2016 Physician of the Year – Rafael Llinas, M.D., Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

[MUSIC] I’ve been at Johns Hopkins Baby
Medical Center for 16 years. And I’m presently the chairman of
Johns Hopkins Baby Medical Center neurology department. I am most proud of my ability to
connect with the people that I see in that clinic. I think it’s really important when
you have someone who’s come in to see with a problem, that you listen
to them, that you take the time to listen to what is affecting them and
how it’s changing their lives. But also being able to communicate
effectively, telling them exactly what you think’s going on,
how you arrived at that. Showing them their pictures, so that
they’re part of the thought process and what’s going on, and
they’re part of the treatment also. When you have someone that
you’re seeing in clinic, when you have a patient who’s ill,
I think there’s a tendency for physicians to use jargon,
to use medical jargon. And sometimes we’ll use it
with other physicians, you’re a physician, you’re a nurse, I can
speak to you in medical jargon, and that’s almost never
the right thing to do. It is almost always better to
explain the issues concisely in English, with drawing pictures,
showing pictures, that type of thing. And that works well. This has been a great honor for
me and I’m really touched. It’s an amazing thing to be chosen
for this, amongst all the fantastic clinicians that we have here
at Johns Hopkins Bayview. It’s been my honour
to work with them and I’ve learned something
from every single one. So in a lot of ways, I wouldn’t have been able to
put this together on my own. I learned a little bit from a lot
of different types of people so I think that that’s
important to say. [MUSIC]

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