1. I have weak legs how to make strong
    But still I can do Max 2 minute plank.
    Please suggest me strong legs workout.

  2. Thanks for the ideas. I am taking your base ideas and modifying them for my Basketball team workouts over the winter break!

  3. Just saw your video. The first thing I saw immediately was precise form. Ex- professional athlete here, and this will become part of my work. Not all your moves will I do, but there's three I'll implement. Great video and much success to you, your channel and your hard work.

  4. I need upper strength. Today my coach gave me a 12lb med ball. I usually work with a 10. But I'm sure he's growing me, because I love lightweight😂😂😂.
    Anyhow I started searching for videos watch yours first very informative and doable for me. These are upper strength exercises?

  5. I started using slamballs just this month, I have a 50 pound ball and I made my own workout, I basically suwat down & grab the ball in a curl motion & then squat up & lift the ball over my head, I do this 100 times & it isn't easy, idc who you are or what shape you're in, you'll feel it

  6. can you tell me what kind of med ball that is in the video, its very large and wondering how much it weighs. Most I have worked with up to 30 lbs are still alot smaller than that

  7. I love all your exercises! They are very innovative and are meant to hit the whole body fat. Could you please make a video on stability ball exercises variations.. It would be fun to include it in my cardio routine..

  8. My ball is like a Basketball with more weight so do you have Tricks for the Slam Burpees because the ball jumps up After the slams and if i don't catch it it would hit my face

  9. at 1:37 , the Russian Partner twists – wonder about sitting on a unbalanced or freely rotating surface disk, or a large balance ball for additional ab work?

  10. Could you tell me what is and ideal weight to use for wall ball and slam ball please? My fitness level intermediate to advance. Appreciate if you could advise me. Thanks.

  11. Hi could you please tell me what type of ball you are using? What is the make, name, model, weight, and size?  Im talking about the big one you use at the beginning of the video.There just seems to be so many on the market. Thanks.

  12. I am looking to start doing some medicine ball excercises for pitching, what weight should I use to do ball slams and a few other excercises like linear throw and lateral throw. I don't want to go to heavy to where I over do it or to light to were I get nothing out of it.

  13. The first med ball exercise – Chest Pass and Shuffle – is a great basketball skills drill using a 16-lb or 20-lb med ball. It develops hand and eye coordination in passing and catching; and lateral foot movement in one exercise. It's also a great cardio workout.

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