161st Commencement Ceremony

(majestic orchestral music) (inspiring orchestral music) – Hello, please be seated. Good afternoon, and welcome to the 161st commencement exercises for
the University of Evansville. Before we begin today I’d like to invite the Reverend Mark Dicken, chaplain of the University of Evansville, to provide today’s invocation. – Will you pray with me? God of all that was, all that is, and all that will be, we know you by many names, and you know each of us by name. We are so thankful for your presence and participation with us as we celebrate the accomplishments of those whose names will be announced. Who are transitioning
from student to graduate. And those who will be recognized for other meaningful accomplishments. As we celebrate all who are here we are mindful of those who began but were not able to
complete their journey. Bless and guide these
graduates and all who are here in all that is yet to begin. Inspire them to live and lead with all of the passion and compassion, justice and mercy, abilities and values of this university and as your beloved children. Grant them confidence
to face every challenge and opportunity unafraid. For all that has been, we say thanks. For all that will be, we say yes. For all this, we pray, amen. – Good afternoon again,
I’m Chris Pietruszkiewicz, the 24th president of the
University of Evansville, and on behalf of the
University of Evansville’s Board of Trustees, our chair Linda White, I welcome you to our 2019
commencement exercises. So let me begin, honored guests, members of our Board of Trustees, members of our advisory boards, boards of visitors, alumni board, students, faculty, family
members, spouses, partners, friends, and most
importantly our graduates. Welcome to our commencement exercises. Before we begin, I’d like to recognize the active duty military and veterans in our graduating class, on our faculty, members of our staff, and in our audience. Can you please stand so we
can recognize your service? (audience applauding) Thank you for your service to all of us. And for all the mothers
on Mother’s Day weekend for spending your time with
the University of Evansville, congratulations and happy Mother’s Day from all of us at the
University of Evansville. For our graduates, we
should clap for moms. (audience applauding) And finally, we’re of course here because of our graduating class. So, can our graduating class please stand so we can start to celebrate with you. (audience applauding) I strongly suspect that that will not be the first round of applause
for all of you today. You can be seated. Many in our class of 2019 are remembering members of our UE family who could not walk across
the stage with us today. Two years ago, we lost Devon Seer, who would have graduated today with a Bachelor of Science
degree in Mechanical Engineering. Devon’s family is here today to accept his degree on his behalf. We also very recently lost
a member of the UE family in classmate and graduating
PA student Kelsey Hip, along with her partner Ryan Bradfield. Kelsey was to graduate today, as both an undergraduate
and graduate programs in Health Services Administration and was the first UE student to complete our physician’s assistant program. Can you please join me
in a moment of silence for Devon, Kelsey, and Ryan, who will always be part of our UE family. Thank you. When you look at your commencement program you will notice that there is not a traditional graduation
speaker of national prominence as is typical at commencement exercises. And there’s a very good
reason why we do that a little bit differently at
the University of Evansville. And that is because our
commencement speaker is a student. A student from our graduating class, and what better way to learn really about our university than to spend a few minutes listening to our students? I don’t believe in two
commencement speakers, and that includes me, but I am dressed entirely in purple so I thought I might
just share a few words recognizing that the
real reason you’re here is to celebrate with our students. While my words will be short, they capture a long history of our university that dates to 1854, as Moores Hill Male and
Female Collegiate Institute, Moores Hill College, Evansville College, and the University of Evansville. Every year we celebrate
the most important part of our university, and
that’s our students. So today too, is an important day, in the 165 year history of our university. And while this is not
a commencement speech, many commencement speeches begin and encourage students to go forth and change the world, as if their life doesn’t truly begin until after they cross the stage. During your time here we asked
you to come up with ideas, we asked you to think about change, and then most importantly we asked you to make those ideas a reality and we asked you to implement change. We asked you to make a lasting impact, to have a significant
contribution to our communities, and our global society, and just here, in the Evansville community
you have launched efforts to save the monarch butterfly species, give hope and resources to homeless through our commitment
through Habitat for Humanity. And the Tiny Homes Change lab class brought solar power to
Carvery Community Center to alleviate financial
burdens and enable them to serve more Evansville children, provide funding, and consultations to women and minority-owned businesses. Through our Ace Cubed program and the Institute for Banking and Finance, brought awareness to the
dangers and realities of human trafficking,
provided pro-bono care to the under and uninsured through the Ace Care
Physical Therapy Clinic. We do our best to empower each student to think critically, act
bravely, serve responsibly, and live meaningfully in a changing world. You all embody the 18
words to shape powerful and enduring change for our
community and for the world. So don’t leave here with the idea that you should go forth
and change the world, instead go forth and
continue changing the world. We just can’t wait to
see what you do next. Our rich legacy is 165 years old, and the rest of our story
for the next 165 years is what you do next. So on behalf of all of us, your university is already proud of you. (audience applauding) McKenna Lewis is the president of our Student Government Association, will deliver a message to
the graduating class of 2019. McKenna is from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and graduates today with a
Bachelor of Science in Marketing. In addition to her
responsibilities as president of the Student Government Association, McKenna has been highly involved
in her sorority, Chi Omega, as well the business
fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. She was an orientation leader, admission, and Harlaxton ambassador,
and an active member of the UE Leadership Academy. In the fall of 2019, McKenna
studied at Harlaxton College where she developed amazing friendships, an experience she believes
was life changing, as does everyone who goes to Harlaxton. She gave back to a family in Portugal through Habitat for Humanity, exemplifying a trait of UE students who, as agents of change, focus on making the world a better place. After graduation, McKenna looks forward to a three year term on
our Board of Trustees as a student elected trustee, taking the knowledge she has
gained over the last four years to her hometown in hopes
that she can contribute to the growth while continuing navigating her very bright career path. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss McKenna Lewis. (audience applauding) – When you first stepped foot on campus, what do you remember? Maybe it was the nervous anticipation of what the next chapter in
your life would look like. Maybe it was the uncertainty of the people you would befriend. Maybe it was the genuine curiosity about the person you would soon become. Within our first fall semester, we were each beginning to pave our own way at the University of Evansville. We felt the excitement
of joining organizations, started taking on leadership roles, and embraced our small campus as a home and not just a cluster of buildings within the confines of one street block. We became a family
during our freshman year, when we mourned some of our
first losses away from home. As sophomores we began watching from afar as our friends journeyed abroad, and not long after, many of us
took that journey ourselves. As juniors we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel, realizing that it wouldn’t be long until we were the ones
experiencing our lasts. And now, as seniors, we face
that initial uncertainty head on as we prepare to
step out into the world. Over the last four years we’ve
gotten to know one another for more than what’s on the outside. While yes, our class is
comprised of artists, musicians, problem solvers, and athletes, we’re also a group of unique individuals, diverse in skin color, country of origin, upbringing, financial
background, religious beliefs. Life experiences and ways of thinking, each of whom are valued and
worthy of being seen and heard. We’ve watched the
transformation of buildings, actionably embraced our heart to service, established ourselves as global citizens, and bid farewell to one
university president and welcomed in another, along with a newly revitalized spirit of anticipation for the future of the University of Evansville. It’s safe to say we
embraced drastic change in its many forms throughout each of our four years here at UE. And we are better for it. But now it’s time to say
goodbye, turn the page, and move on to our next chapter. While we will miss the late nights spent studying in the library, the five-term, 15 minute
walks across campus many of us are all too familiar with, and the sheer comfort of
knowing that we are safe in this little pocket here at UE. We will embrace the future,
and take our knowledge into the world as competent,
capable individuals with the ability to make drastic and beautiful changes to it. In class last Wednesday,
my professor spoke to us about who we are and where
we’ve gotten in our lives wouldn’t be possible without our wholuck. The people on our team
who have encouraged us, supported us, and
contributed to our success. I would be remiss to stand
here today and not thank just a few of my wholuck people. To my orientation leader family, thank you for walking alongside
me these past three years and contributing to my
growth in tremendous ways. Dean Team forever. To Chi Omega, thank you for
endless streams of laughter, support, encouragement, positivity, and for some of my very best friends. To my family, thank you for
the love, encouragement, and finances you’ve poured into my life over the past 21 years. You loved me at my lowest and
stood beside me at my highest. I hope I’ve made you proud. To my lord and savior Jesus
Christ, thank you for this life, for every opportunity I’ve been given, and for the paths that
have been so carefully intertwined with mine. And to the class of 2019,
thank you for the memories. I’m confident that we will go forth and change this world for the better. Face the future unafraid,
just as we’ve been prepared. And remember, no matter
where life takes us, UE will always be home, thank you. (audience applauding) – Thank you, McKenna. Ladies and gentlemen, the anthem. (orchestral music) (audience applauding) (gentle piano music) ♪ Loveliest of trees ♪ ♪ The cherry now ♪ ♪ Is hung with bloom ♪ ♪ Along the bough ♪ ♪ Now stands about ♪ ♪ The woodland ride ♪ ♪ Wearing white ♪ ♪ For Easteride ♪ ♪ Now of my threescore years and 10 ♪ ♪ 20 will not ♪ ♪ Come again ♪ ♪ And take from 70 ♪ ♪ Springs a score ♪ ♪ It only leaves me 50 more ♪ ♪ Now of my threescore years and 10 ♪ ♪ 20 will not come again ♪ ♪ And take from 70 springs a score ♪ ♪ It only leaves me 50 more ♪ ♪ It only leaves me ♪ ♪ 50 more ♪ ♪ And since to look at ♪ ♪ Things in bloom ♪ ♪ 50 springs are little room ♪ ♪ About the woodlands I will go ♪ ♪ To see the cherry hung with snow ♪ ♪ Loveliest of trees ♪ ♪ The cherry now ♪ (audience applauding) – Can we have one more
fantastic round of applause for our fantastic and
wonderful music department? (audience applauding) As I mentioned in my introduction, the university has a tradition of selecting a graduating student to deliver this year’s keynote address for our spring commencement. Now I am delighted to
introduce this year’s senior keynote speaker, Kianna Wong. (audience applauding) Kianna is from Memphis, Tennessee, and will be receiving her
Bachelor of Science degree, Exercise Science and
pre-Physical Therapy major with a minor in Psychology. Kianna has been actively involved in many campus organizations throughout her time at the
University of Evansville, including College Mentors for Kids, Exercise Science Club,
Student Christian Fellowship, Chi Omega, Physical Therapy Club, Ace Care Pro-bono Physical Therapy Clinic, Ballroom Dancing Club,
Admissions Ambassador, Orientation Leader, and more. I had to take about five
breaths for all of that. In the fall of 2017, she received the Principal’s
Award at Harlaxton College for the student with the
highest grade point average and academic drive. Now, please welcome Kianna as our student commencement speaker. (audience applauding) – Hi everybody. Thank you all for being here today to support the class of 2019. My name is Kianna Wong,
and I thought it might be a good idea to start things
off with a joke or a pun or something like that to get us all a little bit more relaxed. But then, I thought that
might be the Wong choice. (audience laughing) You didn’t have to laugh that much, but I appreciate it. Truly, I do appreciate you all being here and I know that there
are diplomas to hand off, pictures to take, and
celebrations to attend. So I plan to keep this short and sweet. I hope you guys like puzzles, because that’s my main analogy today. A few weeks back, as I
was drafting this speech, I saw that half-finished puzzle that’s been in the
library foyer for awhile and it got me thinking. People, I found, are a lot like puzzles. We see enough clues about
the people around us to take a guess at what the
overall picture looks like. And the people we know the best, we’ve put together most of the pieces of how they appear to us. In strangers and acquaintances,
we might be operating based on the ability to see
only a couple of pieces. However, we can never
really see every piece of anyone’s puzzle, nor can we ever assume that we’re seeing the full, complete picture. That’s a mistake a lot of
us make, including myself. Maybe someone crossed the
street away from a close friend because of their skin color, but they don’t tell us about
it, so we don’t know about it. Maybe all of a person’s
achievements so far have been attributed to their gender, but they don’t tell us about
it, so we don’t know about it. Maybe they’re bisexual, or
their parents don’t approve of their faith choices, or their little sister back home is having serious trouble
with her mental health, and we don’t know about any of it. Just because you don’t see one
of the pieces of the puzzle doesn’t mean it’s not there. There are some pieces that people can’t, won’t, or don’t want to show to us. Some pieces are really, really scary. They can be difficult to look at, for ourselves or for others. That’s okay, we can’t
pressure them about it. That would be like if
a piece of the puzzle fell under the living room carpet. It exists, even though we might not see it with our own eyes, and
it’s still important to the overall picture. Everybody’s going through something we may know nothing about, or that we lack the
capacity to understand. But it doesn’t excuse us from assuming that those pieces don’t exist or aren’t relevant to the whole picture. Of course, we don’t have to like or enjoy every single puzzle we
come in contact with. There are some puzzles we will
have no interest in solving or even looking at. We’ll see a few pieces and
say, “Nope, not for me.” And that’s fine. But we can’t assume the puzzle is bad just because we don’t
want to take the time to fit it together or understand it. Now, this is where the
analogy breaks down. Humans, of course, aren’t
as simple as puzzles. There may be moments when
pieces click into place. There may be glimpses of
a true overall picture, but one of the funny things about humans is that they keep changing on us, so we can never actually
finish the puzzle. Not so long ago, that would have been an incredibly frustrating concept for me, the idea of a task that can’t be finished. What’s the point, why bother trying? What life so far, and especially
my college experience, has taught me is that the completion of the task is not the point. It’s hardly ever the point. The point of doing a puzzle isn’t to have an oddly fragmented cardboard picture on your living room table for months, it’s the fun that you have
seeking out each piece and fitting them together. The point of getting a college degree isn’t the diploma we receive today, although that is important, it’s also the knowledge and experiences that we gained along the way. The point of getting to know people isn’t to get finished knowing them. What we crave so desperately
from human relationships is the deepening of them. That’s why humans live in
community with each other. Just like finishing an actual puzzle, it takes effort, time, and dedication, but we can help each other see
new truths about each other, live them, and find joy in them. All the puzzles we encounter form images that are equally unique and beautiful, and reflective of God, and we have to keep
that in mind constantly. As we prepare to receive
our degrees today, I’d also like for us to recognize that we have all been crucial
pieces in a bigger puzzle, the mosaic of UE’s student body. We are all contributors to the picture that portrays UE’s culture and I for one am honored
to have been a part of it. Without each member of
our graduating class, it wouldn’t have been the same. We have, in part, helped to
form what this university is today and this university
has done the same for us. So, in commemoration of
the time we’ve invested I’d like to reflect a bit on the years that we’ve spent here. As a class, we have a lot of memories. First of all, remember back
when UE was a dry campus? (audience laughing) We had Jasmine’s instead of Starbucks, can’t believe our campus
has gone so mainstream. Ace’s Place was where Chick-fil-A is now, and if you were in Cooke
and you didn’t have coins for the vending machine, you had to walk all the way
back to Ridge for a snack. There was that one enormous
snow day our freshman year, on Davidson Scholar Day, which to this day is the most snow I personally
have ever seen in the Midwest. Our welcome week was themed
Welcome to the Jungle, if you remember and we ate
Sodexo instead of Chartwells. Also, we had a Hyde Hall that
wasn’t under construction with resident wasps in every room, and the occasional student passed out because the classrooms got so hot. We showed out to soccer games, sat through the chlorine
scent of swim meets, and won free shirts at basketball games in this very Ford Center. We had the privilege of
watching many incredible theater productions including Big Fish, Oklahoma, Hamlet, and The Wolves. We ate food from around the
world at International Bazar, and were regaled by the best voices Greek life had to offer
in Musical Madness. And each semester we went
out into the community to offer our time and labor to serve the city with UE Gives Back. And we have the shirts to prove it. Parents, guardians, and friends, I know you aren’t familiar
with these memories, but nevertheless you have been crucial in our college experience. So I want to take a
moment to acknowledge you. To our scholarship donors, faculty, advisors, administrators, counselors, Dean Dana Clayton, Pres P., Doctor Kazzi, coaches, managers, parents, siblings, grandparents, guardians,
friends, mentors, and peers, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The degrees we are about to attain would not have been possible
to receive without you. You have advised us, taught us, bankrolled us, supported us, invested in us, and loved us. And for that, the least we can do is to give you all a round of applause. (audience applauding) And to my fellow graduates,
we did it, we’re here. This is a moment of triumph for us. The culmination of all the time and energy that we’ve invested. Congratulations on a job very well done. And thank you for being
such good friends to me. So, the next time someone
cuts us off in traffic, or messes up a Chick-fil-A order, or needs an inconvenient favor, I hope we can just take a
second to think about puzzles. We can’t forget to keep
our own puzzles in mind, because we need to make sure
people don’t treat them wrong. However, we’ve all felt
alone at certain times, or dismissed or misunderstood. So maybe we can extend some understanding to those around us. After all, we might just be missing a piece of their puzzle. Thank you.
(audience applauding) – Thank you, Kianna, and you can see why she not only represented our senior class but also our entire university. Kianna, thank you very much. (audience applauding) And I did like the joke. Each year a committee of
students and faculty selects an award recipient for the
most outstanding senior. The selection is based on
high academic performance, a commitment to service,
outstanding leadership, and and involvement in
diverse campus activities. The award is named for two
of the university’s most respected alumni, Mabel Dillingham
Nenneker and Guthrie May. This year’s recipient truly embodies the spirit of philanthropy, innovation, and change making that are at the heart of the University of
Evansville experience. As a biochemistry student, research has led this
year’s Outstanding Senior to an internship with the
National Institutes of Health where he performed data
analysis on a clinical trial focused on patients with
severe insulin resistance. While president of his
fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, this year’s recipient created
a new philanthropy event called Patriot’s Run to benefit
the Wounded Warrior Project where participants wore
backpacks in a 5k race, mirroring our U.S. troops who wear heavy backpacks every day. Now many of you know, or
have already figured out, the 2019 recipient of the
Mabel Dillingham Nenneker and Guthrie May Outstanding Senior Award is Chace Avery.
(audience applauding) Those who know him will
not be surprised to learn that Chace says the pride
and joy of his UE experience has been his involvement
in Habitat for Humanity. He has served as president
of Habitat for Humanity two years, during which
he planned and executed the nation’s first Habitat
for Humanity barn blitz. This event brought 200 UE
students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members together to build 30 yard barns to accompany Habitat for Humanity houses in Evansville, and was part of the
inaugural Evansville team to build a Habitat for Humanity house while abroad in Portugal. To bring his involvement full circle he will be building another home with UE students in Mexico
right after graduation. Chace took his change
lab course focused on the development of tiny homes for the homeless in Evansville, and was able to serve
at the women’s shelter called Roots House. He was part of the Student
Christian Fellowship and active Orientation Leader and co-founder of the
university’s Ballroom Dance Club. In August, Chace will be attending Indiana University’s School of Medicine to pursue a medical specialty in pulmonary and critical care medicine. He says he plans to
continue making a difference in the world, you already have, through philanthropy,
just as he has done here, at the University of Evansville. Please join me in thanking
and congratulating Chace on being part of the UE family. (audience applauding) We love him too. (audience laughing) Through the generosity
of the Eykamp family, an award for members of
the faculty was created to recognize faculty
members who have displayed extraordinary service to the
University of Evansville. Faculty with a proven record
of student recruitment and commitment to student success. Faculty who inspire students
and provide a platform upon which they can explore and develop innovative ideas. Faculty who go above and beyond their regular classroom duties to interact with budding,
talented young adults. Faculty who are passionate
about teaching, advising, and mentoring student success. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mr. Phillip Eykamp, a member
of the UE Board of Trustees, to present this year’s Eykamp Prize. (audience applauding) – Thank you. The faculty member
receiving the Eykamp Prize exemplifies the president’s
description of the award, delivering extraordinary service to the University of Evansville. Since arriving at U of E she has received the Sudell and Sydney Burger Service Award for her involvement with
student recruitment, and her efforts have been successful as the department has seen
an increase in enrollments. She was selected as one of the
Evansville Business Journal’s 20 under 40, an honor that recognizes young leaders who make a difference in their community. Dr. Kristy Miller personifies the intent of the Eykamp Prize, and I am pleased to welcome her to the stage. Please come up, Dr. Miller. (audience applauding) Dr. Miller is the chairman of
the Department of Chemistry and has been instrumental
in recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest
students in her department. In addition to mentoring chemistry majors, she maintains contact with alumni and supports them
throughout their careers. To keep alumni connected with
the University of Evansville, Dr. Miller hosts engaging
events on campus, giving them reason to return to Evansville and to the University of Evansville. Dr. Miller has played a key role in fundraising to support the department. Most recently she
received funds to support undergraduate research and funds to establish a lecture series from the Jean Dreyfus Lectureship. Congratulations, Kristy,
you are the recipient of the Eykamp Prize. (audience applauding) – The University of Evansville
honorary degree committee receives and considers nominations made on the basis of individual service to the university and
individual achievement. Honorary degree recipients exemplify the university’s mission and as with all University of Evansville degrees, honorary degrees are
approved by our faculty and our Board of Trustees. Our honorary recipients have joined us on the platform today. Alan, can you please stand? Alan W. Braun, on this special occasion, the University of Evansville celebrates your many contributions
to the life of campus and the Evansville community. You enjoyed an esteemed career
at Industrial Contractors, growing your family-owned business to a nationally recognized
contracting business. That through the years has contributed to the development of
Evansville, the Tri-State region, by constructing many of the buildings that define the Evansville landscape. A member of the UE Board
of Trustees since 1989, Mr. Braun served as Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman of the Board, and Chair of the Audit Committee. A true philanthropist, Mr. Braun and his wife Sharon established the Alan W. and Sharon A.
Braun Family Foundation. He has chaired the University’s
National Steering Committee for the UEnvision Capital Campaign, which the university exceeded
all of their fundraising goals and has been instrumental in assisting Habitat for Humanity reach its goal to build 500 houses in Evansville. It gives me great pleasure
to award you, Alan W. Braun, the honorary degree,
Doctor of Humane Letters, with all the privileges
that the degree embraces. (audience applauding) (audience applauding) Sister Jane, would you please stand? Sister Jane Michele McClure,
on this special occasion, the University of Evansville acknowledges the many accomplishments you have made in the Evansville Community and for the University of Evansville. A lifelong resident of southern Indiana, Sister Jane Michele is
the major gifts officer for Habitat for Humanity. In this role, she has
established relationships with many community members who share a common mission
of helping the poor. Sister Jane Michele partnered with the University of Evansville to secure funds to send
15 students to Guatemala for nine days to build smokeless stoves, sanitary latrines, and an
earthquake-resistant house. Sister Jane Michele was
instrumental in Habitat’s effort to build 500 homes in Evansville, only 25 cities in the country
have reached this milestone, and through Sister Jane
Michele’s leadership, their goal was achieved. It gives me great pleasure to award you, Sister Jane Michele McClure, the honorary degree
Doctor of Humane Letters with all the privileges
that the degree embraces. (audience applauding) – Oh, absolutely, thank you, thank you. Thank you. (audience applause drowns out speech) (audience applauding) – Mr. Dunigan, can you please stand? Mr. Larry E. Dunigan, on
this special occasion, the University of Evansville pays tribute to your many contributions
and accomplishments in the life of our campus
and the Evansville community. Mr. Dunigan served as president
and chief executive officer of Holiday Management and Development, providing health care
services to meet the needs of the elderly in the
Evansville community. For 34 years, Mr. Dunigan was
director of Old National Bank, and a member of the UE Board
of Trustees since 1986. Mr. Dunigan has served as a member of the Executive Committee, Chair of the Finance
and the Audit Committee, as well as Secretary of
the Board of Trustees. Mr. Dunigan exemplifies a servant leader, always putting the needs of his employees and customers first, thereby strengthening his organization and building a positive
and welcoming environment. Mr. Dunigan is steady,
thoughtful, balanced; and when he speaks people listen, because they realize the wisdom
of his words and council. He is trustworthy, honest, and
generally assists colleagues with professional and personal challenges all while offering
encouragement along the way. Most notably, Mr. Dunigan
acts with humility and sets an example by service. It gives me great pleasure to
award you, Larry E. Dunigan, the honorary degree
Doctor of Humane Letters, with all the privileges
that the degree embraces. (audience applauding) (audience applauding) Now Starla West, president
of the Alumni Association Board of Directors will present the Outstanding Teacher Award and welcome today’s graduates as part of our alumni legacy. Starla graduated from
the university in 1995 with a Bachelor’s Degree
in Business Administration. She is the founder and president of Starla West International, an executive presence and
business leadership coaching and training firm, Starla. (audience applauding) (microphone thuds)
– Oops. On behalf of the University of
Evansville Alumni Association I welcome you. Take just a second and look
over here in the corner. Do you see that number? When you graduate today, you will get the opportunity to join a 32,000 plus global network of University of Evansville alums. In fact, when you receive
your diploma today, I will be offering you a
special gift from all of us to welcome you as our newest members. It is a key and this key can be anything that you want it to be. Your education in combination
with the extensive network that comes with it, can be used to unlock a
world of opportunities. All you’re going to have to do, is to step up to that network’s door, use the key to unlock
it, walk boldly through, an then leverage
everything it has to offer. I have no doubt that in your time at the University of Evansville you have established and
nurtured relationships that are incredibly important, and they have enriched your life. My first challenge to you is to make sure that you simply hold on
to those relationships. Do not let them end here. Don’t make the mistake I made. When I graduated I just took off, I was gonna conquer the world, and next thing you know the
most important relationships that I had while I was here
at UE, they fizzled out. But fortunately, 15 years later the Alumni Association brought me back in and they created some
incredible opportunities for me to reconnect with
some of those relationships and then to develop some
wonderful relationships that were brand new to me. And I am incredibly grateful for that. Now, in addition to that,
I want to let you know that you now have the
opportunity to leverage the power that can come with our network. In fact, we are everywhere. And we help each other out
like you cannot even imagine. And we are ready and we
are willing to help you, but all we’re simply gonna ask in return is that you do the same. When you have an opportunity
to help other alums and to give back to your university, we hope that you do that. Please stay connected with the university, please, please, please
support the university and give back to this university because it has given
already so much to you. So with that, ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the
University of Evansville Alumni Association, congratulations on your
accomplishments today. (audience applauding) Okay, so those were my remarks
from the Alumni Association, but being an executive coach, working with executives
all over this country, I cannot say something to you to let you know what you’re walking into. I work with executives
all over this country, and I have learned that there is one thing that separates those who
are thoroughly enjoying a satisfying and meaningful life, and those who are not. In fact, Kianna, her entire
presentation was all about this. As cliche as it says, or as it sounds, life really truly is a journey, and you’re getting ready
to start a new chapter. And in this chapter what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna have some
incredible successes, and you are gonna have some
really disappointing failures. There are gonna be ups and
there are gonna be downs. So if you want to be one of those people who walks out into this world and you enjoy all of it, the entire ride, the entire journey in a very
satisfying and meaningful way, you’re gonna have to walk
into it with one mindset, and one mindset only,
and that mindset is this. I am going to be fine. No matter what happens,
I am going to be fine. And then couple that with unwavering
perseverance and resilience, and life is always gonna be
satisfying and meaningful, no matter what you have
to endure along the way. So I wish you all the best
this world has to offer. It’s now time to get out
there and get after it. With that, it is now time to present the Outstanding Teacher Award. This year’s outstanding teacher is highly revered by students
and colleagues alike. Many say she is the best
professor they’ve ever had, and others believe that she is in fact the best professor at UE. Dean Rawski says she’s an
exceptional teacher and scholar and connects with her
students extremely well. This year’s outstanding
teacher is Associate Professor of Marketing and the Mead Johnson
Endowed Chair in Business, Dr. Atefeh Yazdanparast. (audience applauding) And I’ve been told that her
students call her Dr. Y, and I have been officially
given the permission to call her Dr. Y from here on out. So, I shall. (chuckles) Dr. Y received her PhD in Marketing with a minor in business anthropology from the University of
North Texas in 2012. Since joining the UE faculty in 2012, Dr. Y has been a recipient of the 2018 Dean’s Teaching Award, the 2018 National Society
of Leadership and Success Excellence in Teaching Award, Class of 1961 Faculty
Fellowship Award in 2017, Global Scholar Award in 2015, and the Dean’s Research
Award in both ’14 and ’16. Recently she was named the
2019 Master Scholar Award recipient by the Marketing
Management Association, as part of an international competition to recognize marketing scholars who have engaged in innovative
and impactful research. Following a multi-disciplinary
and multi-method approach, Dr. Y conducts qualitative
and quantitative research and collaborates with
researchers in other disciplines. Focusing on decision making, a majority of her
intellectual contributions fall within the areas
of social psychology, of consumer behavior, and
the interplay of consumers and technology, and her
work has been published in many journals, excuse me. Dr. Y teaches several marketing courses, including Digital Marketing,
Marketing Research, Principles of Marketing,
and Consumer Behavior. Dr. Y is committed to
providing exceptional learning opportunities for her students and they have incorporated
more than 20 marketing projects for local and global businesses. I am delighted to present to you, Dr. Y. (audience applauding) (audience applauding) – We’re getting very close
to the conferral of degrees. But before we do, please
welcome Love in Pink. (audience applauding) (gentle piano notes) ♪ Tonight I’m gonna have myself ♪ ♪ A real good time ♪ ♪ I feel alive ♪ (vocalizing) ♪ I’ll turn it inside out, ba ba da da ♪ ♪ I’m floating around in ecstasy ♪ ♪ So don’t stop me now ♪ ♪ Don’t wanna go ♪ ♪ Don’t stop me ’cause
I’m having a good time ♪ ♪ Having a good time ♪ ♪ Good time ♪ ♪ Won’t you come see about me ♪ ♪ I’ll be alone dancing you know it baby ♪ ♪ Tell me your troubles and doubts ♪ ♪ Give it everything inside and out ♪ ♪ Love’s strange so real in the dark ♪ ♪ Think of the tender things
that we were working on ♪ ♪ Slow change may pull us apart ♪ ♪ When the light gets
into your heart, baby ♪ ♪ Don’t you, forget about me ♪ ♪ Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t ♪ ♪ Don’t you, forget about me ♪ ♪ Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t ♪ ♪ Don’t stop me now ♪ ♪ I’m having such a good time ♪ ♪ I’m having a ball ♪ ♪ Don’t stop me now ♪ ♪ If you wanna have a good time ♪ ♪ Just give me a call ♪ ♪ Don’t stop me, don’t stop me ♪ ♪ Don’t stop me now ♪ ♪ Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t ♪ ♪ Don’t stop believing ♪ ♪ Hold on to that feeling ♪ ♪ Street lights, people ♪ ♪ Will you stand above me ♪ ♪ Look my way and never never love me ♪ ♪ Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling ♪ ♪ Down, rain keeps falling down ♪ ♪ La la la la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ La da da da ♪ ♪ Da da da da ♪ ♪ La da da da da ah ah ah ♪ ♪ Don’t stop ♪ (audience applauding) – We shall now proceed to the
conferring of the degrees. President Pietruszkiewicz,
I have the pleasure of presenting to you
candidates for degrees. Will the candidates please stand? (audience applauding) On behalf of the faculty, I certify that these
persons have completed the required course of study of the University of Evansville or will do so by the end of the summer, and they are presented to you for the conferring of degrees. – Thank you Dr. Austin. By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees, and on the recommendation of the faculty, I confer upon you the degree
to which you are entitled, with all the rights and
responsibilities pertaining thereto. – You may be seated. Now, Dean Ray Lutgring will call forward the candidates for degrees in the William L. Ridgway
College of Arts and Sciences. – [Ray] For the degree Bachelor of Arts, also earning a degree Bachelor of Science, Johnathan Allen. (audience applauding) Emily K. Bilharts. (audience applauding) Jacqueline Cane. (audience applauding) Haley S. Elliot, also earning the degree Bachelor of Science. (audience applauding) Chelsea Nicole Gattis, cum laude. (audience applauding) Olivia M. Goldstein, cum laude, also earning the degree
Bachelor of Science. (audience applauding) Lindsey Flagstaff, magna cum laude, also earning the degree
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Emily T. Newman. (audience applauding) Emily L. Nielsen, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Emily Pia. (audience applauding) Melody Ramos. (audience applauding) Lacy Roe, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Kenneth E. Rusk. (audience applauding) Joshua Schuester. (audience applauding) Margaret Grace Sullivan, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Danielle Tessier. Grace Vavra, cum laude. (audience applauding) Eli A. Warren, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Abigail E. Weaver. (audience applauding) For the degree Bachelor of Fine Arts, Jennifer L. Baker (audience applauding) John Isaac Baker. (audience applauding) Natalie Beaumont Christie. (audience applauding) Gina Marissa DeLise, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Charlie Ericson, cum laude, also earning the degree Bachelor of Arts. (audience applauding) Kathleen Marie Finch. (audience applauding) Charlie Jeanette Ho. (audience applauding) Amy C. Hoperton. (audience applauding) Caitlyn Laura Kalari, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Jameson A. Lewis, cum laude. (audience applauding) Justin T. Lions. (audience applauding) Lauren Elizabeth Mulvihill. (audience applauding) Amber Phillips. (audience applauding) Amber N. Schulthise. (audience applauding) Olivia Shoup, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Daniel Stewart. (audience applauding) Julia Elaine Tony, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Claire Francis Toomey. (audience applauding) For the Degree Bachelor of Music, Melanie D. Baker, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Madeline E. Cox. (audience applauding) Kathryn Marie Denny, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Emma Jean Lundquist. (audience applauding) Adam M. Smith. (audience applauding) Logan H. Tsuji. (audience applauding) Cum laude. For the degree Bachelor of
Music in Music Education, Kaitlynn M. Scales. (audience applauding) James D. Smith. (audience applauding) For the degree Bachelor
of Music in Music Therapy, Bailey Chase Alka, cum laude. (audience applauding) Kierra Haight, cum laude. (audience applauding) Janna May Anna Jackson. (audience applauding) April A. Kuhnert, cum laude. (audience applauding) Haley R. Russler. (audience applauding) Haley M. Taylor. (audience applauding) For the Degree Bachelor of Science, Elizabeth N. Alford. (audience applauding) Amena Sayid Alzema. (audience applauding) Micah J. Ammons. (audience applauding) Chace C. Avery, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Haley M. Barter. (audience applauding) Mariah Nicole Beetles. (audience applauding) Brooke Logan Bishop. (audience applauding) Ashton Kaylie Bosler, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Bailey Claire Brandvold, magna cum laude. Catherine DeMilt Brown. (audience applauding) Katie Cook Bussin, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Tatiana Cosas Quininez. (audience applauding) Brandon J. Castellano, also earning the additional
degree Bachelor of Science. (audience applauding) De-noos Hot-cu-vay-jus. (audience applauding) Jared S. Chestnut. (audience applauding) Rebecca E. Clark, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Jocelin Cornel Gomez. (audience applauding) Mikaylah Lynn Cunningham. (audience applauding) Alexandra Ray Curren, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Kelsie Christine Davy. (audience applauding) Megan P. Dellorto. (audience applauding) Madeline L. Easly, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) William P. Este. (audience applauding) Benjamin M. Fenwick. (audience applauding) Rociel Fotuny, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Euan Freeman, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Kouichi John Fujisawa. (audience applauding) Elizabeth B. Giller. (audience applauding) Ryan G. Gray. (audience applauding) Jennifer R. Greenly. (audience applauding) Tatani L. Hall, also earning an additional Bachelor of Science degree.
(audience applauding) Meredith G. Hamm, cum laude. (audience applauding) Paige Nicole Hignite, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Martin Anthony B. Hill. (audience applauding) Marshall Hopkins. (audience applauding) Colton Houchin, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Madeline C. Jepker, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Conner M. Jilgelsky. (audience applauding) Luke J. Kelly. (audience applauding) Brittany Paige Curr. (audience applauding) Chandler Dale Kite. (audience applauding) Megan M. Kincannon, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Alyssa Katherine Koberstein. (audience applauding) Jaylin Ray Kowalski, cum laude. (audience applauding) Curt Edward Lee Kermin, cum laude. (audience applauding) Bailey C. Lamberson. (audience applauding) Ling Lin, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Adam J. Longberg, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Tessa Marie Irene McAdoo. (audience applauding) Matthew McDonald, cum laude. (audience applauding) Sylvia McFadden, cum laude. (audience applauding) Sierra Noel Miller, cum laude. (audience applauding) Andrew W. Moore. (audience applauding) Justin L. Morrison. (audience applauding) Mark C. Mezzina, summa cum laude. Also earning an additional
Bachelor of Science degree. (audience applauding) Kelly Nicole Nixon, cum laude. (audience applauding) Micah J. Nord. Also earning an additional
Bachelor of Science degree. Jessica R. O’Shaughnessy. (audience applauding) Sarah J. Osinski. (audience applauding) Sierra Selene Kapualanane
Pagan, cum laude. (audience applauding) Kierra Park. (audience applauding) Katelyn M. Parmenter, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Ian J. Phipps. (audience applauding) Maria Jane Pickens, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Rachel Alan Pitts. (audience applauding) Katherine Adelia Kawan. (audience applauding) Aileen Rasmussen. (audience applauding) Aaron D. Richardson, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Callie K. Roberts. (audience applauding) Jessica Maylan Robinson. (audience applauding) Christopher Matthew Rogers. (audience applauding) Gabriel J. Rohleder. (audience applauding) Shawn Paul Russel, summa cum laude, also earning an additional
Bachelor of Science degree. Megan R. Ryan. (audience applauding) Sajoona Sai, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Stephanie Schultz, cum laude. (audience applauding) Morgan Kathleen Severide, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Laura Katherine Sills, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Marty Rose Samrick. (audience applauding) Nicholas P. Statford. (audience applauding) Mary St. Marie. (audience applauding) Aaron F. Straight. (audience applauding) Anna Jean Stratman. (audience applauding) Amanda L. Suggs, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Sally Ta Sung. (audience applauding) Shelby Tackett. (audience applauding) Usama Tauqeer. (audience applauding) Abigail E. Thomason. (audience applauding) Rebecca A. Updike, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Olivia Maria Voegerl, cum laude. Also earning an additional
Bachelor of Science degree. (audience applauding) Mercedes Lynn Wacker. (audience applauding) Carly J. Wagner, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Zachary K. Weinzapfel, magna cum laude. Also earning an additional
Bachelor of Science degree. Shana Nicole Weisburg, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Ayrlia F. Welch. (audience applauding) Mason D. Wilhite. (audience applauding) Spencer J. Wilhem. (audience applauding) Sharice M. Williams, cum laude. (audience applauding) Alexandria P. Winstead, magna cum laude. Tyler H. Wintermute. (audience applauding) Katherine A. Wolfenger, summa cum laude. Also earning an additional
Bachelor of Science degree. Cheyenne K. Zwifger. (audience applauding) – [Man] Now, Schroeder
Family Dean Greg Rawski will call forward the
candidates for degrees in the Schroeder Family School
of Business Administration. – [Greg] For the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Accounting Tarishma Atla. (audience applauding) Natalie Marie Brumfield, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Elliot Q. Crow, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Corbin New, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Virginia A. Pope. (audience applauding) Mildreless Rodriguez Sintrome. (audience applauding) Phillip S. Rummler. (audience applauding) Emily K. Schmidt, cum laude. (audience applauding) Peyton D. Tindall. (audience applauding) Samuel Jacob Trader, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) For the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bushara Ahmed. (audience applauding) Nor. L. Haffar. (audience applauding) Fahad Ali Aljumayd. (audience applauding) Fahad Monsoor Alkhaliwi. (audience applauding) Ali Abas AlMagahwi. (audience applauding) Baisal Fahad Aldoruman Alosaami. (audience applauding) Marwa AlRawahi. (audience applauding) Jeremy V. Barnes. (audience applauding) Trevor Chase Balm, also earning the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accounting. (audience applauding) James. R. Bell. (audience applauding) Kaylie A. Patag. (audience applauding) Tiegan M. Britt. (audience applauding) Austin A. Carmac. (audience applauding) Cameron J. Cool. (audience applauding) Christina M. Effinger, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Elizabeth M. Field. (audience applauding) Derrick Ryan Hammelman. (audience applauding) M. Walid Hasanato, also earning the degree of Bachelor of Science. Taylor M. Howard. (audience applauding) Brian K. Hughes, cum laude. (audience applauding) Saywoo Kang. (audience applauding) Anna Catherine Kurtz. (audience applauding) Molly Elizabeth Lear, cum laude. (audience applauding) Reed Ronald Lenhart. (audience applauding) McKenna Anne Lewis. (audience applauding) Danyang Lu, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Tess. A. Lumbard. (audience applauding) Arthur Campos Larente. (audience applauding) Isaac Carl Martin. (audience applauding) Michael Blake McNutt. (audience applauding) Jila Mohammed. (audience applauding) Abduramang Najem. (audience applauding) Alvaro Navarette Delcarpo Bejito. (audience applauding) Daria Pentsova. (audience applauding) Noah R. Reese. (audience applauding) Emily M. Rogers, cum laude. (audience applauding) Jessica L. Rollins. (audience applauding) Andrew John Schroeder. (audience applauding) Riley J. Shanks. (audience applauding) Matthew A. Tiller. (audience applauding) Joseph P. Vermilion, Jr. (audience applauding) Robert Charles Wagner, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Taylor R. Williams. (audience applauding) Hanshun Woo, cum laude. (audience applauding) – [Man] Dean Mary
Kessler will call forward the candidates for degrees in the College of Education
and Health Sciences. Those candidates receiving
a graduate degree will receive the hood appropriate to the master’s or doctoral degree earned. Physician Assistant and
Doctoral of Physical Therapy students received their
hoods at prior ceremony. – [Mary] For the degree
of Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant, Victoria Boze. (audience applauding) Sierra Alexis Mercedes Cornelius. (audience applauding) Spencer A. Cox. (audience applauding) Adam Robert Devery,
also earning the degree of Bachelor of Science. (audience applauding) Faith J. Gross. (audience applauding) Morgan Inyart. (audience applauding) Curtis L. Like, also earning the degree of Bachelor of Science. (audience applauding) Paige M. Nemeyer, also earning the degree of Bachelor of Science. (audience applauding) Savannah Uray Van Skyhawk,
also earning the degree of Bachelor of Science. (audience applauding) Tiffany Nicole Walters. (audience applauding) Brittany M. Wright,
also earning the degree of Bachelor of Science. (audience applauding) For the degree of Bachelor of Science Charles R. Alderman, cum laude. (audience applauding) Gufan Al Marhoon. (audience applauding) Leah K. Avery, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Caleb D. Beeman, cum laude.
(audience applauding) – [Audience Member] Way
to go Bee, way to go Bee. – [Mary] Scott F. Bentley. (audience applauding) Hannah E. Burnhart, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Peyton Lee Blank. (audience applauding) Katherine E. Blankenship. (audience applauding) Allison Boardman, cum laude. (audience applauding) Bailey L. Bogan. (audience applauding) Hannah M. Brown, cum laude. (audience applauding) Sara Elizabeth Cannaday. (audience applauding) Christopher N. Capo. (audience applauding) Stacy Chen, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Kylie M. Crenshaw, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Tatiana L. Czajkowski, cum laude. (audience applauding) Emma Doben-Merkle, cum laude. (audience applauding) Ariel M. DeJesus. (audience applauding) Macy Marie Dimmit, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Matthew R. Duke. (audience applauding) Madison M. Elpers. (audience applauding) David Francis, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Sarah Elizabeth Garies, cum laude. (audience applauding) Mackenzie Marie Gobel, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Andrew J. Guksel. (audience applauding) Madison E. Hammond. (audience applauding) Adam M. Hartman. (audience applauding) Michelle Lynn James. (audience applauding) Madison K. Jones. (audience applauding) Abigail Ramer Kasing, cum laude. (audience applauding) Sarah E. Keister, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Annabelle Anna C. Libel. (audience applauding) Carrie Michelle Ludy. (audience applauding) Abby R. Lippert, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Kathleen S. Lindeman. (audience applauding) Arlan Magalitz, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Juan Miguel Marcino. (audience applauding) Kaylie Marilyn Mathers, cum laude. (audience applauding) Marlee Nix Miller, cum laude. (audience applauding) Johnathan D. Mitchell. (audience applauding) Kevin Edward Montgomery, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Madison L. Mooney, cum laude. (audience applauding) Anna Grace Monday, cum laude. (audience applauding) Kristen Elizabeth Meyers. (audience applauding) Taylor Elaine Mackie. (audience applauding) Gregory R. Nevin, cum laude. (audience applauding) Ash Obaje. (audience applauding) Kyle A. Patton, cum laude. (audience applauding) Miranda Cecile Pepe, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Shannon Pins. (audience applauding) Shelby L. Preston, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Carl. H. Gilligan, cum laude. (audience applauding) Mr. Cameron H. Robinson, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Stacy M. Rowan, cum laude. (audience applauding) Ashley N. Sawzick, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Mackenzie E. Schrufler. (audience applauding) Thomas J. Scupian. (audience applauding) Rachel D. Smith. (audience applauding) Stephanie A. Smith, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Stephanie L. Snodgrass, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Morgan A. Spitzer, cum laude. (audience applauding) Abigail R. Stratton, cum laude. (audience applauding) Anashia M. Sutt, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Jamie Catherine Vance. (audience applauding) Kennedy L. Whittaker. (audience applauding) Katelyn M. Williams, cum laude. (audience applauding) Kianna Wong, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Morgan G. Woodward, cum laude. (audience applauding) Kelsie M. Young. (audience applauding) Carline Zembrote. (audience applauding) Daniel J. Zoeful. (audience applauding) For the degree of Bachelor
of Science in Nursing, Lindsey Ray Barnes. (audience applauding) Morgan M. Barnett. (audience applauding) Erin Michelle Bonafer, cum laude. (audience applauding) Blake Edward Brown. (audience applauding) Tracy Nicole Birch, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Alyssa Jean Elpers. (audience applauding) Carrie E. Gasper. (audience applauding) Jacob L. Grisham, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Kendra Elaine Grundy, cum laude. (audience applauding) Lindsey E. Harper. (audience applauding) Luke Alan Huffman, cum laude. (audience applauding) Morgan Michelle Hudson. (audience applauding) Katelyn Erin Ingall, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Julie Nicole Kendall. (audience applauding) Samantha Jo Morgan, cum laude. (audience applauding) Bailey Paul Rankin, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Jessica Elizabeth Ray. (audience applauding) Alexandria Anne Reagan. (audience applauding) Amy Elizabeth Smith, cum laude. (audience applauding) Alexandria Catherine Wink. (audience applauding) Carissa Jo Wertzel, cum laude. (audience applauding) Hannah Yu. (audience applauding) For the combined degrees
of Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in
Health Services Administration, Abdullah Mohammed Almaghami. (audience applauding) Savannah Silver Kern. (audience applauding) For the combined degree
of Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health, Isha Mohammed Tijani. (audience applauding) For the degree of Master of
Physician Assistance Science, Amber L. Anslinger. (audience applauding) Joshua Baker. (audience applauding) Shelby Clark. (audience applauding) Samantha A. Dillman. (audience applauding) Tony Finegen. (audience applauding) Kelsie A. Hipp. (audience applauding) Jamie Logal. (audience applauding) Marcus Meyer. (audience applauding) Melanie Ann Marie Martin. (audience applauding) Erin McTig. (audience applauding) Matthew Mengel. (audience applauding) Elizabeth Rachel Moore. (audience applauding) Haley Elizabeth Riggs. (audience applauding) Sara Skluzacek. (audience applauding) Katelyn Marie Tooley. (audience applauding) Haley Voss. (audience applauding) Sara Wagner. (audience applauding) Peter Wilson. (audience applauding) Yungwa Catherine Gan. (audience applauding) For the degree of Master of Public Health, Dane Daling Turner. (audience applauding) For the degree of Master of Science, Daniel J. Betts. (audience applauding) Nancy J. McClure. (audience applauding) Melissa N. Rabell-Pineiro. (audience applauding) Jacob A. Ward. (audience applauding) For the degree of Master of
Science in Athletic Training, Morgan Cornell. (audience applauding) Gabriella W. Korte. (audience applauding) For the degree of Doctor
of Physical Therapy, Autumn Leslie Acosta. (audience applauding) Taylor Diana Atkins. (audience applauding) Joseph R. Baxter. (audience applauding) Catherine J. Beiber. (audience applauding) Lauren N. Berry. (audience applauding) Sarah Elizabeth Brewer. (audience applauding) Stephanie Faith Cerino. (audience applauding) Katelyn M. Cornelius. – Yeah baby!
(audience applauding) Elizabeth I. Daugherty. (audience applauding) Paige M. Durthy. (audience applauding) Riley Elizabeth Elkeen. (audience applauding) Mary Elizabeth Garner. (audience applauding) Robert Joseph Graneger. (audience applauding) Ryan Neil Grant. (audience applauding) Joshua A. Hayden. (audience applauding) Hannah Hall Hoffman. (audience applauding) Courtney Ray Hoteling. (audience applauding) J. Ethan Hughes. (audience applauding) Nicolette Jane Junker. (audience applauding) Mashavan Kore. (audience applauding) Mikayla A. Kent. (audience applauding) Hannah M. Lamar. (audience applauding) Theresa Latch. (audience applauding) Kay Suzanne Leech. (audience applauding) Charlotte Mary Luckner. (audience applauding) Rachel B. McKinnley. (audience applauding) Aaron Powell. (audience applauding) Risa Ricard. (audience applauding) Natalie N. Rutke. (audience applauding) Megan Marie Sampson. (audience applauding) Marie C. Sandage. (audience applauding) Austin L. Shapker. (audience applauding) Trevor Jordan Schrock. (audience applauding) Rebecca K. Spreggs. (audience applauding) Sarah E. Stuckwisch. (audience applauding) Kendall N. Sorrels. (audience applauding) Annalise Inga Trapp. (audience applauding) Rachel S. Werner. (audience applauding) Cassie Jenae Wagler. (audience applauding) Preston T. Wagner. (audience applauding) – [Man] Dean Ying Shang
will now call forward the candidates for degrees in the College of Engineering
and Computer Science. – [Ying] For the degree
of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Amanda Marie Aders. (audience applauding) Ali Alhujairi. (audience applauding) Ayah Al Jandali. (audience applauding) Samuel Matthew Brenager. (audience applauding) Ryan M. Freeman. (audience applauding) Michael Dennis Ferguson. (audience applauding) Corey D. Gareth. (audience applauding) Donald J. Hubbard. (audience applauding) Chukiat Kanphian. (audience applauding) Jacob Thomas Sleek. (audience applauding) Elizabeth R. Theric. (audience applauding) Nicholas James West. (audience applauding) For the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Mohammed Al Harthi. (audience applauding) Mazem Khamiz Al Katbi. (audience applauding) Gordon J. Elliot. (audience applauding) Shawn D. Grant. (audience applauding) Jacob T. Harp, cum laude. (audience applauding) Kunla Moo-ka-gee, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) Christian Olson. (audience applauding) Maran Sa-fis-a-day, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Justin E. Stark, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) For the degree of Bachelor of
Science in Computer Science, Turki Faha Al Harbi, cum laude. (audience applauding) Abdul Aziz Salay Al Shabibi. (audience applauding) Jacob Michael Darabaris. (audience applauding) Shawn D. Leedy. (audience applauding) Dalton Christopher Meny, cum laude. Simon J. Owens. (audience applauding) For the degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Hasad Ali Al Hamada. (audience applauding) Abdullah Sayid Al Maseri. (audience applauding) Hamad Hamis Al Mesmari. (audience applauding) Mahaned Albrihim Al Meshna. (audience applauding) Alicia R. Bird, cum laude. (audience applauding) Austin D. Bremet. (audience applauding) Damon B. Buxton. (audience applauding) Joseph Michael Gabreth. (audience applauding) Thomas L. Genderber. (audience applauding) Julia Ann Kelmer, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Kelsie Ray Mores. (audience applauding) Mohammad Halid Mohammad Sawat Al Shahi. (audience applauding) Conner Brian Sheets, cum laude. (audience applauding) Michael Still. (audience applauding) David C. Stoddard, cum laude. (audience applauding) Jared Walker Sutphin. (audience applauding) Sean T. Vibbert, summa cum laude. (audience applauding) For the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Mohammad Hamden Al Amri. (audience applauding) Kumiel Abadu Zabar Al Sawav, cum laude. (audience applauding) Iman Salem Al Zarani. (audience applauding) Samuel Thomas Bachran. (audience applauding) Craig L. Bissen. (audience applauding) Isham Batari, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Micahel A. Canyon. (audience applauding) Joseph A. Cook. (audience applauding) Devon Phillip Seer. (audience applauding) Eric Christopher Duckson, magna cum laude. (audience applauding) Jacob Aaron Gross. (audience applauding) Kayleigh E. Gruberkie, cum laude. (audience applauding) Dylan J. Hammer. (audience applauding) Blake M. Knies. (audience applauding) Ethan James Kraus. (audience applauding) Hasan C. Lada. (audience applauding) Caleb D. Martin. (audience applauding) Ethan McMonigle. (audience applauding) Conner R. Miles, cum laude. (audience applauding) Darby A. Ray. (audience applauding) Samuel S. Ronos. (audience applauding) Cody J. Schroeder. (audience applauding) Zachariah S. Wargel, cum laude. (audience applauding) Noah Quinn Whalen. (audience applauding) – Well, how about a round of
applause for our graduates? (audience applauding) Can our graduates please stand? By moving the tassel on
your mortarboard, not yet. (audience laughing) From right to left,
symbolizes that you have been granted your degree. You can always remember
that now that the tassel will be on your left side,
it will be over the heart of your alma matter. Congratulations, please celebrate by moving your tassel from right to left. (audience applauding) Ladies and gentlemen, I
present the class of 2019. (audience applauding) Please be seated. Our faculty that sit before
you serve as teachers, mentors, and role models,
and they demonstrate the value of service and
leadership to all of us. And they are an inspiration
to our entire university. Can I ask our faculty to please stand so we can thank you for your
great service to our students. (audience applauding) Our staff and administrators
around the Ford Center today, and in the service of your
four years at the university have served as guidance
for your career paths, and ensuring the beauty of
our campus and so much more. Our staff and administrators
who are around the Ford Center, can you please stand so we can
say thank you to all of you. (audience applauding) And finally, to our families,
supporters, and friends, you were there when our
students needed you most. So I’m gonna ask our
graduates to please stand and face your family members and say thank you to all of them. (audience applauding) Well, while you’re standing,
one more time for our graduates for the class of 2019. (audience applauding) One more time.
(audience applauding) Can you all please stand as you’re able and join us in the singing of our sesquicentennial class anthem, “We Face the Future Unafraid”. Text can be found in your program. (flourishing orchestral music) (music drowns out singing) (audience applauding) Sounds like you want to cheer for our graduates one more time. (audience applauding) The Reverend Keith Turner,
the John Wesley Minister and Assistant Chaplain at
the University of Evansville will now close today’s
ceremonies with a benediction. – As we leave this place I
invite you to hear these words from John Wesley, the
founder of Methodism. “Do all the good you can, “by all the means you can, “in all the ways you can, “in all the places you can, “at all the times you can, “to all the people you can, “as long as ever you can.” Go in peace, amen. (audience applauding) (triumphant orchestral music)

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