150 Years of Health Care Leadership – Wayne State University School of Medicine

There isn’t one time in 150 years that we
ever forgot why we’re here. Not once in 150 years did we ever lose sight
of how this all came to be. We are here to save lives. We’re here to cure disease. To mold the best doctors, nurses, pharmacists,
social workers and scientists in the world. It’s what we’ve done since our founding in
1868. It’s what we did when we performed the first
successful open-heart surgery. And just like the docs who founded this university,
we remember why we joined this great enterprise. Why we became doctors, nurses and scientists. Not for the fame. Not for the success. And not for the money. It’s for reasons we can’t explain, until something
happens that makes it all clear. Now, it’s time for our next chapter, that
includes the vision of an academic health center, known throughout the world. Attracting the brightest minds, infusing economics
with technology, and never forgetting why we’re here in the first place. We define it as clinical excellence for the
good of all. It’s the kind of commitment that will save
lives. Discover the next cure. Teach the next great medical mind. Because, we are here to save lives. We’ve never forgotten that. And we never will.


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