2015 Physician of the Year – Amirali Nader, M.D., Suburban Hospital

(Serene instrumental music) >> After completing fellowship training I joined the Critical Care Department here at Suburban Hospital and Johns Hopkins Medicine. I’ve been here for close to 10 years now, mostly providing care
as a bedside clinician, but also involved with some teaching and administrative work. Approximately two years ago I was named the Medical Director
of a newly formed unit, the Progressive Care Unit. Working with a group of
highly talented nurses and with the support
of the administration, we have been able to
create a unit dedicated to patient-centered care. In our units, we transform
the collaborative practice committee into a comprehensive unit-based safety practice team
focusing on ways we can improve patient safety
and preventing harm. Our team consists of physicians, nurses, technicians, housekeepers, as well as patients and their families. Every individual is
empowered to identify defects in the system and offer solutions. I think having good communication and interpersonal skill is a must. We recently started a
communications course for medical staff
focusing on the importance of presence, listening and dealing with difficult interactions. Of course, keeping up with knowledge and staying up to date
with medical advancements is also very important. Finally, enjoying every
minute of what you do. And for me, coming to work
is really like a hobby. I could not imagine doing anything else.

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