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sixteen HIV signs and symptoms a month or two after HIV has entered their body forty 90 percent of the people experience symptoms that resemble flu symptoms and this is known as acute retro viral syndrome but in some cases the HIV symptoms don't appear for years even decades after the body has been infected these are some of the signs that may indicate you are HIV positive one fever one of the first signs of acute retro viral syndrome might be a mild fever up to about 102 degrees Fahrenheit in case you experience the fever you may also often experience other generally mellow side effects such as sore throat swelling of the lymph organs weakness etc to fatigue one of the inflammatory responses of your overwhelmed immune system is the feeling of tiredness and lethargy fatigue can be an early sign of HIV but a later one as well three throbbing muscles joint torment swollen lymph hubs lymph hubs are part of the body's insusceptible framework and are usually kindled in case of a disease the most part of them is placed in the armpit the neck and the crotch acute retroviral syndrome is often confused for the seasonal cold virus mononucleosis are another viral infective 'ti even hepatitis or syphilis for sore throat and headache according to dr. hor Berg sore throat and headache are frequently recognized as acute retro viral syndrome Ian Lee in context one should be aware that the body still hasn't produced antibodies to HIV so an antibody test may not pick it up the antibodies of HIV can be seen in a blood test from a few weeks to a few months one should find some other test options like the one that detects viral RNA usually within nine days of the infections five skin rash skin rashes can be both early in late hiv/aids signs 6 nausea vomiting diarrhea around 30% to 60% of the people in the early stages of HIV deal with short-term nausea vomit diarrhea dr. Melva steno says seven weight reduction called guides squandering weight reduction is a sign of more propelled illness and can vary between a minor weight reduction to extreme looseness of the bellows eight dry cough Ron first noticed that something was wrong with him because of the dry cough but he thought it was some kind of allergy according to dr. Melva steno this coffee is typical for patients of HIV who are very ill and could be going on for weeks with you not seeing the way in which it would be resolved 9 pneumonia weight reduction in the hack might be a forecast of a genuine disease caused by a germ that wouldn't cause any troubles if the involving properly other opening diseases include toxoplasmosis a parasitic contamination that affects the mind a kind of herpes infection known as cytomegalovirus and yeast contaminations like thrush for example 10 night sweats around 50% of people get night sweats in the early stages of HIV infection dr. Melva stato explains in the later stages they become even more common and aren't related to exerciser the room temperature 11 nail changes another sign of HIV contamination our nail changes such as clubbing banding and thickening of the nails staining dark lines or chestnut lines placed vertically or on a level plane this is mostly the case because of some infectious disease like Candida for example according to dr. Melva stato patients with warned out in susceptible frameworks are feeble or too contagious contaminations 12 yeast infections a fungal infection common in the later stages is thrush mouth infection that is a result of Candida which is a kind of least according to dr. Melva stato it is one of the commonest funguses that cause yeast infection in women most frequently they appear in the mouth or the esophagus and cause difficulties when swallowing 13 perplexity or trouble concentrating another sign of HIV related dementia can be subjective issues which appear mostly in the later stages of the zees purflex 'ti and trouble concentrating aside the aids-related dimension may also include problems with the memory and the behavior like bitterness or irritability 14 cold sores or genital herpes oral herpes cold sores and genital herpes are an indication of both acute retro viral syndrome and HIV in the late stages having herpes can also represent a risk factor for contracting HIV since genital herpes may cause ulcer and thus make it easier for the HIV to enter the body during sex also people who have HIV usually have more severe herpes outbreaks more frequently because their immune system is weaker 15 shivering and shortcoming deadness and shivering in the feet and hands are also a sigh of HIV in its later stages the symptom is called fringe neuropathy and it can also happen to people with uncontrolled diabetes dr. Melva stato explains that at this point the nerves are quite harmed this can be treated with the help of over-the-counter distress relievers and anti-seizure medications like neurontin gabapentin is 16 menstrual irregularities HIV disease in its late stages increases the risk of menstrual irregularities like fewer and lighter periods and don't forget to share it with your friends and family thank you


  1. I hav most of symptoms myself but i test until six months from possible exposure with god grace all come up negative so Hiv only diagonise trou hiv test

  2. What I'm always tired 😴
    Second one I always get sick in the winter time I don't wear a coat outside

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