2017 Best Consulting Physician at Johns Hopkins Community Physicians – Shabina Ahmed, M.D.

(light music) >> Communication is an integral of my job as a Consulting Physician. My job entails not only having
specific medical knowledge, but also really having
meaningful interactions with my patients and a respectful transfer of information and knowledge between myself and the
referring physician. I think good patient outcomes are directly linked to
effective communication. In treating patients with
chronic conditions like diabetes, or oncologic conditions
like thyroid cancer, and even stigmatized conditions like gender dysphoria
and transgender patients, we really need communication to build effective relationships. Some of my proudest moments in my practice center around my patients with diabetes. When patients come back for follow up after having implemented a treatment plan that we have decided upon together, whether that be life style changes, medication changes, or both, and you see not only are
their numbers getting better, but the patient actually
says, “I feel better,” that’s incredibly rewarding. If I were to give advice to my colleagues, I would say two things. First, find a way to
empower your patients. Patients with chronic conditions need to feel like they
are part of the team that’s making medical decisions. Secondly, I would say if
you have a question, ask. I have been a part of the Hopkins family since I was a medical
student many years ago. And I feel the culture at Hopkins is one that is very collegial and one that fosters collaboration between physicians of various specialties.

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