17 Times Social Anxiety Went Overboard

was at a picnic with some friends 10 to 15 people turned into like 50 to 75 people within around enter extreme anxiety went up to get hotdogs cute girl walks behind me to get one notice and start sweating barbecue home he hands me my hot dog so nervous I drop it right onto the cement didn't know to get another one so picked it up with dirt all over a Tucker bite and walked away asked a customer if her name was Kate spelled with a case I'm a retail cashier a woman was buying a dress and humorously stated that she might be too fat for it me never want to disagree with the customer smiled and said yah I burned a few calories hitting my head on the counter after that exchange one time when I was a kid I was calling up a girl I liked to ask her if she wanted to hang out her mom answered the phone and in my awkward teenage bumbling I asked her mom if she wanted to hang out I'm still not quite over that one nearly 10 years later climb to treats whoo get away from people at an outdoor party stayed there until everyone left and then went home the other day at my small office I went to the bathroom to fix my shirt which I had worn inside out when I went into the stall the bathroom was empty as I flipped my shirt around someone walked into the stall next to me I also used some toilet paper to wipe my nose slide cold and drop the paper in the bowl this triggered the auto flush sensor and it flushed my predicament began when I realized I also had to pee bad since I had already used toilet paper and flushed my twisted mind decided this would seem really weird to the person next door why would someone use the bathroom flush and then stand up and pee against it no one ever that I couldn't they might recognize my shoes and know who I was so instead I hatched a clever deception I left the store and washed my hands to seem normal despite that I hadn't even used the bathroom after drying I walked loudly to the exits and opened the door into the hall then I said oh excuse me like I had accidentally bumped into someone else coming in and walked right back in I made sure to change the sound of my footsteps walking more quietly so that stool man would think I was a different birth not some freak playing bathroom charades then I went to the year in Al and peed and then washed my hands again using the farthest sink so he couldn't spot my shoes TL DR I faked an angry phone call because I was too afraid to just get out of line I was picking up my little sister from school and I didn't have anything better to do and I didn't want her to have to wait on the long car line so I got there forty minutes early about five minutes before school let out she told me she was going home with a friend I was so scared that the people behind me in line would think I was creepy if I just left the line after all that time so I pretended to be on the phone got out of my car and rummaged through my trunk while acting like I was angry at the person on the other end of the coal complete with annoyed arm movements and all then got back in and drove off I'm from Ireland a Catholic enough country I deliver pizzas and one night a woman said God be with you as I was walking away and I stumbled over my words and said peace be upon you like the fecking Pete superb cringed pretty hard walking away as she just looked at me edit toppings be upon you my children it was third grade I had a presentation the next day that I really didn't want to do so I took a hammer and sat in the back yard trying to break my own ankle I just ended up bruising it because I couldn't go full force I once got off the wrong bus stop on purpose because I didn't want to tell the bus to stop so I just waited for it to stop itself driving to a party sat outside of it in MacArthur entire time left next day said I was there this one time I was approached by a high school girl trying to get my contact info I'm only 22 so I mean I guess I'm passable for just an older guy but clearly you've gotta say no semi being a reddit user said something stupid I started to say sorry but I'm old enough to be your dad but that was so dumb I changed it mid-sentence – sorry I'm old enough to be your brother but that didn't make any sense so what really came out of my mouth was sorry I'm old enough to be your brother's college roommate and then we both stood there in that amazing what the fuck feeling you get when you're just overloaded with what the fuck my girlfriend server at a restaurant called bonefish and she was supposed to ask have you ever died mad bonefish but instead she asked have you ever boned at dine fish she was mortified but her customers thought it was hilarious I was taking a normal Korean exam and my professor asked my name I just stared at her with the look of horror because at that moment I forgot my name she asked again in English and it took about a minute of silence for me to remember my name got a 95 at least I was at Chipotle the girl asked me how my day had been I said large please because I got confused and thought she was asking what size I wanted then she asked if I wanted white I saw the other rice they had and I said yes so boy my stomach is sinking as I recall this I did this twice in one week by the way I went over to my friends house and when his dad opened the door and said welcome I replied with yes welcome this moment haunts me still it's kind of long-winded but I hope it paints the picture about 15 years ago I was a young teen browsing the electronics section of Walmart as I was leaving that area this guy and girl around my age were coming into the electronics area they saw me and both enthusiastically said hey like they were happy and surprised to see me I didn't recognize them but I thought maybe we had a class together or something so I was like hey how's it going feigning cheerfulness as I tried to place where I knew them from they both looked at me weird and made a face then walked past me to a guy and girl behind me greeting them I was so embarrassed and anxious I just got out of the electronics department as fast as I could without running and went to the next department over which ended up being ladies clothing the bra and panty area a female employee came over and asked if I needed help looking at me confused because of the department I was flustered and said sorry just trying to find electronics to which she replied oh it's over this way come with me I didn't want to go back but now I was obligated so I followed her back and as we approached I saw the two teams I had their awkward interaction with and their two friends all look up and stare at me there ya go and employee said then she started chatting with the cashier in electronics at that time Walmart's electronics was like a big square with only one opening for entrace and exit to deter theft so now I'm trapped in this area with the people I just had the awkwardness with anther employee that justice courted me from women's clothes I was so embarrassed and my whole body felt hot from anxiety I just blankly stared at the video games behind the glass until the other people left and then I took off on top food chain won't stop new game what's on that blue haze one night to check the brass tube a micro booster like semi rearview at five o'clock spoon rats faster than the past now they say I'm exhausted looking for success I'm crazy and lifted


  1. Convinced the neighbors that I’m deaf because I didn’t know what else to say. So now they don’t talk to me.

  2. I was preforming a skit in drama when I suddenly forgot an important line. The person I was saying the line to didn't know what to do because they can't just respond to a line I never said. 3rd person in the play gets confused as to why me and this other person are just staring blankly at eachother, and they blurt out a line that is responding to something I hadn't done yet, confusing the hell out of the audience.

    Another time in drama, I had to do a lip sync project, and we got to pick our groups. Now the problem is that me and my friends in that group aren't known for being the least bit popular. We all were sort of weird kids that wanted good grades so we at least tried but didn't have enough confidence to go all the way on drama presentations. So the lip sync ended up being this 2 minute long uncoordinated mess and every time I looked at the audience I saw those popular kids whispering and looking at us like "Wtf are these weebs doing." After we were done I hurried back to my seat and didn't say anything to anyone after that. Probably the worst experience I've had in drama, considering I care way too much what other people think and I almost had a panic attack after that.

    So yea that was fun.

  3. One time I was getting off the bus and said to the driver “have a good weekend!” It was Thursday. I realized this as I got off the bus and facepalmed. We ended up having a snow day the next day so I wasn’t wrong.😂

  4. I was in 1st grade of high school and we had to show off how much we knew. To all the class. Talking. Of course I asked to go to the bathroom and never came back. The entire class panicked and I was in a secret spot, but I did not wanted to be scolded at so while the teacher was looking for me I went back to the bathroom, lied on the floor and stood there until the teacher came and saw me "passed out".

  5. i have solution

    get yourself one good friend and screw everyone else

    i have a roommate who understands my social anxiety and she is always there for me guiding me and doing a lot of the talking for me😁😁😁

  6. This one time a girl asked me to sign a picture from the play I was in (she was collecting everyone who had been in it’s signatures) and after I did it I said thank you then awkwardly ran away

  7. Has a person with extreme social anxiety especially at school I just walk with my head down staring at people's shoes trying to figure out which way they are going so I won't bump into them

  8. Crossguard lady: How are you?
    Me: Yes, thank you very much.

    We stare at each other and the crossguard lady starts laughing and I stand there with my whole body shaking. I eventually run away with my face completely red.

  9. My mom on the phone with a pizza place

    Mom : “Hi, I’d like to deliver a pizza.”

    Worker : “Uhh….”

    Mom : “Sorry I meant Id like to have a pizza delivered.”

  10. I was in church one day and when I was given the body of Christ, I accidentally said 'Thank you' instead of 'Amen'

  11. Struggling to talk to ppl through game chats. I get nervous talking face to face with strangers but having to talk into my headset with randoms makes my heart race and literally no words come out. 😶😩

  12. I went to the toilet at school and a girl waiting there told me that it's occupied. I told her: 'I know'. And then an akward long silence. 😬😶😳

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