20 Health? Don't Worry I Have Fun and Interactive – Shadowverse

well it kinda is I said left ankle them on your Haven now we don't know anything about them in expansion yet give this to banish the puppets okay this is the counter for that so we just need see this one is good to drown which isn't it tank over here oh my god okay I gotta go face that's the tanker I mean right now can I go face bit wrong order mr. Rommel order as he could have did on one of those unless they wanted to throw one of this you're selected without one we're gonna need the heels selected is already an extent is Stanko we have something in the board it's good they're evolving wrong target definitely the wrong Harrogate stimuli lucky just imagine the difference if you hit the right one just think about it right target or once I really want them to get absolutely demolished after that I really want them to get destroyed you'll be glorious yeah either this rescue because we have enough space you you think cuz I didn't play my sword that's the banish yeah we kind of place it out now yet they have normal ice that's them look at this this it's amazing yeah this the million damaged so beautiful after they did that at the beginning you enjoyed the video don't forget to follow me on Twitch I'm live-streaming shadows Monday to Friday us morning you afternoon laying in the description come say hello girly things and I'll see you there


  1. that portal player: oh i'll just skip turn 9. what could possibly go wrong?

    BLU: proceeds to nuke him with tenko from 20-0

    portal player: excuse me wtf

  2. I'm actually very confused on why he just gave up there tbh I mean Shion on 9 actually would have been an answer

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