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Tom O Brien here Master Herbalist at empowering medicine, today talking to you about Turmeric. A great healing herb and healing food. If your interested in herbs follow me, subscribe to his channel and be guaranteed weekly content mostly on the healing and health benefits of herbs and food and some aspects of my day to day life in some blog from time to time. But today is a sunny day, its spring, and we’ve just celebrated the Easter Rising and I just realized this
is partly to colour in our flag and so something that we need is a bit of orange, embrace the orange within, We need the greens, lots of greens and whites not in the form of milk, but maybe almond milk, We need to embrace the orange, An amazing powerful indian herb, dating back thousands of years, has been used for healing and preserving food and I am going to talk to you about the 12 health benefits of Turmeric. fantastic orange colour, its slightly astringic bitter taste, But a powerful powerful food called a superfood, But its it’s a real food and real food nurture, cleanse and heal, Thats what real food does, the rest is just filling space, making you feel good, but its not necessarily cleansing, detoxing and boosting your vitality preventing disease. Number one is cancer. Cancer affects many people today 30,000 people are diagnosed a cancer
every year In ireland. and that’s huge – thats a lot of families
affected by the stress cancer. and research into the active ingredient of Turmeric, curcumin has demonstrated its effects against certain tumours, Heart disease another major cause of death in Ireland, Turmeric has been studied and found to be effective in helping to maintain heart health, in particular preventing the build-up of plaque and reducing clot formation Turmeric is also credited
with reducing blood pressure and other key factor in cardiovascular health Turmeric has been found to be effective in speeding up wound healing. Its very simple to make an external paste can be applied to wounds by adding water into the Turmeric and making a simple paste applying it externally Its anti-bacterial, anything that is antibacterial, is good for our health. It’s like a natural antibiotic Attacking those bacterias that are causing sickness and illness. Its been used for thousands of years as a food preservative. Alzehimers and related dementia issues affects up to 32,000 people in Ireland every year. and as the population ages this is going to increase. and Turmeric can help to reduce the impact of these diseases, as it reduces the development of these diseases, Its the anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin
that works in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, a lot of diseases are diseases of inflammation and any herb or food and reduces inflammation is
going to prevent these diseases developing and promoting good health Turmeric also helps to prevent the development of inflammatory bowel diseases Around 20,000 people every year suffer from Crohn’s disease and inflammation diseases of the bowel. Psoriasis, another skin condition another inflammation disease, linked to diet and stress But curcumin in Turmeric is another
effective way of addressing this again used topically using the paste of Turmeric simple a bit of water and Turmeric applied to the skin externally, I had Psoriasis myself many years ago, I didn’t know at the time so I hope this helps you. Rheumatoid arthritis another inflammation up to
40,000 people in Ireland so rheumatoid arthritis too painful condition caused
by the immune system attacking the joints the body’s out of balance its inflamed. Studies have shown that curcumin in Turmeric, is effective in reducing inflammation associated with arthritis Turmeric has been used in the treatment of diabetes thousands of used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine Its estimated that around 200,000 people so far from diabetes in Ireland, every year estimated the states spends around 350
million in the treatment of diabetes is how much Turmeric could we buy buy for 350 million Peptic ulcers, a painful condition, Turmeric has been found to be effecting in reducing the symptoms associated with peptic ulcers to reduce particularly the abdominal pain
associated with peptic ulcers. Irritable bowel syndrome another very stressful condition that affects a lot of people, according to one study involving 207 volunteers Turmeric was effective in reducing the symptoms associated with irritable bowel
syndrome Turmeric has been found to reduce the intoxication effects associated with
alcohol this could be used in the treatment of alcoholism or by people who
suffer from the effects of drinking too much if we can reduce the intoxication
associated with alcohol we can also use to harm associated with drinking.
Contraindications and precautions particular people of bile duct
obstruction is important not to take huge doses of Turmeric, my recommendation is a teaspoon of Turmeric in a glass of almond milk, daily. Tell me what is your experience using turmeric, how do you like to use it? If you have enjoyed this video tell me what you think, comment in the comment box below share subscribe and like if you enjoyed this video I will see you in a video soon and I am going to have a Turmeric Milk.


  1. Been wondering where you've been brother. Tumeric has been the talk lately, nothing but good things I've heard about it. Is the power comparable to fresh root? Love your work!

  2. Thank you so much for the information. I like that you are direct and to the point. Easy to understand. Can the 1 teaspoon a day be used in several smaller dosages throughout the day? I do like adding it to my salad dressing, bone broth and eggs. I will give it a try in almond milk. I noticed you heated the milk. Is that better?

  3. Great job once again. No doubt it's a wonderful spice. We use it in our food recipes. It does wonders for IBS patients.

  4. We juice turmeric, use it as a face lightening diy face mask & tooth paste as a whiting tooth paste! And of course a yummy tea! I'm doing a video in it this week! I'd love for you to follow my channel! 🙏🏻

    I may reference and link this video for a medical look at it ☺️

  5. I take it in supplement form daily for psoriasis works very well I enjoy it as a seasoning as well and I love curry powders too!

  6. I'm of Irish ancestry but was born and live in Canada. I hope to visit Ireland soon 🙂  Anyway, I am so glad I found you Sir as I am just getting very interested in Spices, Herbs, Juicing, Apple Cider Vinegar and overall good health  🙂  Cheers

  7. I live in india ,kerala a beautiful place with lots of herbs in nature.we used to add turmeric in most of our curries and i used turmeric paste for pimples ,for cough boil milk turmeric pepper powder then have it will work for sure then for face mask fresh cocunut juice mix with turmeric and use it ☺

  8. I love that you cite your sources in the video! It's such an uncommon thing for YouTubers to do

  9. You should include black pepper with turmeric. Makes your body absorb a lot more of the circumin.

  10. Thank you for making a complex subjects simple. overwhelmed trying to change to vegan and understanding the how and why. Again you teaching apriciated so much

  11. I am so glad I came across you on You Tube. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I have begun changes in my life. I am currently Paleo, no dairy except grass fed butter. What is the best recommended dose for daily Turmeric intake? I do have joint pain and inflammation. I do not have bile duct obstruction. Also, due to an injury I have a chip fracture in my low back. Since then I have severe muscle spasms in what is felt in my rectal area. It even awakens me from sleep. I have had injections in the past, but it is coming back again. What herb or herbs would be best to help with this?

  12. I drink turmeric latte lol daily 🙂 I make a turmeric paste ( turmeric powder, black pepper, coconut oil) add hot water, top up with plant milk, and a bit of raw honey.

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  14. These studies and research are good but I have had first hand benefits from using this religiously for now 2 years everyday. Add in some coconut out and black pepper in water and boil. Drink every morning after your litre of water upon rising. I feel so amazing from this concoction I cannot emphasise this enough. I'm sure I will live longer because of this. The well being i feel is unexplainable. People please start using this everyday. I'm am currently trying to bring this product in the best mixed form possible to market. Keep an eye out for it.

  15. When employed unwisely, some medicinal plants are actually dangerous. Find out here.-http://www.spectalist.com/most-dangerous-medicinal-plant/

  16. that was very informative, my age is about 68 year, I am still strong and work as a professional music teacher, I want to ask your advice, my head shakes , do u think I must use turmeric for this purpose, would it stop my head shake?

  17. can you take just Turmeric powder and not have to by the expensive curcumin which just seems like a way to print money making the pharmacutical industry products look positively cheap

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