201 Piece Outdoor First Aid Kit – #4976 from MFASCO

>> MFASCO: MFASCO has created a compact, complete
first aid kit with an emphasis on outdoor protection. With over 200 items this is the perfect all
around first aid kit for camping, picnics, outdoor event, and more. The semi-hard case, has an adjustable and
removeable shoulder strap and a convenient carry handle making this first aid kit easily
portable. Multiple compartments allow plenty of storage
for first aid supplies. The overall dimensions of the outdoor first
aid kit are 7 3/4 inches by 7 inches by 3 1/2 inches. The first aid products included were designed
the outdoor users and include everything you see here. All of the basic first aid items like bandages,
gauze, tape, ointments and more are all included. We’ve also added a light stick, emergency
whistle, water pouch, non aspirin, antacids, electrolyte tablets and other items that are
not mentioned here. Take a look at our webpage for the MFASCO
4976 Outdoor First Aid Kit for more details.

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