2015 Physician of the Year – Ramin Oskoui, M.D., Sibley Memorial Hospital

(peaceful instrumental music) >> I am chief of staff at
Sibley Memorial Hospital. I been there for 20 years. I very much enjoy my
role as chief of staff and I particularly enjoy my
work with Dr. Chip Davis, the Chief CEO of the hospital. Now that Hopkins has acquired
Sibley to the Hopkins family, I see my role as facilitating their entrance into community medicine. I’m most proud of my ability
to maintain the intimacy and personalized practice of medicine as a sole practitioner in the
changing world around me. I would advise them to find
a niche and fill it well. (instrumental music)

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  1. Dr. Oskoui richly deserves this recognition. He is an excellent physician with a strong community ethos and a powerful concern for the welfare of patients.

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