2015 Physician of the Year – William Convey, M.D., Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

(gentle music) >> In 1995, I left a busy, successful practice in Miami, to, intrigued by the
possibility of bringing Hopkins-quality primary care to this area the area where I was
raised and that I love. I’ve been Office Medical Director
at our site for 20 years, during a period of continued
exponential growth, and our site has grown proportionately. One of things I’m most
proud of in this role is that we have been able to bring the Hopkins Premier quality
care in to this area at the primary care level. Also, personally, I’ve been able to see beloved childhood
friends and acquaintances profit by access to the Hopkins system, and, in some cases, remain on the planet when they had serious illnesses addressed that would not have
received adequate attention. The secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient. If you’re able to say
at the end of the day, “Wow, I’m tired. “I gave my very best
to the patients today. “And, you know, I made some
pretty good metrics, too, “to keep the ship afloat.” Then, you’re attached to what is the natural order of
things in this universe. In this case, the patient must come first. (gentle music)

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