20 Healthy Habits That *CHANGED MY LIFE* Happy Hacks & Tricks!

you're in one of the tips what's up guys welcome back to my channel I'm so excited about today's video someone actually deemed me and asked me to go through little healthy habits and hacks that I do every day or every week that I find normal but other people may not do in their everyday life so I tried to think of random things that I do every single day or every single week that not only help me be healthy and fit but just help me be really happy because people are always DMing me saying how are you always so happy and always so motivated let me just establish I definitely have my down days and I'm not always super happy and super motivated but majority of the time yes I am honestly I could have made a list of like a hundred and fifty but I'm thinking of maybe making this like a series so if you guys enjoyed this video please let me know lívia in the comments below give it a like and maybe I can do like one every month where I share another 20 things that you can integrate into your life so without further ado I'm going to jump into my top 20 right now healthy habits and hacks that I do every day or every week and just make me a really happy and healthy person so some of these are gonna be really cliche you're gonna go off duh but then other things are very personalized really specific things that I thought were normal but when I tell them to my friends they're like what go to bed earlier to wake up earlier this is one of the cliche ones but I swear by it we'll be in bed by at the latest 11 and we get up at 7 not only are you more productive in the morning you can get a lot more done but you're just in a better mood if you're well-rested it's just kind of common sense freeze your bananas now I know some of you guys are like allergic to bananas you don't like bananas I'm obsessed with bananas so I love to freeze them because when I put them in my smoothies or my smoothie bowls it makes it like super thick cold and like and you peel them put them in a container put them in the freezer and you use those bananas on your smoothie come to my house and we always have at least like seven frozen bananas it just makes me so happy get maternal and responsible now if you really want to in this tip totally go ahead and get pregnant like myself but this is not really what I mean I mean have something that you're nurturing and taking care of but there's just something beautiful about responsibility and being maternal when I was single and sad I got a plant and I liked having to water it and nurture it fertilize it and let it flourish I felt like a plant mom and then when I got a boyfriend I kind of overflowed my maternal love onto him cooking for him giving him little step-by-step face rituals that he can do like I just give him tips to take care of his skin I'll give him probiotics to take care of his gut then on to my favorite thing to love and be responsible for is my dog miss a bday the light of my life I'm so obsessed with her I just really love looking after other people or other things I like being responsible if you can't have a dog if you don't have a boyfriend if you can't get a plan to get like a goldfish you get like what are they called sea monkeys and it gives you a deeper sense of purpose if you're not a dog person and you're a cat person get off my channel kind of serious but no I'm just I'm not a cat person get maternal get responsible and look after another living thing trained in the morning if you have to start work at like 5:00 a.m. just not possible at all I totally get it but just remember that these are tips that I use in my life I have to train in the morning endorphins this is like the key word when it comes to training the reason you feel happy and accomplished after your training session working up a sweat in the morning and boosting those endorphins because it's true like they say in Legally Blonde endorphins make you happy it's a fact so if you workout in the morning your body is full of endorphins you're naturally going to be happy and for me that just puts me in a really good headspace for the day I'm a much more positive person and I'm a better version of myself when I train in the morning this is a tip that I developed being an older sister and it is listen to music that makes you happy and I don't mean like whatever makes you happy like you do you know I don't mean that I mean if you are sad or like you're having a sad day don't put on halo by Beyonce don't put on some like sad ariana grande song put on barbie girl by Wow put on some spice girls I'll put on something that like you physically cannot be sad too so this is something that I would tell my little sister so sometimes she would get really sad she was like having trouble in high school and I would walk past her room and she was listening to like the saddest somber music and I was like tiles girl you're not gonna get happy you through this sad music making you cried we've all done it I know do not let yourself listen to sad music but listening to fun uplifting music when you're doing something not so fun it just makes it a good time exfoliate and moisturize in the shower oh my gosh the baby is kicking me so hard right now I wish you guys could feel it where was I exfoliation so having nice skin on my body and feeling hydrated makes me so so happy in the shower I often make my own exfoliator or I buy a natural one you can make your own with like coconut oil and brush sugar coffee ground and I normally exfoliate my whole body once a week though you can use certain oils on your body in the shower so it's like you've literally massage your body with oil and then you pat yourself dry one of my pamper showers the longer showers have a minimum three-step nighttime routine three specific things that you do every single night before you go to bed give your body of the cues and the signals that it's time to weigh down and go to sleep can honestly be anything these change right now I'm having a sleep tea I use my lavender roll-on oil and I read so I have like screen free time extra things that help you wind down and help relax your whole body be inspired not jealous of others this is like a mental health one and a well-being one I just hate that word jealous and my sisters and I talk about this all the time we were brought up in a household there was no jealousy we just kind of we're always happy for each other and we've genuinely want the best for each other and I surround myself with people who I like that with me I want the best for my friends and my friends want the best for me if you are the jealous type and you can admit that to yourself that's like the hardest part especially in this social media era you're always comparing your body or your clothing your cars to other people my advice to you guys is just be inspired by that can appreciate other people's life and you can appreciate other people's looks and that in a way that you create goals for yourself or simply you're just happy for that person jealousy is like one of the worst things for your heart and your soul and like anybody that time for that utilize bodyweight exercises because machines are so overrated simple as that get outside every single day it makes me such a better person and just clears my mind helps me think it really just D stresses me being outside is natural for the human body and even better I know this sounds really weird but I swear by it if you can take your shoes off and walk on the earth Tuesday Tidy time now this doesn't have to be a Tuesday I literally just pick Tuesday because I love alliteration TTT organized space gives me an organized calm mind my mum's a preschool teacher so this really shouldn't come as a surprise write it up in a table like a word table print it out color code it and on Wednesdays and Wednesdays we were epic no Wednesday's she would clean there's always something going on here so I do feel the need to just do a quick tidy every second day just to make sure the space is nice and clean and organized and I could sit like this and fill my video and the background isn't disgusting I did do a mini clean before this video not gonna lie leave your phone in the car couldn't I travel and I'm not vlogging or if I'm not documenting it for you guys I won't even bring my phone everyday when we take Abbey for a walk I'll probably bring my phone two days out of the seven I really love mini Digital detoxes and usually that's when I'm doing my outdoor time if I'm not listening to a podcast don't underestimate the power of herbs and spices this is a major way how I keep my diet fresh and fun and I don't get sick of like healthy foods start using serums so this is more for the facial skin care and that is one of the things that really took my skin from mediocre to when it was at its best and it was like really glowing and everyone would comment on it right now I'm still kind of struggling with the whole pregnancy hormones but like let's just pretend I'm talking about old Sarah skin normal Sarah's skin but in terms of my topical things serums were incredible for me everyone's skin is different and thrives of different serums and it is kind of annoying to figure out because serums aren't cheap at all I love vitamin B serum I'm actually out and I've been out for like two weeks and I've known a difference in my skin not as vibrant and glowing so by all means if you want to start there I love vitamin B for my skin take a probiotic every morning before food snack on fruit I can just hear my mother saying this to me mum we have no food and she would always just say we have a house full of fruit I hated hearing max but now that's what I say to Kurt I love apples peaches grapes berries bananas with chilli I love all fruits and I specifically like them cold in the fridge pretend you're in labor when you're actually stressed when I'm really really stressed like to the point where I want to cry I don't actually pretend I'm in labor I just thought it kind of works well with my life right now but I always do my breathing exercises and I just inhale through my nose and you want to hold it for around 3 seconds 3 to 5 seconds and then exhale through the mouth try to make the exhale 2 times longer than inhale so inhale I know it sounds really weird and I look like a freak but I swear by it listen to podcasts if you want to listen to the best podcast totally listen to the healthcare podcast which is curtain eyes shameless plug honestly I love podcast and I usually listen to them when I'm cleaning the house because I set it up on like a big sound system and it just plays throughout the house or if I'm taking a bee for a walk I would rather listen to something informative or funny or just like entertaining embrace chia seeds great for the bowels great for the stools great for life and finally golden number 20 to round out this video is massage your greens if you've been watching my channel for a while you would have heard me say this in nearly every single vlog that I have a salad and I will die saying this quote massage your greens until you cannot massage anymore or you get too hungry and you eat the salad has done wonders for my digestion so if you're a person who you eat like a big salad and you feel really bloated and Gergely after it it could be because of the raw greens in a salad I always massage them in like some kind of oil whether it's flaxseed oil avocado oil avocado coconut oil it's just so much easier for your body to digest like I said I could literally sit here all day and go through like hundreds of little healthy hacks that I do every single day or like every single week but if you guys liked this video please let me know give it a thumbs up give it a like I will continue it and maybe like every month I can give you a whole new set of 20 fun things that you can try to integrate into your life make sure you subscribe because I upload new videos every three days I'll see you guys in my next video which will probably be a vlog do you know


  1. You should do a video or make a list and share it of your favorite "happy music" playlist! or workout playlist, etc 🙂

  2. Sarah could you recommend a probiotics? I've never taken any but heard is much about it and would love to try!!

  3. I literally have been obsessed with you recently! I love your videos! And your son is so cute ❤️ the first video I watched was your labor one and since then I’ve just been going through your videos! You are so funny and cute! I love your accent

  4. I LOVE cats lol even still that cat comment was…xD I had to rewind and watch her say it again lollll…Because I totally get why people wouldn't like cats. I love them, but I can appreciate that as well.

  5. You are sooo happy and bright person that I have no doubts that your 20 tips are working 😉 sooo inspiring 😍

  6. Hey Sarah I need some advice because I’m going crazy, I am in year 7 this year and I live in a house where I never feel fresh. Not because of my family but because small things like the light the furniture the unhealthy food and even just it being messy, do you have any advice so I can start working out a little more and becoming a more fresh and healthy person? please please please respond I SERIOUSLY need help 💘💫😩😩😩😩

  7. This is amazing! And you are glowing! Congratulations on the little one 🙂 so glad I found your page! Xo

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