2016 Physician of the Year – Jonathan Efron, M.D., The Johns Hopkins Hospital

[MUSIC] I’ve been at Johns Hopkins Hospital
for eight years. My role is to function as
the executive vice-director of the Department of Surgery, and the chief of the Ravitch Division
of Colorectal Surgery. I am most proud of the day-to-day
care we provide for our patients here at
Johns Hopkins Hospital. That care is delivered by
a team of physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners, nurses,
physical therapists, nurse’s aides, both in the
outpatient and inpatient setting. It’s really this team approach
that has elevated the hospital to the heights that it is and
has provided the excellent care in colorectal surgery
that we have today. I’m proud that I was an instituting
person in developing this team for the different conditions we
treat here at Hopkins related to colorectal surgery. The best advice I can give to other
physicians is do today’s work well, and tomorrow will
take care of itself. And that’s advice that my dad,
who was also a surgeon, gave to me. If you focus on your patient at the
time when you’re with your patient, and focus on the problems
that you’re dealing with from a minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, day-to-day time frame, the patients
will receive excellent care. You’ll engage with them,
you’ll be happy, they’ll be happy. And it’s really the best way to
ensure that you provide the highest quality care that you can. The one thing that
makes a great clinician is an individual who really obtains
joy from treating patients. And that is really what we’re here
to do, from a clinical standpoint. And there’s nothing that
can replace that joy. [MUSIC]

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