16 Shocking Celebrity Drug Addicts

sixteen shocking celebrity drug addicts number sixteen Robert Downey jr. our iron man Robert has been notoriously known for having a few problems with the law and with drugs he claims he was addicted to drugs since the age of eight since his father also had issues as well he reported that his father was the root of his problem since he was the one who provided him with drugs Downey was arrested for possession of heroin cocaine and unloaded 357 Magnum during a traffic stop for speeding 15 Angelina Jolie celebrities seem to have it all money fast cars a well-paying career but others one more than that they want drugs Angelina Jolie also has a pretty bad problem with drugs and in this photo we can tell she looks completely out of it here we can see Angelina on the phone with her drug dealer looking for more smack this oscar-winning actress was caught on camera trying to get more heroin and cocaine drugs are bad okay number 14 Russell Brand he's been in a few films of him acting as a rock star or party guy and seems like that might have been the good role for him weed coke booze acid crack heroin we're all drugs at Brussels partaken he eventually quit because he was afraid that he might die it's been 10 years since he's drank and you can see them make fun of him about this in the movie forgetting sarah marshall number 13 demi lovato many Demi Lovato fans would be rather surprised to hear about her prior drug addiction it's something she doesn't really like to talk about but during a candid interview she admitted to smuggling drugs on planes I did coke everywhere she went this Disney star now lives a sober lifestyle and went to a treatment facility number 12 Fergie Stacey Ferguson also known as Fergie shared with Time magazine about her struggle with drugs before joining the black eye peas she began trying ecstasy then quickly changed to meth during her time working with a girl group named wild orchard her addiction got the worst of her at this time and she was getting paranoid that the FBI was following her Fergie claims to have quit and has been clean for the past ten years number eleven Miley Cyrus does this surprise anyone Miley admits to smoking weed even though there's been a lot of pressure to do coke in Hollywood even though it's technically legal Miley lit up a joint on stage at Amsterdam because she thought it would be funny basically she's gotten rid of her entire Disney kid image and says she's dabbled in Molly as well not exactly still a role model for kids number 10 Nicole Richie being young and dumb can lead to stupid things the daughter of Lionel Richie Nicole Richie was on a reality TV show with Paris Hilton and they seem to make the perfect duo since they both have a quite a bit in common she admits to doing cocaine heroin and seem to go through a lot of her dad's cash she claims she probably spent about $170 worth of drugs a night depending on their quality this usage resulted in three arrests and five car crashes number nine Heath Ledger the Joker from Batman was apparently living a second life that his fans didn't know about Heath Ledger passed away from accidental overdose on prescription drugs this deadly cocktail included xanax oxycodone hydrocodone temazepam and others Heath was found in mary-kate Olsen's apartment dead on the floor reports state witnesses saying that they saw him popping six ecstasy pills at one time and washed it down with a swig of champagne if only he would have gotten some treatment maybe this horrible incident would have never happened drugs are no joke number eight David Duchovny the star of x-files in California keishon had a serious problem with what he calls sex addiction and cheated on his wife on plenty of occasions the womanizer you see on Californication is basically the same Dave in real life is also admitted to doing cocaine in college and claims that it's perfectly normal his other reasons for drugs is pretty ridiculous he confesses he also did it so you can get into character while playing an addicted doctor in the clutches of the Mafia get out of here number seven Tila Tequila the bisexual reality star is basically known for trying to get attention and also her drug usage we've recently heard accounts of her becoming a Nazi and apparently she's figured out why that is she blames her drug use and the death of a former lover and once the second chance from her fans she suffered an overdose on pills and had a brain aneurysm that's why you shouldn't do drugs number six Macaulay Culkin the guy who was made famous by home alone was arrested for possession of marijuana and xanax during a rough time in his life it seems like the child stars don't know how to handle not being in the spotlight and resort to doing drugs what seem to be an innocent boy just a few years ago has completely transformed he denies using heroin but admits that methadone is his drug of choice and eases his heroin urge number 5 Drew Barrymore drew had a dark side to her before she became that all-american girl and the wedding singer she's a well liked actress now but had to fight some demons to get to where she is today at a young age she developed an appetite for drugs and alcohol she began smoking pot at the age of 10 and even did cocaine at 12 later on she was even in an x-rated film before she made it to the big screen drew isn't afraid to share stories from her past and has learned that she can stay sober not go back to the way she used to be number four Dwayne Johnson the former professional wrestler became famous with his charisma and chiseled body what a lot of people don't know is that Wayne had admitted to Fortune magazine about using steroids at the age of 19 at that time in his life he says he didn't really understand what he was doing it's true he has had a good workout a team and keeps getting bigger and bigger but you have to wonder if it's on his mind number three $0.50 rapid weight loss many are extremely shocked of what Lang's 50 set went through for his next movie Things Fall Apart which is about a cancer stricken football player he went from being a healthy 214 pounds to 160 in the course of nine weeks people claim he did it with the help of drugs 50 still holds his word and says it's been from a liquid diet and working out three hours a day what do you believe number two lisa robbins kelly a beautiful actress from that 70s show she played a role as Eric Foreman's mean older sister Lori Foreman she passed away at only the age of 43 and many were shocked she had just checked herself into rehab and seemed to be on the right track she was previously arrested for spousal abuse and DUI then tragedy struck on August 15th 2003 she died in her sleep at the facility the coroner concluded it was an overdose on multiple drugs her husband later fought a lawsuit for negligence no one knows how the drugs made it into the rehab facility number 1 Charlie Sheen you name it Charlie Sheen has done it who else deserves a place on the top of our list more than Charlie Charlie's been smoking crack since 2010 and most likely still does stories of him spending ridiculous amounts of money on porn stars and drugs are all over the web he apparently spends at least $3,000 on cocaine and 15,000 a month according to one of his call girls his problem is so out of control his contract was cancelled by two and a Half Men by CBS to add insult to injury Charlie revealed the fact that he is HIV positive Kathy celebrities just keep themselves in checked


  1. -DUMB GUY-“LIL PUMP how shocking is that”
    Me- “bruv everyone knows that”
    -DUMB GUY-“wait what”

    Idk i was bored

  2. Ah come on, just you got a photo with a messed up hair and looking a bit sleepy doesn’t mean one is a drug addict…I am defending any of these people I don’t care what they do to their lives but this is just gossiping. You got a blood test or any other proof? Daum bruh, being a celebrity is also difficult.

    Also I am against all kinds of drugs but it takes more than a photo to call someone an addict.

  3. hehehehe angelina is not in the same age now when the photo was taken that was long time ,,will be nice if people dont lie that much for adher people is not ur job to trash human act like you are dont lie just dont lie people are not stupid ore blinde..

  4. How do you know that Angelina was on the phone with a dealer
    I think she was calling her attorney to sue yo azz

  5. drew Barrymore is a fucking cannibal dude! pot addictive drug ??? really you fucking retard!!! these Hollywood pedivores are addicted to adrenochrome

  6. This is exactly why I don't listen to most if these Hollywood when the spew thier political bullshit views.

  7. A celebrity drug addict? That is just shocking!!! Mind blown!!! I don't know if ill ever recover from the shock. How will I sleep tonight??!!!!!

  8. Right out the gate I must say RDJ is a recovered addict and has been on the straight and narrow for 23 yrs I believe.

  9. 50 cent is a classic black asshole X 100 He thought he was really something in his day but turned out to be a loser. Just like any black rapper to follow him… little talent, thinks he's important enough to need bodyguards and lives well above his means until he runs out of money. Then he can't follow up with anything and flops. He's just another foul mouthed moron no one ever cared about in the first place. You're in the ghetto and you deserve to be there.

  10. Man i've take more pills than heart.for real why am I still alive but had stop since a long time ago now and it.s really bizar how I've become.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. dude can you back up anything you havve said with proof? Probably not because theres a few people in here that you just made shit up about. Your a dumbass just tryin to get clicks

  12. Its all because they had parents that did "dark arts' r sold into them as young and by the time they are 18 parents spend there money anyways

  13. Can you explain why the fuck you put The Rock, saying he took steroids, with drug addicts..?? It makes no fucking sense at all, you can stop taking steroids whenever you want. It’s not an addiction.

  14. Like the commercial they used to run on tv said, get involved with drugs before your kids do. I guess some parents took that literally.

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