150 years in Detroit – School of Medicine – Wayne State University

These physicians founded what was then Detroit
Medical College, which after many iterations, became Wayne State University. The same motivation that drove these physicians
in the Civil War era to found the hospital and take care of those veterans who came back
wounded from the Civil War, is the same motivation that I see now of our faculty and our students. They just want to do something to really impact
the community in a positive way. It’s really rewarding to know that you’re
in an environment that’s been contributing to the betterment of society for that long,
and I think there’s a lot of history behind it. I think you could use it almost as a motivation
to keep going with the work that’s been done. We’re producing 290 physician leaders every
year. When I think of the impact of that. Just in three years, to have 3,000 physician
leaders, not just changing Detroit, but I think changing the country, if not the world. It’s important that everybody recognizes that
if you go to seek medical care in state of Michigan, you’re probably being treated by
an alum from Wayne State University. Our students are helpful, they work together,
they work hand-in-hand, they work in teams. They help each other. The whole point about a bolder is that it
can’t be moved by one person. There multiple people, multiple members from
your community that need to help you move that bolder, so you can keep going with your
path. That community that we embrace, not just the
Wayne State community but the community that we subserve – and it’s a symbiotic relationship. The community depends on us to provide them
their medical care and we depend on the community to make us better, by allowing us to serve
them, learn from them and let our future doctors educate them. This medical school is not only committed
to the community, it’s also committed to achievements and success. We have been around for 150 years. That means we are doing something right. The reason we celebrate the sesquicentennial
is that we have a lot to be proud about. The legacy that Wayne State has built, that
we’ve been able to endure for 150 years – and it’s just really inspiring because now you
anticipate moving forward, what that means not only for the university but for the community. This is not just the end of 150 years, this
is the beginning of the next 150 years. And it’s really important that this is happening
during the renaissance of the city of Detroit. You have the right community of people, those
invested in you, those who really have the same mission, you’ll succeed. That’s why I’m still here.


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