13 COMMENTS WHY | Reading Your Comments #102

And now, Twitter comments: with Jacksepticeye. “Jack you’re as great as peanut butter.” Wait! Are you talking smooth or crunchy type of peanut butter here? Because I can be very ~smooth~ but I can also be Rocky. I can also rock and/or roll if need be. So you’re gonna have to tell me which one is which, ’cause there’s a very strong preference from one over the other. A lot of people don’t like crunchy peanut butter. So you trying to insult me or are you trying to compliment me? TELL ME! So now that the channel is so big, how often do you get recognized daily/weekly? Is it ever hard to go out anywhere? It kinda depends on the time of day. If I go out like, during the middle of the day or something; I usually do get recognized fairly often. There, it’s-it’s at least three times each time I go out, which is lovely, because I love meeting people and people are super nice and awesome but I mean if I go out into like a-a nature trail or something, I’m not going to get recognized, or if I go out at like 10 o’clock at night or eight o’clock at night or something. You get recognized at different times. So it depends. It depends! It depends on how busy it is outside. It’s also because I live in such a small town that you get recognized a bit more often and it’s usually repeat people as well who see you over and over again but if I went to like a big city and sometimes never go to conventions and we walk around to see here that you don’t get recognized all that often it kind of depends on the busy hours. “Do you have a driving license?” Sadly I still don’t. I haven’t gotten on that… I keep saying that I’m going to and then I never find the time to actually do it. Because there’s so much shit going on all the time! I’m either going to conventions, or I’m moving or there’s like stuff to be planned in the future that I can’t talk about (chuckles) um or there’s just things going on all the time! And then any time I do have a moment to myself, I-I try and enjoy it and try and get out and I try and play some games that I’ve missed or shows that I’ve missed or movies that I want to see instead of going off and getting a driver’s license and I have to do like a mandatory set amount of lessons so I kind of wanted to do them all in bulk instead of doing one now one in two weeks time one and a month after that kind of thing.. Um.. But, because I’m moving, I might try and do it in the UK. We’ll see if it’s actually easier to do there or not. I don’t know. I do have a license of driving people up the wall. (yeah, you do sometimes, Sean..) That’s about all I have. “Jack could you please start doing pins as part of your merchandise at some point.” Yes, yes I can. I actually talked to find Fanfiber about getting pins made enamel pins that is because before I never really understood the fascination with them I looked at enamel pins I was like, “ehh they’re kind of cool” and then I start going to conventions where enamel pins were everywhere I’m like, “These are awesome!” and I have a bunch of Rick and Morty ones and I have a kingdom hearts one and everything like stuck to my bag. My youtube gaming bag so they’re really cool so I want to get some like little Sam’s made or something. I don’t know we’re in the process of trying to get them done so we’ll see there, it’s like making so for a merch store isn’t as easy it’s just like “Hey let’s make this!” and then it’s done. There’s a lot of planning and artwork and different styles everything’s are going to it so I’m trying to get those made, and hopefully they’ll be really good because I kind of just want some myself. “Are you and Signe addicted to fidget spinners? Not right now, I’m not, but I really want one! and it’s weird because I saw fidget spinners like mid last year they were popping up on reddit every now and then and I thought “Oh, those are kind of cool maybe I’ll got one of them and then I just completely forgot about them and now all of a sudden they’re a huge trend again, everybody has a fidget spinner and you’d like the new thousand-degree hot knife challenge on YouTube everyone is just uploading videos about fidget spinners um so I really just want one for myself to mess around with if while I’m editing or photoshopping or whatever or just playing games and I went– we went like 30 minutes across town like the complete opposite side of town to try and get one in a shot that I had heard that they were in and they were sold out they’re not getting them in until like Thursday then I cried in the middle of the shop and the guy told me to leave. “Made an edit you’re in the show now.” it was actually pretty cool edit I’m not going to lie that that’s really decently made so thank you for that also does it bother anybody else that there’s not 13 tapes on the actual promotional thing because it bothers me also you put me in 13 reasons why so here’s your tape if your life was a movie what actor would you want to play as you if you couldn’t do it yourself my life was a movie hmm let me cool I mean it might be a very boring movie but if it was then I’d get Chris Pratt to play me because he’s fun he bubbly he energetic he’s charismatic he’s handsome he’s buff but then I might get jealous and I might start wishing that I was him and my fuck it I wish I was him already I admire the faith you have in humanity all man but sometimes it’s tested sometimes I read something in the news and I’m like why why humanity or just, humanity was a mistake but I mean I think everybody has the capacity to do good in the world I think everybody has the the ability to be a decent person some people just choose not to be for some reason so I like to give people the benefit of the doubt even though sometimes that backfires on me but I’d like to see good in people before I get cynical and pessimistic and start thinking that everyone is piece of shit until proven otherwise Jack life starts at 30 what the hell have I been doing for the first twenty seven of it I said am i my -3 now I’m 27 I’m hitting I’m about to hit 30 life starts at 30 yeah that makes me -3 now I’m counting down so you’re all watching the channel of an unborn baby right now that’s pretty cool that’s a pretty cool experiment to be part of a pretty cool community to be part of should just change all my bios to be the first unborn child YouTube channel did you try the Unicorn drink at Starbucks when it was here no I didn’t and I’ll tell you very good reason why because it didn’t fucking get it at Starbucks here maybe they got it to Starbucks somewhere else in Ireland but they didn’t get it here all we got was like salted toffee macadamia lattes I’m like oh sure that’s tasty if you’re a fucking idiot I want something that looks like bubblegum and something that’s gonna rot my insides and make my teeth fall out of my head so that’s how you know it’s a good beverage, that and it just looked delicious and I heard it tasted really good and now I’m jealous but no we have to get bullshit here what’s your best piece of advice for life life is one of those things that everyone takes for granted I think because you’re here you’re in the world you’re doing things but people tend to forget this the majesty and the beauty of how you just came to be how most of us are likely here just by accident and that the chemical combinations of things that are need to actually make a human being and for that to be a success and for you to actually be standing here on the earth flying around a ball of fire it’s just a freakin miracle upon itself and we’re only here once you get one shot at this you do one go-around in life so why not make the absolute best of it that sure it’s easy to just resign into yourself and be complacent and take things as it is and not go for the things that you really want to go for but why why not just go out there and absolutely go as hard as you can at life do the absolute best that you can sure I’m kind of guilty of this at some point as well where you just sit down and you’re relaxing to yourself and sometimes that’s fine sometimes you need those days but at the same time I always want to try my best and absolutely anything I set my mind to because I’m never going to get a chance to be able to do these things again I’m never going to get a chance to be where I am right now ever again to be doing this YouTube thing and to take all these opportunities that I can so I’m going to try my absolute best to do them while I have that opportunity so any of you out there who are just stuck in a rut or want to do good things just do it otherwise you’re just going to stay in that rut the opportunity is there to go grab it right now so do it what parts of yourself that you retain from your childhood and how do you feel about this I still retained my desire to be spider-man that has never changed in the years that I’ve been alive I will make that happen I will be spider-man at some point but I think I think my energy and my I don’t use the word hyperactivity because there’s a weird there’s a weird mentality around that word these days but my kind of energy my my bubbly-ness my I don’t know my passion for things it’s a hard thing to describe right my charisma I guess you could say my enthusiasm for life hasn’t really changed I’ve always been I kind of like yeah let’s go do this kind of person I think I’ve retained most of that in my my adulthood I think I’ve also kind of retained my childlike wonder for everything I kind of disappeared for a little while as I was growing up because life life comes at you fast and hard and sometimes life try to beat that childhood charisma out of you that sort of wonder like everything’s magical it’s right a life really tries to hammer you down sometimes and get that out of you but I think I’ve done well to try and retain that as best I can and also my desire to climb trees do you sing in the shower so there’s only a handful of things that are absolutely sure in this life one is that you have to pay taxes two is that we all have to die at some point three is everyone pees in the shower and four is that everyone sings in the shower so those are the handful of things that I know that are an absolute certainty in this life so to answer your question yes what is your favorite thing about making an anti video the best part about anti videos isn’t making the actual video it’s the reaction to a video that’s the best part about it and that goes for most of the videos that I make on the channel is that the reaction to see how people feel about certain things because you’re gonna evoke such strong emotions out of people just through simple videos it’s either laughter or sadness or any sort of emotion in between so the hype that gets around an anti video is absolutely insane and we got a very strong taste of that when we went to pax the video we made for the intro to the panel added me and Robin were both there at the panel so to see people’s reactions to that was insane I’ve never experienced anything like that towards a project that I’ve been part of so that was just nuts and it really affirmed I don’t know so many things that made it so validated to see this year just raw emotional reaction to something like that out of nowhere because you can hype up something and then you can see people’s reactions and like hype is a a weird thing because when you hype something up and then it actually happened some people feel like they have to respond positively to it if I hiked up an anti video and I said that I was super excited about people’s reactions to and show that I was super into it then obviously some people are just going to react positively to it anyway because they want me to feel better about it but to just drop something on somebody like that to drop something on a crowd of people like that when they have no idea that it’s going to happen and to see them be extremely excited and enthusiastic about it in something that you can put into words it’s such a strong raw emotional reaction to something and that really made my heart sing what is your biggest pet peeve or the one thing that makes you furious I rarely get furious at anything unless i’m playing like competitive overwatch and my team just does not listen there are three things that I actually get legitimately vehement about food or that really pisses me off and makes me angry because if it does I’m just going to eject myself from the situation and just not deal with it because I don’t want to be angry I don’t want to be furious at anything it’s such a disgusting emotion to me and I hate it it makes me feel miserable but something that does annoy me whenever I see it is dishonesty dishonesty lying fakery manipulation any of those things are kind of fall into that category really get my Gander because I don’t know I I’d like to be a decent person I’d like to be a transparent honest person to the best of my ability sometimes you do have to lie about things to spare people’s emotions little white lies here and there everybody does them everybody lied about something now and then but when it comes to actual stuff of consequence I like to be as honest as I possibly can be and it really bothers me when I see people with a lot of sway a lot of influence or somebody who’s in a very serious situation not taking it seriously or faking the way through it or lying or anything like that or manipulating people into feeling sorry for them I really hate that in any walks of life but if you just be a decent human being if you just be an honest-to-god decent person but these types of things shouldn’t have to sprout up you shouldn’t have to lie again it’s a that’s easy to say and it’s a very very gray area so I don’t want to just make any absolutes but yeah just lying or manipulation or anything in that regard really bothers me because I try not to do it myself and I just hate when I see other people do it because I feel bad for the people on the opposite end of the the conversation it’s not that I hate the people for lying it’s that I hate that the other people don’t know that they’re lying I hate people pulling wool over other’s eyes and trying to just not respecting others have you ever taken the time to think what other YouTube names you could have picked oh yeah if I wasn’t jacksepticeye oh there’s a lot of room for improvement grand granddaddy flex master that’s a good one big papa thick that’d be a fucking fantastic name I think like what up y’all big papa thick here back at you once again one another brand new reading comments Suzy and the whippets would be good and that’s more of a band name though Sean the man that death forgot, there that has a ring to it right it’s a bit long it’s a bit wordy it’s a bit like a whole load of balls in your mouth at once but but that has a nice ring to it I think Jack would you ever visit New Zealand I would love to visit New Zealand actually because I’ve heard it’s absolutely stunning and I just don’t have the time to travel that far away for any length of time really but maybe one day I will I go there and I’ll just pretend I’m a hobbit or an elf or something just stand on top of a hill and go there taking the hobbits to Isengard gard gard gard gard taking the hobbits to Isengard gard gard g-gard gard what job would you want if you didn’t do YouTube lion tamer that or hippo teeth brusher that’d be a good one that’s it that’s a good strong resume starter don’t you think wonder what did you do oh I spent five years brushing hippo teeth like no one’s going to take that away from you because they don’t know what it’s like my baby sister’s name is Saoirse and my mum says it’s Irish is it a common name in Ireland Oh NZ is a super common Irish name it’s definitely Irish so it’s definitely a strong Irish name but it’s not a very common name that you’d hear around a lot one thing about that name is that I know wants to know how to pronounce it it’s Saoirse that’s Cersei or swear say or anything like that Saoirse it’s pretty it’s pretty easy to say it just looks really weird because there’s a load of letters together that shouldn’t be together but that’s Irish all over is reading your comments video have you noticed that my background is all different now you just have Chad in the background you just see his feet what’s up Chad no don’t want we dude but I like these types of videos I’m glad they’re back and i’m glad I get to do them every so often now and not have to wait six months for a super long special and I try to I try to balance them out a small bit it’s a bit weird because I’m going through comments and because there’s a hundred and two episodes of it now it’s hard to find comments that I haven’t answered before and sometimes I completely forget what I’ve answered and then come back and answer it again in a different way which is it’s cool in a way because it kind of shows the growth and the difference in my character I guess as I’ve grown and matured but I tried to keep them a bit balance between like short comments longer comments serious comments funny comments so I don’t know sometimes the pacing of them is a bit stoppy starty so apologies for that I kind of just take comments as I’m going and what I find interesting but anyway thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face, like a boss… and, high-fives all around thank you guys, and i will see all you dudes, in the next video! I’m sittin’ here drinking my curiosity cola goes down smooth


  1. Q; What makes you furious?
    A: Fakery

    I wear a constant mask of fake happiness..in hopes to shield others from my misery…I can't stand the thought of my sadness hurting other people..so I prefer to put on a facade…is that bad…?

  2. You wish to be Chris Pratt, I wish to be you, and Chris Pratt wishes to be me, fair trade woudnt you say

  3. Be thankful dude
    We don't even have starbucks or many other things in here
    Is like my childhood wish to be in somewhere like Ireland

  4. When you lived in Ireland I saw you in Costa Coffee in Golden Island shopping centre in Athlone twice but I hate myself now because I was too shy to talk to you except for saying hi and I'm really mad at myself

  5. I dont like people. I dont talk to them because, most of everyone i know hates me anyway, so i dont talk to people anymore because, i think they will hate me anyway. I have anxiety. And i hate how my body looks

  6. Jack your never gonna get a chance to drive a car again so get a driving licence Because Your Not Gonna Get A Shot At Life Again That Rhymed Because My Name Is James

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  8. I think Jack has made me question humanity but inspire me and made me laugh all at the same time..

  9. I know why Jack won't get noticed on a nature walk, cuz his hair is green, so he'll look bald

    No offence ;c

  10. I just look back at the video and he was just like whatโ€™s up yโ€™all big papa thick here coming back at ya with another video!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. Iโ€™m thirteen and the only time I feel that wonder is watching you

    Your so inspiring and your energy and excitement toward everything is contagious.

  12. Hey Jack, do you know the band alice in chains? I love that band! And sistem of a down and guns n' roses. And I love your videos!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  13. If sometimes you forget how magical things are, look up at the stars ๐ŸŒŒ

  14. My dogs name was saoirse and its an Irish word for freedom, the pronunciation of it is way different than the spelling just like most Irish words

  15. Hippos are so dangerous. They could kill you a lot faster than a lion would. So…don't even think about taking job taking care of hippos unless you have a death wish. we would miss you too much.

  16. Ah, jack, did you accidentally walk through a wind tunnel before shooting this video? Whats up with your hair??? You're still hotter than hell, tho… ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜˜

  17. There's only 7 tapes because each side (A and B) has a story, except for tape 7, which only has side A– 13 stories ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. When I see you the song Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish immediately comes into my mind! They are so beautiful and full of love ๐Ÿ˜

  19. you own your body…but the atoms that make it up are not yours…its just your turn to use them.

    i saw this on Tumblr and one of my fave comments to it was "Mom said it's my turn to use the Carbon."

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