can't see me or really know what I have and go through. I hope this channel can help me because I really need it. Thanks for this video.
    Sincerely Angie Schulte of Minnesota

  15. i am fearfull worried alot of the time and my hands shake and i never know when i am going to feel like this. it just comes on. i go to bed and two hours later i am awake for three hours.i need help handling it.i have become so afraid of heights.

  16. I have to take a half of ativan before i go out it is totally crazy i don't have a life i been in therpy for years just getting worse

  17. PTSD panic disorder depressed my heart I'm sure is gonna go early my heart races chest tight I won't go out answer calls my own mum called me wierd and embarrising so I am excluded from all family events. I have no support I've bn suicidal I try so much to beat it it's kicking m arse an my dreams or nightmares r so horrible it affects my Work my sleep my health I Hardly eat. I don't drink alcohol or use drugs. Some days I feel great. Waking up every morning or few times a night due to anxiety attacks. I meditate I really really am trying. I'm convinced I'm gonna have a heart attack before I'm 50.

  18. My anxiety is really bad now a year ago i dont think i had any mental health problems then it just crept up on me. I dont even feel like myself anymore and even with my mates i always just feel like im the awkward one in the group, think smoking bud may have made it worse but i dont like feeling like this all the time and dont know what to do cuz im to nervous to go to the doctors😧

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