2015 Best Consulting Physician at the Johns Hopkins Hospital – Thomas Traill, B.M.B.Ch., M.D.

(electronic chime music) >> I came on faculty in 1980,
so I’ve been here 35 years. My role is to be a general cardiologist in consultation on the
wards, here in this office. And, besides seeing a lot
of patients, I’ve enjoyed over the years, showing a lot of patients to residents, students,
fellows, and the other people I’ve helped to educate. I came on at a time when clinical practice and our academic mission were very deeply intertwined. And, as clinicians we had
to time to be thoughtful and to study our patients, quite aside from the day-to-day business of just getting through,
seeing a lot of people. It was a much more leisurely
process, back then. Do what you love, and
be scholarly about it, and somehow, find the time to do it well. A lot of us relatively senior people here, have put our minds to developing funds for different kinds of
scholarship or leadership program, that’ll support the salaries and the academic time of young clinicians. It’s also, if we can do
that, an incredibly rewarding career path. (electronic fanfare)

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