2017 Best Consulting Physician at Howard County General Hospital – Eric Aldrich, M.D., Ph.D.,

(uplifting piano music) >> My primary responsibility
at Howard County General Hospital is Medical
Director of the Stroke Program. Stroke Programs are
dependent on a team approach from a variety of different backgrounds, whether it’s the medical providers, the nurses, the rehabilitation
specialists, you name it. So by definition we have to be a team, and communication is fundamental to that. So this is essentially
what we do every day. I’m very proud to be part of the Howard County General
Hospital Stroke Center. It is a group of people that includes Howard County Fire and Rescue, we have a very close
relationship with them, our pre hospital providers
meet with us every month to improve the program. Stroke care begins the
moment someone hits 911 in this county. And it’s really an entire approach, and as the patient flows
to the emergency room up to the ICU, every
single step of the way there’s Hopkins people working together. And we won essentially every single Get With The Guidelines
award that was possible in our 10 years of existence. It’s been my pleasure to work both in the academic hospitals of Johns Hopkins, as well as in the community hospitals throughout my career. One thing that I found quite striking is the opportunity to work in one
of our community hospitals. And it emphasizes that although physicians have different backgrounds, whether they be academic
or private practice, they share one thing in common: which is the commitment
to clinical excellence. Which is the basis of
the tripartite mission of Johns Hopkins. Out here in the community setting, the primary focus is patient care. And you see the commitment
of local physicians, and mid-level providers,
it’s really exceptional. Going back to those who are
still in the academic hospitals, is to not lose track of
the fact that in the end, the reason why we’re here is patient care. (uplifting piano music)

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