2016 Best Consulting Physician at Howard County General Hospital – Weronika Micula-Gondek, M.D.

I have been working here at
Howard County General Hospital for about two years now. In a role of a consulting
psychiatrist. I specialize in consult
liaison psychiatry which is also called
psychosomatic medicine. It’s the area of psychiatry that
specializes in taking care of patients who have comorbid medical
and psychiatric conditions. So, for example, I see patients who
develop psychiatric disorders like depression as a result of
their chronic medical illness. I also help evaluate patients who
come in with different physical and neurologic symptoms
related to stress. And I treat patients who
have uncontrolled chronic medical illnesses resulting from
their behavioral disorders, such as alcohol, substance use,
noncompliance with diet and medications. My work requires collaboration
with all the other providers involving patients care. I have been very fortunate to be
able to work with a wonderfula team of doctors, nurses and
social workers who truly care for patient’s safety and well-being. And that’s what helps
me being successful. I could not do my job without
their help and support. I strongly believe that physicians
presence at patient’s bedside and ability to listen can be a strong
powerful therapeutic tool. Patients ability to comply with
doctors recommendations are really is dependent on a trusting
therapeutic relationship. Spending just a few more minutes and
listening to those concerns, answering questions can
have a long lasting impact on patients health and recovery. [MUSIC]

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  1. I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that from you for suitable tips.

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