15-Year-Old Drew Barrymore – Her Drug Addiction, Famous Family & Early Career (1990 Interview)

it's nine years since since you made that yeah you still kind of look back on that as a happy time of your life probably the best time of my life it was the first experiences that really um showed me how to grow up I learned a lot of lessons and it was a really happy time did you you made friends on the second you taught I mean you were young enough to think of et as a real as a real alien as a real person yeah oh I believed he was one of my best friends in the world and sometimes I still think he is but he was I'm really important did you go and talk to the dummy and as it was a real pet yeah much with him every day oh you were you were a mature six when you made the film I mean I do have a lot of acting experience before that yeah am I done one feature film um maybe three or four TV movies and about 20 commercials well how old we only started I was 11 months when I started I mean did your mother want you to be an actress well um a friend suggested that she take me on this audition when I was 11 months for a puppy Chuck commercial and I went in and the dog bit me on the nose and everybody freaked and like Stood Still and I started laughing I got the commercial so after that I just continued to do some commercials and I did some TV movies and I was about four and I was staring at the TV and I said something about this is my life and she explained to me that maybe you know it was too difficult for me and I said no this is what I want to do so knowing that I wanted it so much because she didn't want it for me she just wanted me to be happy but when she understood that it was what I wanted she helped me away you're valuable I mean you come from such a long dynasty a dynasty of of actors and actresses yeah but I didn't understand that when I was little um my name was just my last name and I was explained many times that my family was a very big acting family and the Shakespearean theatre but I never really understood them as I got older my mother would show me more work of my family course your progress downhill from the time you're about nine has been pretty well documented but in a sense it's good to hear it again because it can be a lesson and it can help other young people I mean how old were you when you first had alcohol 9 and then well how did you start to drink decide the usual way somebody said have a drink of this right um well I grown up very fast and it's not very normal to see a nine-year-old at a big Hollywood party drinking and it looks a little weird and people were laughing and just saying you know I dare you to do this and I did and I got really drunk and it was such a scary frightening feeling yet it was such an escape from everything else in the world that I became I had a very liking to it and do you think that because ran in the family because I mean you had it there were generations about him or you were keen on the drink yeah my whole family my whole family was definitely they were all drinkers and and they abused it and they say it's hereditary I'm sure it is cuz I'm a long list of it a lot I bet the drugs that started when I was around 10 and 11 and hey who gave her your first drug for goodness um as I said then they were friends but they weren't really friends and to me it just seemed normal all the people I were around did it and I thought it was a way of life that was just normal to be living I mean with the people you around weren't the same ages you they were no I always had older friends I was always with a much very advanced older crowd from when I was about six how did you feel you you you must have felt they must have made you feel good yeah it did it was a that great escape that you look for when you're younger or any actually at any age in your lifetime if you look for that escape to get away from your problems in life and when you do drugs your problems in normal life seems so much bigger that you just you know you kind of do more just to get away from them he's got a bit sad um complete doubts complete dine downhill cycle that you just get caught up into him either you make it out of you down minutes it's very scary and you went for the treatment but that took that you had setbacks and you you did some crazy things when you came out of treatment yeah I did um at first I was clean but I you know I was off drugs but I still had the same behavior and was still doing the same things and that's when I really got clean when I realized I just wasn't doing it right I mean is there any kind of obviously the messages to all young people don't do it too however young you are you can fall into these traps is there any one rule that you'd say or anything that you'd say to parents um well that hold just I mean you can't just say just say no because it doesn't they don't listen I didn't listen and other friends of mine didn't listen you have to really understand where your kids coming from from a parent and you have to let go and turn it over to out like either a higher power whatever you believe in and have a lot of patience and understanding and really help your kid and for the kids it really depends on the individual because everybody is different and everybody needs a certain different type of help to get through the problem and hopefully they can find the right one and really stick with it and it takes a lot of patience and a lot of understanding you you at you old enough if I'm 15 you're 15 and you're just living a days of time yes one minute one moment we wish you well and it's good to see you look well it's good to see a young person come out the other side it must have taken a great deal of fortitude strength and intelligence but it looks as if things are they up for you Barry we look forward to seeing et with you in it a very small drew barrymore very innocent with it with an awful time ahead of her and now you wrote the other side of it and we hope you'll continue to be thank you drew Bennett


  1. These older ppl surrounding her in the Hollywood scene should not have been encouraging a child to drink and do drugs. Too many fall into metoo movement whether can be admitted or not.

  2. I’m not surprised she was encouraged to drink and do drugs at that age. Hollywood is full of sickos and they probably wanted her “out of it”

  3. Poor girl never had a childhood. There's no telling what she really went through. God bless this rare, beautiful soul ❤️

  4. Now, she not only drinks 🍷 openly but has her own wine 🍷 label and openly recommends certain types of wines.

  5. I wish I didn't come to know about her rough childhood. She was so cute little girl. Glad she recovered and became a great star

  6. Wow bullshit that was in her blood to drink /do drugs ar 9 years old !!! Obviously them hellywood mf abused this girl . They abuse every child star.. look at them nude disgusting photos of young Brooke shields In the bathtub wow no kidding all these stars end up on drugs sadly most die


    Now if only Drew Barrymore and other celebs who made career comebacks like Britney Spears, Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, Shannen Doherty, Marv Albert, Jodie Sweetin, Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Perry and WWE Hall of Famers Scott Hall and Stone Cold Steve Austin will help Lindsay Lohan.

  8. She was obviously being molested ; her mom would party and let people give her child drugs and alcohol so they can do what they want and she wouldn’t even know

  9. A child is going to say/do anything if they get positive signals from their parent. The whole "I wanted to do this, it was my choice not my parents" is unfactual. Children are picking up on their parent's energy/emotions/actions, etc.

  10. She was 15 in 90 she could have made a good kelly Taylor I loved Jennie but she doesn’t compare to drew Barrymore in my opinion and I’m only 18 now lol

  11. It’s so amazing how her voice transitioned into a brave and strong woman the way it has! She is so well grounded even here at 15 💕 beautiful soul!

  12. Still miss Terry Wogan.

    She really is a case of too much, too young. Being an alcoholic so young was so they could sexually abuse her. Age old tactic.

    She's divorced with 2 daughters now and I bet she's extremely overprotective with them. Don't blame her.

  13. This is my distant cousin and yeah it's a family tradition of drinking and having problems afterwards it's nothing she wants to look back on the more people talk about her drug addiction the more she walks away

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